Simple Exercise To Strengthen Your Shoulders and Core For Disc Golf
Simple Exercise To Strengthen Your Shoulders and Core For Disc Golf

29 thoughts on “Simple Exercise To Strengthen Your Shoulders and Core For Disc Golf”

  1. ricky Maldojano says:

    thanks for the exercise. so 3sets of 6-10x every other day? or every 2days?

  2. jash holtan says:

    Thanks for all the videos seth.. disc golf is an amazing sport, and it is growing immensely. its starting to get more informative videos and tutorials but everyone only focuses on how to throw "proper" for max distance.. when i first started stretches like these didnt even cross my mind. i just wanted to 29 and now i have multiple things wrong with my back mostly lower back. and now have had to go to the surgeon for multiple procedures. i had to take this whole year off and still havent fully recovered. i practice these stretches so that when im healed they will be just a part of muscle memory so i dont forget. i never want to go through this again, nor anyone else. i will try sharing with my small group of friends to help spread the knowledge. this is just as if not more important than throwing form, grip or what discs to use.. it would be nice to see a stretch or two before any lessons or tutorials. just to keep everyone safe and healthy so we can keep growing. THANKS AGAIN!

  3. Pinnacle Entertainment DJ Service says:

    Would you consider doing a video on kettle bell and or band exercises for disc golf?

  4. Nathan Davis says:

    Good work man, Your vids are helpful and easy to understand.

  5. Buddy Mc says:

    Great info and exercise.

  6. Alberto Poisson says:

    These videos are priceless. Thanks a ton.

  7. dvsmike says:

    I like the ideas and the video put together was clear and concise and knowledgeable. However, I would take one thing to correct and that the core Includes the hips. Simple Kinesiology classes teaches that association. Our bodies move and work through kinetic chains and reciprocal inhibition. A studious look at a body through the gait cycle shows the dynamic movement between the torso and the lower body is stabilized through the hips And abdominus, obliques, transverse abdominus, and erector spinae. An argument can be made for Lats as well but i digress.
    One thing i want to see happen and i honestly would if i had not lost my passion for fitness and the industry that ignores simple biomechanics and proper function. They have isolated and condensed the body as a whole to single muscle groups. Im starting to rant so i will stop there. Anyways just wanted to offer up a correction i felt is critical to the disc golfer, athlete and the general population as well.

  8. Jake Harris says:

    I have a pinched nerve in my back and playing disc golf aggravates the injury. I work construction, so I need my back big time. I also NEED to play disc golf… Any advice?

  9. Ed Schroer says:

    I've only watched a couple of your videos so far. Guy's at work look at me and wonder what I'm doing. 🙂 I like how you put the explanations in of why and/or how. 13727.

  10. Slowkicks740 says:

    Thank you for these videos!! Coming out of shoulder surgery due to a partial torn labrum. i have to rebuild my shoulder completely i'm in to month 4 of PT and im still in pain and have very little strength in my shoulder hopefully these excercises will work. Any other tips i can use??

  11. Sylvester Voigt says:

    I really want to get the TRX System of Straps and dynamic planking like movements but your exercise should get me by just fine.

  12. Jeremy Hein says:

    thanks for the video man ! good exercise to use.

  13. SimpleHumman says:

    Could you talk or demonstrate any kind of drill to increase strength in regard to hips, "twisting" or "rotating?" Maybe even a shoulder twisting movements with respect to the disc golf throw? Is there any compound movement you might suggest?

  14. MyOpinionMatterss says:

    This is going to help me a lot. Thanks!

  15. najssiness says:

    so important! so good!

  16. Prodigal Ryko says:

    this video really helped me a lot! I used to just sling as hard as I could with bad form and no warm up and I've hurt my arm twice doing so.

  17. rrgert4 says:

    I threw 3 rounds 2 days ago still kinda sore shoulder when i move it past parallel, should i get it checked?

  18. ModernNomad says:

    Very useful! Thanks a lot! Hi from a Disc Golf nerd from Sweden. 😉

  19. Mary Lou Ruth says:

    Great videos! How can I get a DISC GOLF STRONG tee?

  20. Kennanable says:

    I've never warmed up my shoulder before disc golf. Played tennis for 10 years and disc golf throws feels like a warmup in comparison. Never had issues with my shoulder. All this is fine but you can throw as a warmup too. if you do it slowly and smoothly before unleashing a drive.

  21. Ben Honey says:

    I played a 3 round, 2-day tournament this past weekend on a long 21 hole course. by the first few holes of the last round my shoulder and/or back muscles were too tired or strained to shoot straight anymore. In addition to just more actual practice, I am wondering which workarounds/stretches I need to do to prevent this next time. Is the workout in this video what I am missing, or something else?

  22. CaptMike Tracy says:

    I started using this exercise and my shoulder is not hurting as much and only have done it a couple of times. This will be my regular exercise now. loookig forward to less pain and many more years of Disc golf, I am 63.

  23. Scott Gramig says:

    Nice exercise. I've been playing DG for 10 years. In the early years, I would frequently use a tomahawk to get out of tight tree lies. This would cause me to throw my arm out and I would just play through the pain. I used to be a pitcher and have had a history of problems with my throwing arm, so much to the point that I've abandon the tomahawk and sidearm throw (with the exception of 1 or 2 per game if absolutely necessary). Even still, there are times that my conventional throw will cause pain every so often. I'm going to add this exercise to my regime. I'd like to continue to play DG as long as possible with minimized pain. Thanks!

  24. Loonquawl Phouchg says:


  25. Robert Dickinson says:

    Your exercises are great because they are few buh many.

  26. Kroogg says:

    is this an everyday exercise or a every other day kind of thing?

  27. OleM G says:

    This exercise is great! I will definitely be using this one.

  28. Chase Ramirez says:


  29. Sebastian BACH says:

    So basically those are push ups

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