what’s up guys Roberto Rosas here the Dormied youtube channel this week is all hot shower today we’re going to talk
to you soon some key thrills and fields to learn to get shallow from the
downswing to generate speed square a face and to eliminate that nasty slice if you look at like a player up to the
top they all have different structure up top some players go into an external
shoulder rotation up top so they’re coming in and they’re getting external
and then what that does is that stretches this muscle this way so at
least see a lot of people who look pretty up here and go into a reverse
stretch which is called stretch short-cycle
and they get a little steeper okay so I show people a lot about if this is on my
shoulder and I just turn and I have any width at all the shaft is shallow if I
actually pull it off and then throw with that thing straight up and down so as
long as we don’t pull it off the shoulder we’re gonna shallow it out so I
do a little demonstration just do that again with that drill actually this is a
really good drill for people of course so if I just got here and I said okay
this is my transition it’s more rotational then all of a sudden I have
it here and I did that for real I’m in this position okay if I have any
slide that shaft isn’t turning so now I can manipulate it with my arms and get
it here and that’s okay but the difference is is that’s not a natural
motion I would never throw a ball like this and then turn I would actually
leave my arms alone and they come into this position so you’ll see everybody’s
palms straight up when they throw but they’re not trying to do that so what do
we say the best players do and how would we like to Shadow the golfer well the
motion of the body that we see in the best players is from the top we often
get a little bit of an increase in flex now an increase in Flex of the body is a
slight steepening motion you can see as I increase the Flex in my body the club
shaft Stevens so the golfers who shot on the club fantasticly well have a body
which is flexing more but they use their trail arm to shallow the golf loop
that’s we’re gonna try and eat to feel and sense in this little exercise take
your starting position make a backswing and split your grip on the golf the work
I’ve done here now as you start your downswing with your body I want you to
feel as if you’re rotating and increasing the Flex so you can see as
I’m starting to rotate I’m starting to settle into my left side a little bit
more and I’m starting to increase the Flex as you do that I want you to use
your right arm to drag the club shaft behind you so as you can see I’m now
increasing the Flex of the body but I’m using the rotations of my trail shoulder
and my elbow just start to shallow the golf club if we take that from a normal
grip that same feeling would be here so what
I’m now done here is I’ve got the golf go into a fantastic position but my body
is ready that it can still rotate through maintain my angles and that is
how we need to shatter the golf ball so I want you to do 20 reps just go to the
top of your swing do you know four or five feeling like you
rotate that face closed rotate it closed again get used to that feeling of
rotating it closed and then come back down to the bottom of the swing so
you’re gonna do four or five get the feeling of that and then go ahead and
swing on through what you’ll notice is you’ll have a sensation that face is
really closing down so now it’s easier to get that Club shallowing from the
inside and you don’t have to worry about it going to the right at all so we’re
going to start out doing reps of five closing closing closing and then
swinging through do good 20 reps or however many it takes you to feel
comfortable with that then let’s pause halfway down I want to go just halfway
down my swing pause on the clubs about parallel with the ground and now let’s
close that face again three four or five times until you get the feeling of that
start opening the hips like you would in the golf swing and then go ahead and
feel like you swing on through to get that nice draw once I’ve done those I
felt the clubface start to rotate at the top of the swing have felt the club they
start to rotate at the bottom of swing now it’s starting to make complete sense
how I can get the club in here on the slot and still get that face squared up
as I’m coming through contact so your final reps do four or five reps or now
you get the club in here really exaggerate that wrist action that
rotating the club and you’re gonna feel completely comfortable getting the club
way back in here and being comfortable that ball is going to turn over from
right to left as you’re doing that well I put my watch on my right hand I said
in my left hand arm now I always wear my let we’re watching this arm so this
feels weird already but I’ve got the face of the watch facing up and the idea
and this is when we swing down I want the watch face to point away if it
points down to the ball you see the shaft here becomes over and steep if the
watch face faces on top of the ball if you like away from the ball or
horizontal to the ground you’ll see how the shaft goes shallow and what it does
it turns my arm on my shoulder more external so that visual quite quickly
changes my arms shape and my shaft shape on the downswing just by putting my
watch in the different hands and making some practice swings so the best way to
work on it is grab a short iron start off with some slow motion swings get up
to the top of your backswing initiate by using the ground so I’m still squatting
and opening up my hips now just start to work it in pieces just let your right
arm unfold from here okay so you can see my left arm is staying straight all I’m
doing is practicing unfolding my right arm right it doesn’t go like this it
doesn’t go like this all right I’m just unfolding it straight down so straight
down from here if I was standing straight up and down it would just be
totally vertical okay but I’m bent over so it looks like it’s at a slight angle
but it’s totally vertical I do that a couple times and I start to put that
with a little bit of body turn so you could see that Club really gets onto a
nice plane coming down there’s many of you out there that are pulling the
handle down many of you out there that are leaving the club up for too long
once you start to train that right arm those issues are gonna be eliminated
okay so once you’ve done a few rehearsals like that I would take it out
there slowly up to the top again start down unfold your right arm put a little
bit of turn with it start to blend those two motions and then hit some easy shots
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