Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus: Shoujotachi no Shoumei PS Vita Test

Katsuragi: “You came, Yozakura! I’m ready for ya!” Katsuragi: “Look! Both hands are in top form!” Katsuragi: “Grope grope grope!” Yozakura: “…” Katsuragi: “Uuh. That reaction. As tricky as usual.” Yozakura: “You are…free, aren’t you.” Katsuragi: “Huh?” Katsuragi: “I’m free?” Katsuragi: “Well, certainly because I indulge in sexual harrassment it’s no
wonder it seems so.” Katsuragi: “But, Yozakura. Things are not so simple.” Yozakura: “Eh?” Katsuragi: “The purpose of my sexual harrassment is not just to do groping.” Katsuragi: “So I can get along with various guys, even slightly, it’s my way
of communicating.” Yozakura: “That’s an unspeakable thing.” Yozakura: “…But, there are many different ways of looking at things, I think
that’s right.” Katsuragi: “That’s it! Well, let’s do it!” Yozakura: “Yeah.” Katsuragi: “Sexual harrassment for life!” Yozakura: “W, wrong! Battle for life!” Katsuragi: “Ah, sorry, sorry! I made a mistake.” Yozakura: “…So once again, come on now!” Yozakura: “Haa. Haa. I won.” Katsuragi: “Ah, I lost. I lost. I was completely defeated.” Yozakura: “But, it’s a wonder. I want to fight with you more.” Katsuragi: “Hee hee. It’s ironic. Me too.” Yozakura: “Since the School Festival began, I tasted this feeling a lot.” Yozakura: “The more I fought, the more I understood this feeling…Fighting
doesn’t only give birth to hatred, does it?” Katsuragi: “That’s right. After being beaten, friendship sprouts from the dry
riverbed.” Yozakura: “…I don’t even know if it’s good. Just, my feeling now, I don’t
dislike it.” Yozakura: “If you make friends with your enemy, I think it’s not such a
wonderful thing.” Katsuragi: “Yeah. That’s right. I think so too.” Yozakura: “…What would it seem like to Master Black Shadow?” …Just, this
is the conclusion I have drawn.” “Translation by gogo7188”

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