Single Rider Golf Car
Single Rider Golf Car

Well, once I’m at the golf course, I get over
here and transfer to the single rider
and we have a locking device on both sides. A handle here on the side. Lift up, swivels
us where we need to be and locks us in place. Seat belt. We’ve got the on and off switch
key, turn it on. There’s an emergency stop in case there’s any problems – rolling down
a hill, or some movement you don’t like, you hit that. It will shut the power completely
off. Handbrakes for either side. Acceleration. Reverse. There’s a buzzer that goes off to
where the people, or yourself if your next to a trap or water hazard. Also, for other
people that are playing in your group to make them aware that this thing’s moving, they
might want to get out of the way. There’s a club rack here. The batteries are located
in the front to help transfer the weight from the person playing. It has a single wheel
suspension, 5 to 10 pounds, it ranges in that area, per square inch on the surfaces. The
extra arm is for crutches to fit down in here for people that actually get out of their
car or need them to be mobile on the golf course. Here’s the switch to power the seat
in a standing position. When I approach the tee box, I have to, sometimes,
go around in front of the tee and then come up the other side because sometimes there’s
a stairway or some kind of barrier. So in order to approach the tee, I come up on the
This is what I need to tee the ball. So what I do, is I stand, move my feet in, brace the
back of my legs against the seat. I’ll take a practice swing to see exactly where I want
to place my tee. So it’s about right there. That’s done. Okay, and then I’m ready to get
up and address the ball, and go ahead and swing. A lot of golf courses have this curbing around
a railroad ties to protect the dirt and to protect people from cutting the corner and
stuff. So, my next tee box would be here, and for easy access I would come in here and
sneak in from the back side. We’re on a tee box here and as far as golf
rules go, the tee off from…there’s always at least three sets of tees, sometimes more.
You play to your ability going to the forward tee or the back tees. Also, stand behind the
box. Getting ready to hit a tee shot here, from the single rider. Good shot there. Thank you. As far as exiting, a lot of times I get lazy,
but exiting the same way I came in would be, you know, going backwards instead of going
forward adn driving over all the tee boxes is a no-no. So, I’m going to back up.
Also, get a shot of the tracks. There’s nothing
there. I’ll let you come back and I’m going to exit the same way. As I enter this spot, I find a level spot
that I can enter. Oh, that isn’t even going to get there. It’ll
get there . No, it’s not. Come on, get up there. Okay, I’m going to back up. I’ll try to back
up the same way I came in. Okay, when my ball is on the green and I need
to putt the the ball. I try to keep the golf cart on the green for as little time as possible.
So I wait until it’s my turn to put, and then I approach the green in a way that I don’t
have to turn the wheels at all. So in this case, I’m going to make a circle here and
make a turn, and then come straight on to the putt this way. Now other people would
have putted at this point in time if they were out further, and i would have waited
until they finished, until it was my turn because…ok. I gett my putter out. The way
I do it, just for balance purposes, I have one hand held here and then I swing with the
other hand like that, and I find that I get a much straighter putt when I do that. okay,
thank you. So then, when I’m finished with the putt.
I get back in the car and take the golf car off, either going straight ahead or backing
out the way I came in, depending on which is the shortest path to go. In this case,
I’m going to back up over the path I just went so that’s the only track that there might
be. I think, I don’t know if you can see it or not, but there’s no indentation on the
green whatsoever from this golf cart going across it even though we had 2 1/2 inches
of rain in the last 24 hours. We’re going to have a ball that’s just going
to roll right across the path in which I just drove a cart in and out, and there’s absolutely
no movement of the ball whatsoever in going over where I just drove the car.

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