Should You Buy Premium Gas for Your Car? Myth Busted

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to help you answer the question, what
gasoline should you put in your car because you don’t want to waste money
buying expensive gas you don’t need, but you don’t want to have the wrong gas
your car either, well here’s the truth of the matter, most modern cars are made to
run perfectly fine on regular gasoline just pull out your owner’s manual and
look inside, as it says here, use octane rating 87 or higher, fuel-injected
engines are all controlled by computers that make the engine run perfectly fine
on regular gasoline, if you throw in higher octane gas, basically you’re just
wasting your money and throwing it away and realize that all gasoline sold in
the United States, by federal law, have to contain certain additives, so that they
don’t pollute and that they make the cars run correctly, now unfortunately
unlike a milk carton that shows you everything that’s in the milk, they don’t
tell you anything at a gas pump of what ingredients are inside, so as to what
you’re actually putting into your gas tank, you never really know, because
they’re not going to tell you, they’re worried about gasoline additive Wars I
guess, we’re they’ll have to put more and more additive to compete with each
other, but over the last forty eight years of fixing and driving cars, I’ve
learned one thing about gasoline, if your car runs fine on the gasoline that you’ve
been using, stick to it, because then you know the attitudes that are in that
gasoline, are working quite well for you as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke
don’t fix it, but of course there are exceptions, if you want a Ferrari they
are made for high test gas and they’ll only run correctly on that and take my
old motorcycle rusted in a garage here it’s got 14.5 to one compression ratio
on the engine it has to run on high test gas, but modern technology can make you
run on regular gas, even with some of these modern fast cars, take this
four-cylinder EcoBoost Mustang, it’s got 306 horsepower when you run it on high
test gas, but it runs perfectly fine on regular gasoline, only it goes down to
260 horsepower is now and if you have an engine that’s really worn up and is all
carbon up inside, that increases the compression of the engine and
run better on high test gas, but if that’s the case, you really should have
your engine carbon cleaned out with a pressure cleaning machine, to make it run
correctly and not deal with a problem by just putting high tests gas in it, now
a lot of people are asking me about the use of ethanol and gasoline, now realize
most modern gasolines contain 10% ethanol to boost the octane, now on
normal car not made for running on ethanol, ethanol can damage things, but
the gasoline that has 10 percent ethanol also has additives in it to prevent
ethanol from doing any damage, but if your think about using that 85 then it’s 85%
ethanol, realize you can use that in one of those flex fuel cars, it’s made to
run on regular gas or on this E85 with a high percentage of ethanol in it, only
you need to know one thing about physics then, ethanol contains about 20 percent
less energy than gasoline, so you generally going to get about 20 percent
worse gas mileage than you will with gasoline, so if you’re going to use the
E85, hey, realize you’re going to get a lot worse gas mileage, even though it does
burn a lot cleaner, so it’s your choice a cleaner burning engine or one that
uses more fuel, that’s up to you, but that’s nothing that I have to worry
about yet, because all my cars are so old they can’t run on e85, they got to use
regular gasoline, so the truth be told if you drive a regular car, running in on
regular gasoline will be perfectly fine it’ll run and have no problems from
gasoline and remember if you have any car questions just visit the Scotty
Kilmer channel

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