Soccer Drills for Beginners : Toe Touch Drill: Beginning Soccer Drill
Soccer Drills for Beginners : Toe Touch Drill: Beginning Soccer Drill

My name is Josh Blair, high school boys’
soccer coach at Waterford High School. Continuing with the touch drill, 1 touch on top of the
ball 1 minute.

31 thoughts on “Soccer Drills for Beginners : Toe Touch Drill: Beginning Soccer Drill”

  1. dokballack says:

    his jersey is fake :S thats the baddest thing here

  2. Kuchmistrz Mazurski says:


  3. hsukur9 says:

    LMAO ^

  4. Carlos Galvez says:

    whos back yard was that filmed on?!

  5. Narcis Hamzagic says:

    can i come 2 plzzz

  6. zorpoxthedestroyer says:


  7. Jojo Samo says:


  8. Tyler Bout says:

    Damn i learned so much!

  9. eminemsr says:

    too much of a generalization; not all americans suck at soccer

  10. Chris Boada says:

    Well with the vast resources the country has (maybe no in this moment) im sorry but they should be a little better, not to mention the quality of the athletes they have

  11. joshua9tailfox says:

    haha he said ''fuck this am gettin tired''

  12. Mauves Army says:

    indeed. you finally should lose weight fatass

  13. Flopie18 says:

    What is this exercice for?

  14. Cesar Zapata says:

    @Flopie18 Agility.

  15. eLasVegas 8 News says:

    An elasvegas video presentation of Youth Soccer skils, dribbling, and Attack-style soccer. This is a promotional video of our services featuring an outstanding Youth soccer player who averages 5 goals per game. This video was filmed with a CineMode technique.

  16. Aliixar says:

    a fuckery videos this

  17. Andres Gasca says:

    My couch Dosent let us move the ball is just touch or tap

  18. Gabrielle Henry says:

    getting scout for arsenal maybe but am not going to at lke am bear sick and no 1 belives me check me out on youtube

  19. Luke Manwaring says:

    @subscribefori If you have a spare wall, and a soccer ball, a really easy drill is to just hit it lightly against the wall, recieving, and continuing. If not, you can just run around with the ball. May not seem to help, but it really does.

  20. ETHIOPMOVIES says:

    boring u wast my time nxt time just show for 5 sec and tell us to do it for 1 min

  21. Sigurd andersen says:


  22. Teek x says:

    @Skittlezloova your full of shit

  23. Sir_ Breniak says:

    Ok,now you think that you know "soccer"?

  24. down2ride says:

    This video should have ended at 15 seconds. Why show the entire minute of the exercise?

  25. pcgeekish says:

    @eminemsr very true, plus im an american. and this drill is not helpin me anymore cuz i aced it!

  26. Envioux says:

    @down2ride People actually made the video to demonstrate how the exercise is done completely, not for people like you to complain about something so trivial.

  27. Kick Yourdonkey says:

    i love how expertvillage never does a retake. just take the bad first shot.

  28. ngima sherpa says:

    if i do this i m going to have 6 packs in 2 weeks

  29. Mick Dwyer says:

    At 0:49 I and 1:03 he really mixes it up!
    Don't blink 'cause you'll miss it….

  30. christin layfield says:

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  31. Jason Smith says:

    From 0:10 on is where he really shines.

  32. jgsjapo1 says:

    Can someone tell me why you call this soccer, because it's football. And why they call a sport they play with their hands is named football?

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