SMG4: Mario Preschool
SMG4: Mario Preschool

Mario: [humming] SMG4: Mario, Is that a robot from War Robots? [Mario agrees] That tactical 6v6 mobile multiplayer action game? Mario:YEEEEEAAHH SMG4: Oh! Give me a try! OOF In this game War Robots, You can play with 19 million other players! Strategizing your way through the battlefields in your own robot. The graphics are still super sexy and they’re even more robots with great maps of game modes that you can play all the damn time! So come join us now to grab a huge starter pack containing. [:0] Holy crap that’s even more crap. (WAOW) Links are all in the description. Ok now go watch Mario be dumb. Bye. Bye *Intro* GLITCHYBOI! GLITCHYBOII! GLITCHY BOIIII!! GLITCHY BOIIIII!!! GLITCHY BOIIIIII!!!! GLITCHY BOIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!! GLITCHY BOIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!! [The GLITCHY BOI is glitched] SMG4: OHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO! OOOOH This is bad! ;_; SMG4: YEAH! [IWANTMONEY Laugh] Mario: HUH WHAT?! SMG4: Shut yo Goddamn Mouth! SMG4: Shut yo &[email protected]&($^ Mouth! SMG4: Shut yo Beautiful Mouth! SMG4: Woohoo! Wooohooo! Yeah! Yeah![Wow, even subtitles are censored.] SMG4: Woohoo! Wooohooo! Yeah! Yeah![Wow, even subtitles are @^#(%!*%.] SMG4: Woohoo! Wooohooo! Yeah! Yeah![Wow, even subtitles are better.] [Well, SMG4 got sponsored, ran out of ideas, put unnecessary characters, and now this.] FFFFFFFerarri. [Well, SMG4 got sponsored, ran out of ideas, put unnecessary characters, and now this.] *$^@@&*#^#$. [Well, SMUG got sponsored, ran out of ideas, put unnecessary characters, and now this.] Insufferable. [Why…] [^#*…] [Yay…] Mario the smart brain: WAT? [Change the subtitle’s font into casual. You’ll love it.] Bob the Builder: All right, kiddies. who’s ready for a great story? [i Am :3] *Yeah sure, we got nothing better to do, besides sitting our A$$ on this [email protected] grASS and was forced to listen to you, BoB* 😀 *Yeah sure, we got nothing better to do, besides sitting our %#@ on this [email protected]!#%#&* grass and was @#!$#@ to listen to you, BoB* 😀 *Yeah sure, we got nothing better to do, besides sitting our behinds on this beautiful grass and was excited to listen to you, BoB* 😀 All right, uncle bob has a classic story for you today. (oh noe) All right, uncle bob has a classic story for you today. (oh #@%) All right, uncle bob has a classic story for you today. (oh yay) HOLY CRAP! HOLY %@&^! HOLY LOVE! I pReSeNt To YoU:
tHe BoOk Of bOb: ReMaStErEd – DeFiNiTiVe EdItIoN.[oh God] ThE cOmPlEtE aUtObIoGrApHy Of ThE sExIeSt MaN aLiVe. Baby Luigi: DaaaaaaaDaaaaaaa! GeT dAt $* OuT oF hErE. GeT dAt MEME OuT oF hErE. BoB: AlRiGhT sIt YoUr LiTtLE aSsEs DoWn AnD LiStEn Up! ThE sToRy Is StArTiNg! BoB: AlRiGhT sIt YoUr LiTtLE $([email protected]* DoWn AnD LiStEn Up! ThE sToRy Is StArTiNg! BoB: AlRiGhT sIt YoUr LiTtLE HEADS DoWn AnD LiStEn Up! ThE sToRy Is StArTiNg! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC WE HAVE TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES YOU HEARD NOTHING KIDS. OOPS WE HAVE MORE TECHNOCAL DIFFICULTIES JHFR GTVRBT JN CFX W [bOb, I tOld YoU nO swEAr wOrDs] CaN yOu KiDs CoUnT hOw MaNy BiTcHeS bOb HaS hErE? CaN yOu KiDs CoUnT hOw MaNy @#!%^ bOb HaS hErE? CaN yOu KiDs CoUnT hOw MaNy LaDiEs BoB hAs HeRe? 1 sExY gUrL. 2 sExY gUrLs. 3 sExY gUrLs. Sorry kids, but bob has lost a pickle. We’ll be right back. b0b: ThEn BoB dEaFeAtEd ThE eViL sMg4 aNd BeCaMe ThE mAiN ChArAcTeR fOrEvEr AnD eVeR. ThE eNd. DoN’t WoRrY tHoUgH. ThErE’s 300 mOrE bOokS nExT. aNy QuEsTiOnS? …no. Family Friendly Fun [FFF] Luigi the good kid: Yahoo! [Some MYSTERIOUS Language] Go weegee! YAAAAYYYYYYYY! Luigi the good kid: Ohhh Yeah! Luigi the good kid: [Some MYSTERIOUS Language] Eggsellent! [get it?] Oh no he meant a star! A STAR! Right kids? eeeeehhhh? hmmmmmmmmmmmm……… WOOAHHHHH!!!!! [HORROR] S SA SAT SATA SATAN Luigi the good kid: Ohhh…. [crying] [SCREAM] Luigi the good kid: Hi! Yahoo! [Thats a Huge Man] [le close up] Luigi the good kid: Oh yeah! weegee time! Ha ha! [Happy Satan Wants To Help] Luigi the good kid: Oh Yeah! It’s Luigi time! 100% cheering track SMG4 + Family Friendly=World War III SMG4 + Family Friendly=^*% (!% *%# SMG4 + Family Friendly=Great Fun !!! [SMG4 hated Meggy’s fanbase so much to the point where he turned her into….. this] yeeeeeeeeeeaaaahhhhh Meggy The Mermaid: [Inkling language] Fishy the beautiful frog: Meggy Stop! O_O Wat? Meggy The Mermaid is falling down… falling down… falling down… Fishy the beautiful frog: Meggy, What are you doing? That’s very dangerous! THESE ARE BABIES! [Meggy The Mermaid talking some sense to Fishy the beautiful frog] But I am a child. … O_O wut Fishy the beautiful frog: And since I’m the child, I decide that we’re gonna do finger painting. YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY [Kids these days.] Baby Mario: YYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH ded *$& slept Fishy the beautiful frog: LA LA LA LA LA [Face of Enthusiasm] Fishy the beautiful frog: Meggy, do you like my finger painting? Do you like it? I shipped myself with Miku! [Every Youtube kids cartoons ever] Me: [HERE COMES DA POLEES] Brave Policeman: STAHP RIGHT HERE! It’s kids like you that make this world a terrible place. Fishy the beautiful frog: Oh no! Get Meggy! She writes fanfiction! You….Son of a BITCH! You….Son of a $%^&$ You….Son of a BEACH! Meggy The Mermaid: OH WAIT WAIT WAIT [PWNED] EH EH EH EH Fishy the beautiful frog: Don’t worry Miku! They’ll never break up our Meepkins! EEEEEEEGGGGGH????? [OH SHOT] AUUGHHHH????? Fishy the beautiful frog: Do you guys ship this? floop poolf smg4 is a wolf WATCH OUT KIDS Wait, the font is normal… BOWSER GRUNTS ARE BACK yaaaaaaaaaaaay [Crickets crying] Uh oh. Argh! GRUNTS [DON’T BELIEVE STRANGERS KIDS SERIOUSLY] yay.[They Mean Nooo] Bowser: OW! [Good, now kids will see something that begins with P and ends with ORN] IT’S POPCORN! King Koopa: YEEEAAAAAAAAAAH! MOAR GRUNTS [Umm.. Kids grow sooooo fast…. i guess..] [CRAZY LAUGHTER] Turtle: RAWWWWWWR! [Gentlemen, Start your engines! – Daytona USA] R.I.P Bowser YAAAAAAAAAY! [CAR CRASH] DONT DRIVE CARS IF YOU ARE UNDER 18+ KIDS slept Wait, How did Bowser get in the Van like that? F.I.L.L.E.R 0______0 Bowser: How you doing? Rest In Police I Don’t know what Taxes is, so i’m gonna listen real hard. I Don’t know what *$& is, so i’m gonna listen real hard. I Don’t know what Texas is, so i’m gonna listen real hard. Yoshi The Cute Dinosaur: [MYSTERIOUS LANGUAGE] YAAAAAAAAAAAY Another Brave Policeman: STAHP RIGHT THERE Yoshi The Cute Dinosaur: Oh NO Brave Policeman: Stop breaking the law, asshole! Brave Policeman: Stop breaking the law, @$$#@%&! Brave Policeman: Stop breaking the law, boi! Brave Policeman: Stop breaking the law, boi!
Yoshi The Cute Dinosaur: YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE! AAAAAHHHH! BULLSH*T! Baby toast: YEEHAW! O.K! [CRAZY LAUGHTER] “Come with me, and you’ll be, in a world of pure imagination” -Mr. Willy Wonka Spiderman: Okay, listen up, you little KIDS Spiderman: Okay, listen up, you little $#!%! Spiderman: Okay, listen up, you little heads! [Ta-Da!] yaaaaaaaaaaay Throwing stuff at babies: the movie the game Spiderman: [MYSTERIOUS LANGUAGE] ARE YOU READY, KIDS? wut Spiderman: HERE WE GOOOOOOO! Spiderman: [CRAZY LAUGHTER] Baby toast: Ohhh.. Waa!!! Yes Khalas!! Oh no! A monster! [There, Baby abuse] [Oh look. Zombie peppa pigs] Baby Mario: Would you like to play with me? Baby Luigi: VROOM VROOM DAT NO WAY passed away. [CLINK!] O_O -_- O_O -_- O_O Babies are falling down… My fair lady. Steve: That’s what I’m talking about! Let’s start with a little two-inch brush. And a touch of crimson. Let’s just get a little bit right into the bristles. LET’S LEARN ABOUT DINOSAURS! Hello! Mario the mom: Welcome to Mario Teaches CRAP! Mario the mom: Welcome to Mario Teaches $#!%! Mario the mom: Welcome to Mario Teaches Seats! [Clapping] [Fapping] Mario the mom: I have your chickens. Let’s-a play! OH S%@T Okay! Let’s try again! [MYST- i have no life] BOING! HOLY COW! [What, do you have a better joke?] Mario the mom: ha ha ha! ho! ho! [MY- I MEANT MUUUUUUU] yaaaaaaaay. Hm…. [MYS-no.] Baby Mario: *barking* Baby Peach: *meow* No, you dumb [email protected]$!& No, you Einstein! You big [email protected]#$! You big rock! PUSH. Nyaaaaaaaaaaa Good job Mario. You’re gonna get killed by PETA. Probably because you jump at mushrooms. [cow dies] [cow ^&!$]] [cow sleeps] Mario the mom: [Crying] The f*ck is that? [No… don’t tell me that..] oh no. [POLICE GUN SHOOTS POLICE CARS “NOT CLICKBAIT”] Good. Now I can finally delete the censorship virus. Po: Uh-Oh. Tubby custard! Tubby custard! T U B B Y C U S T A R D T U B B Y B # S T # R D *Multiple Filthy Franks meming onscreen* I don’t know what this is, but it’s kind of hot. Arin: AUUUUUUGH SMG4: AAGH! SHOT! SMG4: OH MY GOD! Shhhhh…. Shhhhh…. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Brave Policeman: You’re under arrest, Nimrod! Brave Policeman: You’re under arrest, Nimrod!
SMG4: OHHHHHHH NOO! Mario: [gibberish] Ha Ha! Fishy the ugly frog: I guess the police didn’t like my painting. LoL sUcKeRs! AlL oF yOu GuYs ArE iN jAiL. nOt Me ThOuGh. I’m A gOoD bOi WhO hAs NeVeR dOnE aNyThInG wRoNg (except for the murders……) AnYwAy… mIgHt As WeLl LiStEn To My NeW bOoK. AhEm… NODUDENODON’TDOITOHNO NODUDENODON’TDOITOHNO
once upon a time, the earth was blessed with- What will SMG4 do when he reaches 2 Million subscribers? find out by subscribing to his channel. Subtitled by: hamed alzarooni and others. And here the sponsors! [be sure to be one of them.] Censorship virus.exe is deleted. 🙂 I’m inside a floof. I’m inside a floof. I’m inside a floof. I’m inside a floof. I’m inside a floof.

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