SKLZ Golf Tempo and Grip Trainer
SKLZ Golf Tempo and Grip Trainer

The SKLZ Tempo and Grip trainer is a great
tool for loosening up, warming up, and just practicing at your home. A couple of different features of this: number
one is obviously the grip. It’s a molded grip and what we’re looking for is giving both
of these Vs pointed somewhere at the right collarbone. A lot of people get either a little
bit too weak, or they separate their hands. This puts your hands in a really good position
where they can now release the club. Second part of this, you got a heavy weight
on it, gets you loosened up, gets your large muscles involved with the swing. Last piece, there’s a little bit of a bend
in this shaft and what that does is now that the weight is up above the center of where
your hands are, it creates a feeling of how to release that club and swing plane. With
the weight and with this bend in the shaft it makes you settle your hands and have the
club come from a little bit more inside. So Tempo and Grip Trainer. Grip, get the Vs
pointed at the right collarbone, it gets your hands a little better connected. And then
what we’re looking for is just to take some swings back and forth and the weight and the
bend in the shaft create a feeling for the club dropping on plane, and then releasing
through impact. You can just kind of go back and forth a few
times just to loosen up your forearms, loosen up your body and then we can go into some
fuller swings, where we get the body to rotate and all the way through. The extra weight
out here allows me to feel the weight of the club. Go ahead and rotate. It’s a little heavy
for you, or if you want to practice with your driver, you unscrew the end. That lightens
the club up and lightens the trainer up a little bit so it makes it feel a little more
like a driver. But the bend in the shaft and the grip with
the hands more connected gives you the sense of the club dropping inside and then releasing
through impact.

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