Serve Table Tennis Tomahawk Kenta Matsudaira
Serve Table Tennis Tomahawk Kenta Matsudaira

Assalamu’alaikum Warokhmatullohiwarokatuh The AJI PINGPONG channel will share about How to do Tomahawk service techniques like Kenta Matsudaira To grip / grip the racket like this and movements like rock hitting motion down So the racket is held upright (standing), then contact on the side bottom ball section or right side of the ball see movement on video motion appears on the front side then for the application of the ball namely from the side right side of the ball hit, swiped down with movements like people hit rock or people hit with tools down To produce a ball that is filled or balls containing backspin rounds then contact with the ball in part side part bottom side of the ball to produce round balls pure sidespin, which is usually when returned by the opponent the ball can go up that is by way of hitting the movement towards the front so the ball is exposed in part beside the ball exactly but the hand moves forward Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE LIKE & SHARE this video hopefully useful and happy to meet again THANK YOU

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  1. HEDO VEDROTA says:

    Mana kak Aji video serve back to net

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