Snap Story: Taste Test at the Short-Shot Golf Course
Snap Story: Taste Test at the Short-Shot Golf Course

– Well, hello PSJA Family. I’m currently at the PSJA
Short-Shot Golf course where our Child Nutrition
Department is here to have a little food test
for some of our students, so let’s go see what they have in store. (chattering of students) – [Reporter] What’d you think? – Good! – [Reporter] Did you like it? (background chattering of students) – [Reporter] Are y’all liking the food? – [Students] Yeah. – [Reporter] What was your favorite part? – Cucumber. – [Reporter] You like the cucumber water? Which one? – The watermelon. – [Reporter] The watermelon water? – I love the watermelon
because it tastes so good. I didn’t like the
cucumber and lime because I don’t like cucumber. – This was for the cucumber, which is that one, It was good, I liked it and the agua de sandia was the watermelon which was pretty good, it tastes like watermelon juice, and we voted for which one tastes better, and I think both taste the same. – We are sampling today the agua de melon which is agua de sandia; watermelon water and we’re also sampling the cucumber and lime water. Basically, it’s a hot day
out here on the golf course and we’re doing our best
to keep everybody refreshed with some healthy new types of drinks instead of having sodas. Again, we’re doing a little survey to see how much they like it, and we’re getting a bunch of
real good feedback from them. – [Boy] Hey, you’re pushing mine, you’re pushing mine! – [Students] We love
summer meals! (cheering)

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