Should You Wear A Smartwatch For MTB? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking
Should You Wear A Smartwatch For MTB? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

(mumbles) – Right, it’s time for Ask GMBN, that’s what Blake was just saying. – Oh yeah, that’s what I was saying. – Blake and Neil in the shed,
answering your questions. – Yes. – Let’s start with actually
someone helping us out. So Adrian Scwizgebel is answering
a question from last week. So a guy was asking us
about drilling a frame for a drop seatpost, we’ve
talked about a bit in the past. – Sounds nasty. – But Adrian says check out the
wireless option from Magura. They cost a kidney but are quite fine. (laughs) – I like that. Cost a kidney.
I think they do cost a kidney. – Yeah I’ve tried — – There’s a lot of
technology going into that. – Kind of works the same,
you’ve got a release lever and then you can move
up and down yourself. – What?
– Yeah. – That’s good for a free
rider that wants to actually have a dropper post, but
he doesn’t want the cables, so when he wants to do certain
tricks with bar spins or — – But there can’t be many
that want to drop a post. – I would like one.
– Would you? – Yeah?
– Yeah. I would like to try. – Like on my Enduro bike,
I could do bar spins. – Ah, alright. Nice. Good idea. – I like it. – Anyway, let’s get into the questions. – Well, it’s like using your mobile phone whilst driving. You wouldn’t
want to use that whilst riding. – Yeah, true. You’ve got an
Apple watch, that does GPS? – Yeah, and I use it quite constantly when I’m out riding my mountain bike. – For talking? Chatting to people? – I do talk to, yeah talk
to Mr. Ashton on my watch, it’s a bit weird yeah. – Well I’ve got both.
This is a Garmin watch, and I’ve got a Wahoo computer and a Garmin computer as well, actually. And I tend to use computers
much more on road bikes because I’m worried about smashing it, falling off the bike
and it being on my stand and hitting the ground. Whereas I rarely wack my wrist on the floor.
– Exactly, yeah. – Although I do like
to wear a glove really, cus it does rattle around a bit. – It does, yeah, it kind
of bruises me a little bit. I kind of tuck it under my race jersey. But it’s the same thing — – Functions-wise, they’re
virtually exactly the same. – Yep
– Just with the computers, they are easier to read if you want to, so for cross country riding, road riding, slightly better probably. But you’ve got a big thing on your stand. – Yeah. Start now. Get into it
as quick as possible. Do as many races as
possible. You’ve been there. – Yeah, I started off pretty young, so 15 and I got straight into racing,
so that’s where I did it. But yeah, definitely think
young-ish is a good place to start in. Just get doing it. – Yeah. Keep going, keep
practicing, keep riding downhill. Enter a few races,
locally. Join a local club, if you have one.
– This is an old video, but we did do one where we asked the pros how they became pro bike riders. – I start riding when I was
14, which is quite late, but I become directly a
pro rider when I was 15. I had a chance to have a cap dye world cup back in the years, in the
mountain above Monte Carlo, where I had just been opening the race and doing a great time there, and had the opportunity
to meet foreign sponsors, so that one of the team
back in the US called Sun, that was one of the biggest in that, so how I got involved into the sport and signed my first pro contract. – I like it.
– You’ve done a video, on your how you became pro —
– Yep, how to become a pro. Yep. It’s pretty…It’s
harder than you think. – It is quite a difficult thing to do. Let’s do both of us. How
many bikes do you own, Blake? – Personally?
– Yeah, personally. – One. That I personally own. – Paid your money? – I paid my money.
Actually I didn’t pay it, I was a sponsor.
(laughs) And it’s actually a dirt
jump bike. It’s nothing, it’s not going to be good for
cross country or anything. – I think what Avriel’s probably asking is how many bikes do
we have, cus as part of our amazing job on GMBN,
we get bikes to ride from our partner brands.
So I’ve got four or five, I don’t know actually,
bikes. They’re not mine, I don’t own them, we
borrow them for the sake of making videos and
then they get sent back. Same I own a road bike and I
own a really old mountain bike I use as a commuter bike,
but as far as having bikes I’ve got plenty —
– I’ve got plenty — – I just don’t own them. – We just own about ten or
something. That’s quite a lot. – Yeah that is a lot,
you’ve got loads of bikes. – Yeah, I’ve got loads of bikes. – Well you seem to ride your
new Proof Bikepacking bike — – I do like that, and the Phat bike. – Yeah.
– Yeah. And my Gambler —
– I forgot about your Phatty. – Yeah, she’s tucked away really for the snow season to come on. My wife’s got two bikes,
she’s got more bikes than me. And she’s got a real fancy mountain bike. (laughs) She doesn’t even ride it. – Right, next question
comes from Andor Yoko, whose got creaks, I’ve
got creaks in my pedals. I used some sort of vaseline
– That’s wrong. – Any other grease I should use instead? – Yes. Well — – Vaseline is really thin, isn’t it? – Yeah and that can wear out quite well. I know it’s quite good
for dispersing water, so water can’t get in there but — – I used to use it in the
old days on my grip shift cus it was super super
light. But as far as pedals, you want something a bit thicker. – Yeah, I’ve used industrial,
you know those grease guns — – Yeah, they come with marine
grease. That’s pretty extreme. – Yeah, that’s just what I use cus I didn’t want squeaky pedals. – But I know a man that
knows a lot about grease. His names Andrew Dawes, he spends all his time in the workshop. Let’s get him to tell us about it. – This is the bare minimum
that you really should be having to look after your bike at home. So you’re gonna need some
sort of water displacer, now you’d use these
after cleaning your bike. Then you’re gonna need
some sort of chain lube, there’s various different
ones in the market, which we’re going to explain to you later. A generic sort of spray
lube, cus you can use these in various places on
your bike that you can’t get to with a chain lube.
And some sort of grease. – God, he knows a lot about lubricating. – He does, doesn’t he?
– Wow – I don’t know what he’s been
doing. He knows everything. – He knows everything. – “I was thinking about getting
a Nukeproof 275 Scout Race”, What’s yours? That’s Scout? – I’ve got the Scout Comp.
– Alright. – About the same size as Neil and myself (laughs) I would go, cut them down, I would 760. – Yeah, it’s easy to cut them down. Get yourself a hacksaw
or if dad or your mom got a hacksaw. You’re only
13, you might not have your own hacksaw.
– No. And a ruler. – Yeah, try to do it
as straight as you can and don’t, obviously, don’t go too narrow, you can’t stick it back — – You can’t put it back on. No. – Maybe even try 780. No 760 is good – Do it in steps. Cut it down. Feel it. Too wide, cut it down a bit more. – You know this, but 10 mL
off each side adds up to 20 mL – Yeah, don’t forget, cus
I have done that before at a young age, and I
had bars this narrow. (laughs) – Trials bike questions, we
haven’t got mine here today We’ve talked about — – Should we go passed this one? – No, we’ll try, we’ll try this. Talking about maybe running
short a pedal, cranks, that’s what I’m on about, so
you don’t get pedal strikes. But wouldn’t a longer
crank help get more torque for those big jumps. Long
jumps. What is the norm? – The norm, what’s seven five. – Well a normal, normal bike
would be one seven five. You can get shorter, I
used to run one six five — – On downhill bikes, my
downhill bike has one six five. – Cus you sag in and
obviously you want to pedal over rough stuff. E Bikes,
I tried one the other week, had one five five cranks. – I’ve not seen, I’ve not heard of that — – Feels like you’re on a kids bike. – That could be good on
a…yeah I can see it. – But, you know what,
as far as actual sort of affecting the power you
put in, GCN have done a video about crank length.
They said it doesn’t matter. Conclusion was, it didn’t matter. But I don’t know about torque — – Torque, yeah. Maybe there’s a video on
it for mountain bikes. – Well we should ask the trials expert, but he’s not in today.
– He’s not in today. – Sorry we couldn’t answer
that one, to the point. – Okay, this is, I had an
issue, I’d just come back from Audi Nines and I was
riding a coil shock — – On your Gambler?
– On my Gambler. It’s a Fox X2 coil, It was a 550 spring, everything was —
– That’s quite a heavy spring. – Yeah, but it’s not heavy enough. – Yeah. – So it’s really good in the
woods, and on the rough stuff cus the feedback on the coil is insane – – Yeah.
– I loved it. – Small bumps —
– Yeah. – And I was like, could
not get it stiff enough and you could run a stiffer coil, a lot of the big boys out
there, like FZ Series, they run coils. And they’re running like 600, 650, 800 springs. – Thing about an air
shock is you can adjust how much it ramps up as well.
– You can, yeah. – With volume, spaces, and all that. – Yeah. I prefer air for free ride, cus I’ve maxed out I’ve got an X-Pro, no I’ve got an X2 Fox Screw Shock, I’ve maxed it out. And
I’ve got the 2019 one, and that one you can run 300 psi, and it feels like wood.
It is by far better — – Yeah.
– For free riding. And bigger jumps. For free riding. – Next question. – Yeah, yeah. If the clip fits. – You can, yeah. Loads of
people used to do this. Personally, it’s not weird,
it’s fine, totally fine but you’re gonna have quite a stiff sole with quite a big pedal.
I think the bigger pedals are better with softer sole,
so you get a bit of a feel through there, but it
definitely will work. I’m not sure it’s optimum. – Would it work, cus you
know some of those shoes, the Mavic ones, they’ve
got big football studs. – Yeah. – You might have to remove them out. – I think they will work.
Is the actual answer. I guess if you’ve got big feet, yes you can go for bigger pedals. – Yeah. Donny runs a big pedal. – So yeah, you can get
the Crankbrother stamp in small or large, I tend to run small and I’ve got a size UK
eight, which is a US nine. – Same as me, yeah. – So what, you run a small as well? – I run a small as well,
yeah. I think kind of perfect, Donny’s got a size 14 or like — – So he runs large, which are big, and I’m fine with the smaller ones. I’m sort of on the cusp, if you look at the Crankbrothers website.
At what size pedal I should be using. And you can get
those in the stamp too, the lower end ones, which are 70 pounds, and I’m not sure on dollars and euors, but they’re cheaper than
some of the ones we run. – Yeah.
– The higher up — – Yeah.
– Can you get the bigger ones? Yes, the large.
– Yeah. With a small foot you can
use any pedal, can’t you? – Yeah.
– Like we could go for a wide, or like a bigger one —
– Yeah. – Just feels a bit weird, but you’ve got more platform and grip and
the big guy needs to — – I quite like having a bit
of curl over the pedals. – Yeah, you get more
grip, and you can curl, it feels like you can curl your foot — – But then if you’ve got massive foot and you’ve got a little pedal. – You’re curling all the way around. (laughs)
– Get lost in your shoe — – Like monkey feet. – Yeah.
(laughs) – Right, quick fire round.
– Ooh. – Cus we’ve been going on for ages — – Yeah, yeah. – Yes, you can, you can. If it fits. – Yeah, that’s what it says, as long as it has the same steerer, yeah. – No. – Yeah, you’re not gonna have
clearance on some of them. (laughs) – Well, if you’re good at engineering, yes you can, but why? – Yeah, probably not. – Well if everyone was
racing a Hard Tail then potentially the fasted one, yes, would win the World Cup. – But if they’re all
riding downhill bikes, no. – No. Hell no.
(laughs) – What should cross country marathon, and cross country Olympic
riders do in the off season? – Sleep.
(laughs) Cus they’ve had a hell of a year. – I was gonna say
cyclocross, cus that’s hard. – Oh yes.
– And a lot of them do that in the off season. – I think they go training.
– Sleep as well, yeah. – Yeah, they don’t stop those people. – No.
– They don’t stop. – Okay, quick fire’s done dust. Now to, correct me if I’m wrong, so you guys have been
sending in your cool videos via the uploader, so
we can check them out, see what you’re doing and
try to give you some advice for what things go wrong. So this one has come from… Samuel in Vallåsen Bike Park, Sweden. – And he’s riding a Nukeproof Scout. – Yeah, so —
– Custom. – He wants to — – Looks like a good spot, dunnit? – He wants to go faster and higher, so this is the first attempt,
overshoot that a bit, didn’t he? So first one, bit of an overshoot, so I’ll say slow it down
and go a bit higher, also the bars went a bit askew left, so that can be a bit dodgy
if you get a bit sideways in the air and land with bars sideways — – Yeah, yeah. You gotta loosen
up a little bit in the air, as well. It looks like
you were stiffened up cus you’re coming in too
fast for a small jump. The thing is with pop and going higher, but you want to go faster as well. – Yeah that’s what he’s saying, he wants to go fast and higher. – Okay. Well then you
gotta pull up using that bunny hop technique and push into that lip bring the bars way up into you, and fall up with your hips, curling your feet in the
pedals. Like a big bunny hop. – Yeah, just get a real
nice take off rather than trying to use speed to just bomb over it, I would say maybe slow down a touch. – It’s not all about speed
when you want to go high. – Go higher. But, that’s pretty good.
– Yeah it is pretty good. – Nice one. Keep sending videos, we’ll check them out and
we’ll try to help you out on whatever you think
you need some help with. Right, what videos are
we gonna throw to, Blake? – Woo. What should we do?
They’re at our mercy. Um. (laughs) – Here you go. How to be
a Pro. Click over here. My version of How to become a Pro. How I became a Pro. – I’ll refer to another
one of your videos, your bike packing one. Click over here, it’s a wicked one if
you’ve not seen it already. Hit that sub button, we
love to see new subscribers. – Yeah, let us know in
the comments down below, any questions that you want asking in the next weeks GMBN —
– Yep. – And we’ll see you next Thursday. – Thumbs up.

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    when i installed 2 volume spacers in my 2018 fox 32 rythm fork en pumped it back up to the same pressure my sag was totally off and i bottemd out and flattend the firt jump i took

    should  i have reset my sag or did i do something wrong ??

    ps: love the show  keep up the good videos

    alco samwel


  74. tanakorn111 says:

    All good until there's no signal

  75. Johnsey Mods says:

    #AskGMBN what is the best air fork for 27.5 straight 1-1/8 or is there anyone to adapt for tapered, any help appreciated, Ewain.

  76. Josh Roberts says:

    One the large pedal talk…. check out the catalyst pedal by pedaling innovations. I have a pair on my bike and they are really comfortable.

  77. Garrison Corley says:

    Ur bully

  78. Stephen Higgins says:

    GPS loses accuracy over having a speed sensor, be it a watch or a computer. I recently purchased a second speed sensor for my MTB because I realised I was losing distance, especially on twisty tree covered trails whilst riding with my girlfriend who has a speed sensor (ant+) paired to her garmin

  79. Nathan Wells says:

    This is gonna be a long one lads, sorry,
    Basically I’ve got a problem with my bike. In one way my bike is two big. Reach and length etc is fine, the only problem I have is with my seat. It’s still two high even when slammed meaning that when I do jumps my seat hit me in the arse and then wants to send me forward ready to eat shit 👌, was wondering whether there are anyways where I can compensate for my seat being two high. Will higher rise bars or boosting my fork up bike 20mm or anything like that to compensate? Any Help would be great lads, cheers

  80. Marcel Marchant says:

    Hi guys !! What do you think about cleaning a drivetrain/chain with a steam cleaner ? #askgmbn

  81. Shivam Sharma says:

    #AskGMBN I have a cheap 110$ MTB. I keep practicing with it to become a pro and win MTB Himalaya Race. But can i be a pro only using this bike? #AskGMBN Another question is that should BUy a cheap helmet and other safety pads or the branded ones? AskGMBN Do you know any website from where i can buy used MTB stuff. #AskGMBN Have you ever took part in MTB Himalaya Race? My Bike:

  82. Oleg Revulet says:

    SPORT SUPPLEMENTS, do you use any? what is good for recovery or for better performance, pick power etc?

  83. Magnad says:

    #AskGMBN Hi there! I am willing to buy a new bike. After countless hours of searching for good deals I found these 2 bikes that I think should be fine for me: 2018 Diamondback Sync'r and 2018 Nukeproof Scout 275 Race. The problems are: Diamondback doesn't ship products to Europe and both the bikes are out of stock by now. Should I wait until 2019 bikes come out? If so, when exactly this period usually starts? I saw Doddy working on a Nukeproof Scout 290 Race in this video from 1st Jan 2018:

  84. Darren Horrocks says:

    #AskGMBN I use DMR v8 flat pedals, and when i roll over any sort of dropoff, the bike seems to drop away from my feet, and i land back on the pedal again (mostly). How can i avoid the bike dropping away from me and have my feet stay in the pedals

  85. Charlie Carnell says:

    Wh isn't there a mtb video game with DH, XC, freeride and enduro. #askgmbn

  86. Edgar Soler i sol says:

    #AskGMBN What is the best travel for a mtb being as efficient as possible climbing and going downhill??

  87. Hugh Daniel Mayer says:

    #AskGMBN guys I need your help, i'm in a pickle, I have finally saved up enough money to buy a new bike. and I can't decide out of the Canyon Torque AL 7.0 XL (175mm/180mm) in the blue, and the Commencal meta AM 29 Essentials XL (160mm/170mm), I am 6.5 feet tall. I always had my heart set on the torque, but they went out of stock, so I went searching around and after test riding a 29er (Kona process 153 cr) I decided that with my height I should go for a 29er, I spoke to many of my mates who race on 29ers and they said that it was way better then the 27.5. and now just out of the blue, the torque has come back into sale. I now have come to this problem where I am back into denial of what bike I should buy, considering they both are the same price and have reasonably the same geo and spec. my local trails are fast steep and rough, but also have tracks that are tight with big jumps. I do have a DH bike, Canyon Sender 8.0 2017, do I need another long travel rig like the torque? should I be better off getting a 29er? PLEASE HELP! give me guidance of which one I should buy. thank you in advance, and I really appreciate it.

  88. Jan Tschernoster says:

    #askGMBN Why POC helmets are pricier then others brands for example Bell or Giro. Are they really way better than other brands? Is it worth it to invest to poc helmet??

  89. Dahuino says:

    #AskGMBN I run my tyre pressure at 25 psi with kenda Havok 2.8 inch plus size tyres on my hard tail and I find that on sharp corners it loses grip both front and rear will lowering the pressure help or will it be too low my bike is a 2018 carrera vendetta currently all stock thanks

  90. Cameron Boyle says:

    #askgmbn hey guys love the show I have a question. One of my friends says that it can wear down your chain if you store your bike on your hardest gear is this true?

  91. Connor Bell says:

    #askGMBN I ride a polygon Siskiu d5 and I’m getting a lot better at riding I want a enduro bike but as I have a small price range would it be better building one up from a frame or buying a full bike

  92. Jack Wagon says:

    Broke my Apple Watch 3 on an MTB ride a few weeks ago. Hit a tree and smashed the screen. Have since gotten a cycling computer and won’t wear a watch again while riding.

  93. kråkfia says:

    #AskGMBN Hello my name is Liam I love your channel and I'm thinking about getting a new bike. I've been looking at the Nukeproof scout 275 sport and the Vitus sentier +, which one should I get or do you guys have any better picks for a mtb around 1000€ ? It would be great to hear from you guys.

  94. Stuart Woodburn says:

    I really enjoyed this Ask GMBN Neil and Blake are so good together and funny.

  95. Chauncy Gilmore says:

    Just got a dropper for a Trek Marlin 6 and it has changed the way I ride the bike . Makes it more versatile and fun . I love this channel and it's content. Cheers from Washington state.

  96. nwimpney says:

    GCN's test on crank length is far from definitive. While you can compensate by changing gearing and/or cadence if you're stuck riding sub-optimal cranks, I think it's kind of ridiculous to take the single ended approach people seem to take with crank length. If you're short, you might need shorter cranks. If you're average, normal cranks are ideal. If you're tall, average cranks are ideal…. Wait, what?
    I have a 1000mm inseam, and I've tried everything from a 75mm crank on a freestyle unicycle to the 180mm I currently have on my road bike. For me, longer just feels better. I'm pretty sure I make a bit more power, and it feels easier on my knees (More angle, but less force, I guess). I expect that with my very long legs, my ideal is even longer, but availability and cost mean I'm stuck with 175 on most of my bikes.
    That said, if you want to try a different length for other reasons (clearance, availability, etc) you can probably mostly compensate by changes in gearing and cadence, and that may be a worthwhile compromise in some cases.

  97. Richard Leslie says:

    #AskGMBN Any chance of a behind the scenes look at GMBN? Who the camera people are? Who edits all the footage? Who owns GMBN? GCN? GEBN? etc etc? Who's the big boss? How did it all come about? Are you really in a shed, or TV studios? cheers Richard

  98. Isaac van Zyverden says:

    #AskGMBN what did you guys do before mountain biking came into your life…like did you play any sports or do you have any other hobbies???🙏🏻

  99. Ryan Haynes says:

    #ASKGMBN hey guys I currently have a repco blade mountain bike and looking to upgrade to a full suspension bike under $1000australian dollars, which bike should I get?

  100. Bruh Itz Thijmen says:

    Is tomtom spark 3 a good navigation watch for mtb?

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