Simple Hip Mobility Drill for Disc Golf
Simple Hip Mobility Drill for Disc Golf

How’s it going everyone. Seth Munsey here with
Disc Golf Strong. In this video I’m going to show a very simple way to start
improving your hip mobility while you’re out on the course. If you want some more
videos on increasing your hip mobility and other exercises and drills for disc
golf, make sure to check out and you’ll be able to find
those there on my youtube channel. So we need to have good hip mobility when
we’re playing disc golf. It shows up in pretty much all aspects of disc golf,
but let’s just take a simple one like you’re trying to putt around an obstacle and there’s a tree right in front of you, and you’ve got to really get that reach
in there okay…or if my foots on the ground and I’m really trying to get
around something, I need to have good hip mobility in all different directions. Say
I’m going uphill…I’m stepping and one of my feet is elevated higher than the
other, that’s going to require good hip mobility. So what you can out on the course is find a bench…find a tree stump, something that’s
elevated a little bit, okay, and all I need to do is bring one foot up, I get my
toes kind of pointed forward, okay, and then I’m just going to drop my pelvis- my pelvis here- I’m gonna think about dropping it down at an angle
towards the leg of the bench. I’m just gonna drop into it for about 2
to 3 seconds and then come back up and then slowly go into it again. You don’t
want to bounce ever into your stretch just nice and slow into it, and then back
up. That’s going to work on that joint mobility inside the hip. I’m going to do
that on both sides, about five to ten each side, and then I’m gonna go on the
forward. So I drop forward here again taking my pelvis and thinking like I’m
trying to come here to the edge of the bench. A couple of seconds, and then I’m gonna go to the other side and do that as well. Now
before you actually go throw, I want you to add in some leg swings, just here-
forward and back- and side to side because you just did a nice good stretch
for that joint and now we’re gonna warm up to get those hips moving
again- forward and back a few that’s just going to help add to working that
mobility inside the hips, ok, like I said go to if you want
more videos and exercises for disc golf have a great day everyone
go play Disc Golf Strong.

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  1. Angelo Amador Jr says:

    As a new disc golfer these videos really help me.

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