Sesame Street: One of These Things
Sesame Street: One of These Things

[MUSIC PLAYING] MAN: [SINGING] One of these things is
not like the others. One of these things
doesn’t belong. Can you tell which thing is not
like the other by the time I finish this song?

100 thoughts on “Sesame Street: One of These Things”

  1. sans says:

    Why doesn't the blue balloon "belong"?
    Because it's a different color?

    That's balloon racism…

  2. WH321 says:

    @aafuss Sounds like the guy who plays Miles. (Olamide Faison)

  3. fayaz Rahimi says:


  4. Tom Bruggeman says:

    this is like rasial training

  5. Toaster1023 says:

    In my head I was all "the blue one!" the when it was done I was like, "I KNEW IT!"

  6. Mileenie says:

    Whose Line…..

  7. Reverie Planetarian says:

    Well two are balloons, one is clearly a floating raspberry and one's a red blood cell…what am I missing?

  8. Maniaxe613 says:

    I feel so embarrassed because I got this one wrong. I thought it was the second balloon from the left because of its disfigured shape.

  9. andrew plotnick says:


    That is a very interested point!

  10. Nellie K. Adaba says:

    Great game

  11. dane jurasley says:

    Well …… What's the answer???

  12. Colby Oz says:

    The logo for Sesame Street……..the others are all balloons.

  13. PJ A says:

    that's dumb, they are all different and unique in ways not just colour.

  14. Slaire Awesome says:

    Which one is right i'm only 12 so i cant tell

  15. WWETheDog says:

    Hardest one yet.

  16. Shaheed Simon says:

    don't lie, we all thought it was the flower shaped baloon because you were going by shape

  17. Aaron Heathcotte says:

    Wow I actually got it wrong. That's embarrassing.

  18. Error 404 says:

    I chose the blue one last second.

  19. Rab Coutts says:


  20. CrypticDarkness says:

    The first balloon fits into the other three groups, meaning it's the odd one out due to not being the odd one out in any other case, making it the odd one out in that case.
    The second balloon is the only balloon that isn't egg shaped, making it the odd one out in that case.
    The third balloon is blue, while all the other balloons are red, making it the odd one out in that case.
    The fourth balloon has a hole in it while none of the others do, making it the odd one out in that case.

    Therefore the correct answer would have to be the first balloon, since it's the only balloon that could satisfy the condition of being the only balloon that truly doesn't belong.

    (But in reality I suppose any balloon could be the answer.)

  21. KlingonCaptain says:

    Later on they added a line to the song, "Three of these things are kind of the same."

  22. Caramel Critter says:

    wow a kids show teaching kids about racism ahh america

  23. Mousefilms Morpheus says:

    foo fighters

  24. ButtercupFan 01 says:

    I swear, these segments look like if they were from the 70's.

  25. Møddeus says:

    This guy ever do anything else? I like his voice.

  26. betsysilden says:

    The blue balloon should have been green.

  27. SirDarkon IF says:


  28. Patrick's Crazy Place says:

    Good ol' Sesame Street, teaching me to identify and ostracize things that look different.

    I don't foresee any potential downside to that line of thinking.

  29. ParadiXe311 says:

    This is perfectly how I feel about my hometown.

  30. Nate Dwyer says:

    Sesame Street teaches young kids to chose the blue pill and not the red! #Illuminati

  31. Syk0tic Pig says:

    i actually didn't notice the one balloon was blue till the end of the song

  32. Joseph Womer says:

    What's with the balloon with the small hole in the middle?

  33. Christian Rupprechter says:


  34. Cypress FernandezDowns says:

    This is racist

  35. Lee - Lee says:

    I'm crying laughing, so my best friend is red/blue colorblind and was like "Layla I don't get this one."

  36. Cyborg Puppy says:

    Please kill me

  37. FeildMarshall Wolf says:

    When you're the only sad one at the party.

  38. Simo Dandane says:

    I don't see colour

  39. Irene Antuofermo says:

    Does someone is here for Hannah baker??

  40. Jonathan Smith says:

    I still don’t know what’s different 🙁

  41. B O N K O N T H E H E A D says:

    My dumb self thought it was the second one because of it's shape.

  42. Doki Doki says:

    What if you're colorblind?

  43. Maxime EYMARD says:

    It's Joey because he sucks at card games!

  44. SeraphimRoad says:

    The answer is Racism.

  45. Birdy ThePhoenix says:

    This is way more confusing than it needs to be

  46. Mau dL says:

    Topologically speaking, the odd one out whas the one with the hole.

  47. Captain 405 says:

    The song that taught us all how to be races.

  48. Floating Sunfish says:

    It's Joey! Because he sucks at card games!

  49. Frederick Leodolter says:

    it could also be the jagged balloon as all the others are round and it is not. well played, sesame street.

  50. Shocking, Isnt It says:

    Racism in a nutshell

  51. DragonCake says:

    It's that one flower one. The flower one has multiple lumps and the others have a classic balloon silhouette. That or the first balloon because it's the only one to not have any abnormalities.

  52. Darth Musturd says:

    Sesame Street is racist?

  53. Jack Rollo says:

    This is so good!

  54. Joao de Ornelas says:


  55. Julian Baxter says:

    The Red Balloons. The Red Balloons were the odd ones out!

  56. BlueShit199 says:

    blue lives matter!

  57. psovegeta says:

    Then a Muslim balloon comes in, yells "ALLAH HU AKBAR!" and pops the other four balloons with a needle.

  58. Shdow1 says:

    it's joey isn't it

  59. Rogerina's Bra says:

    Apparently this was drilled into my head as a child

  60. TheHorseFormerlyWithoutAName says:

    If this was shown today, it would be cancelled for taunting people who are colorblind.

  61. Andrew Hagadone says:

    Oh, COME ON!

  62. Frangitus says:

    Apparently, i'm an idiot.

  63. ode says:

    that's racist

  64. nGon- says:

    I do not judge these balloons by their colour, but by the content of their character

  65. Aj Madrigal says:

    Who else came from ryukahrs channel

  66. Loveless Catzee says:

    But… all qualifyyyyyyyy

  67. plop says:

    Why did I come here from Taylor Swift? 😂

  68. Taking Leave says:

    I legit failed this.

  69. pesarirooni62 says:

    Kathy Greenwood whose line lol

  70. Chris Bixby says:

    Don't program your children to buy into this racist propaganda. All balloons are the same on the inside.

  71. Hannah Mills says:

    Well the Blue and second one are the normal shaped ones, then the other two have holes in the middle so… none of these are the odd ones out!!

  72. Taylord Snapped says:

    One of these things is not like the others
    Like a rainbow with all of the colours
    Baby doll when it comes to a lover
    I promise that you'll never find another like me e eeeee

  73. Kezef Adirion says:

    That flower-shaped balloon is way too fruity for my liking…

  74. sunflower says:

    its the blue one guys. 😮

  75. Cygnus Apollonia says:

    >Black woman working in 50's themed diner.

  76. Higher beings, these words are for you alone. says:

    I love when people reference this song on memes

  77. セリスSeliph says:

    Those poor Color blind children……

  78. Anthony Fisi'ihoi says:

    One of these things is not like the others.
    One of these things doesn't belong.
    Can you tell which thing is not like the other,
    by the time I finish this song.

  79. Fluttershy The Cute Pony says:

    It is the blue one!

  80. Putu Kusuma says:

    Taylor Swift brought me here

  81. michael browne says:

    There all ballons and the same time there all differrent lol

  82. Namajaff says:

    My dad puts this on repeat while he's beating me until I'm unconscious

  83. laura nebula says:

    I really enjoyed this masterpiece. Really very much so.

  84. QuackScope D says:

    Wow blue balloons matter Sesame Street

  85. Jaxsology says:

    These comments are savage! 😂

  86. Sloth says:

    The ring shaped balloon is topologically and fundamentally different, clearly it's that one.

  87. kit cosby says:

    One of these things is not like the others. One of these things is unique in its way…

  88. Baffour says:

    What a pretender

  89. angel says:

    Anyone from 13 reasons why book? Clay Jensen quote.

  90. cryslala03 says:

    Dave Grohl

  91. Nancy Barnes says:

    One of these items has concave edges? One of these is for hemorrhoids?

  92. Nancy Barnes says:

    One of these things indicates that Pennywise is lurking nearby!

  93. Sean says:

    I got it wrong. This is a tough one

  94. BMEPZ 1 says:

    Ww2 germany be like

  95. OsamaBinLooney says:

    I honestly thought it was the 2nd one from the left because of it's weird shape

  96. Spedur says:

    Hmm… technically speaking, the first one doesn't belong because it's the only normal one.

  97. Muncha King says:

    Teaching kids to be racist since 1969

  98. Rodrigo MdS says:

    …like a rainbow with all of the colours

  99. Sumit Upadhayay says:

    Can't hurt me brought me here😂😂😂

  100. Мышь из Луганськ! says:


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