Snake Eats a Golf Ball!

– This is Rumplesnakeskin. (chuckles) He’s a Black Rat Snake and he loves golf. (loud safari drums) – Today I’m at the
Ohio Wildlife Center. Located in central Ohio this organization
fosters awareness and appreciation of
Ohio’s native wildlife, through rehabilitation
and education. And while the goal of
OWC is always to release their patients
back into the wild, sometimes their
injuries or illnesses no longer allow them to
survive on their own. And they become animal
ambassadors for their species. Barbara, how much does
this snake love golf? – Well, he likes it this much. – Gee. – So this is a radiograph of, when this snake came into
the Wildlife Hospital he had swallowed a golf ball
off a golf course. – And
that’s his golf ball, right? – (laugh) Yes. His surgical scar is
gonna be down here towards his tail.
– Oh. – So it’s right there. That’s where we took
the golf ball out. – Now why would a
snake eat a golf ball? – He may have mistaken
this for an egg. – Okay, makes sense.
– Black Rat Snakes will climb into nests and eat eggs just as surely as
they’ll capture rodents. – Right. I can see that
mistake happening. So this is a snake that
comes into the hospital, has a golf ball removed, but why is he now an
educational animal and not released back
out into the wild? – Well the interesting thing, these guys are
cold-blooded animals so after surgery we have
to keep them warm so the wounds can heal. So he spent the
whole winter eating, and healing up. By spring, we had to kinda
test and make sure he was catching live prey
properly before release, and when we did
he live prey test, he had no idea what to do with a live rodent, which is a little
curious. (laugh) – Cause he’s a Rat Snake,
he should be eating rodents.
– He’s a Rat Snake, yeah. So we discovered
that he potentially had been someone’s
pet that escaped, which is probably why he
has some of these scars on his body are actually
wounds where he’s been bitten by animals he’s
attempted to capture. And he knew exactly what to
do with a frozen white mouse when we got it out for him.
– Aah, okay. – So he may have
ingested the golf ball looking for some kind of
cold, white mouse. (laugh) – Right. I can understand why at
first you guys would think, all right, maybe it’s an
egg that he was going after. – Right. – But yes, that does look like
a frozen white mouse, so he may have thought,
that’s my dinner. – That’s right.
– But unfortunately, it didn’t thaw and
digest, did it? – It doesn’t move and it’s not
gonna bite me back. (laugh) – No. Well it’s great then
that this snake was found and that somebody didn’t
just kill the snake, – Right. – Which a lot of people
do when they see snakes. – That’s right. – They came to the hospital
and you were able to save this animal, and now it’s an
ambassador for its species, and a lot of people
mistake snakes as being something that’s evil, it’s gonna hurt them. – Right.
– It’s out for no good, but this Rat Snake specifically if you were to see
one in your yard, is fantastic. All they’re doing is eating
the vermin that are out there, and they’re so pretty, too. Don’t need to be
afraid of these snakes. If you thought that was an
amazing animal encounter, make sure to check out
these other videos, and don’t forget, subscribe to follow me and the crew on this season of
Breaking Trail. (growling) (loon calling)

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