Season 6, Chapter 3 | Red vs. Blue
Season 6, Chapter 3 | Red vs. Blue

Dear Director due to your busy schedule, we have begun interviewing members of your staff I am certain you will let us know if this bothers you Our debriefings keep coming back to a single subject at Outpost 17B Can you explain to us what this “meta” is, and what your plans are to deal with it? Miller: Oh, no! Hell, no! Excuse me sir, but no God damned way! Washington: You must be Lieutenant Miller Miller: I’ve got Reds coming out my ass here, boss, and you show up and take away one of my men for a… …what did you say this was for? Soldier: Secret mission, sir! Miller: Aw, you’ve gotta be… a what?! Washington: I think you have bigger issues than troop assignments, soldier How about getting some of these vehicles back in working order? Miller: What the hell do you think I’m talking about? This is your fault! You sent us the new guy, he said he was good with vehicles All he does is talk to them… TALK to them! What the hell is that all about?! And now look at the damn things! Washington: I don’t have time to discuss your problems I have orders, and those orders say that I need Private Caboose, and I need him now He has information that is vital to the security of… Miller: Wait a second… Caboose? You’re taking Caboose? And I don’t have to pay you or anything like that? Washington: Is there a problem? Miller: Problem? Heh heh! Hell, no! It must be Christmas morning and no one told me! You stay right there and I’ll get him for you Miller: Private Johannas! Johannas! Johannas, where the hell are you?! Jones: Sir, for the millionth time, my name is pronounced “Jones” Jones! Soldier: Shut up Johannas! Jones: Seriously, lots of people have the name! It’s very common! How am I the first guy you’ve met called “Jones”? Miller: Johannas, I need you to go down to the brig, untie Caboose and get him up here Jones: Me? Alone?! Miller: Double time, Johannas! Jones: It’s pronounced J… never-mind… Christ Washington: You keep him in the brig? Miller: We keep him tied up in the brig, I’m not taking any more chances Jones: Ah! Ow! Why?! Caboose: Be careful Miller: You’ll understand soon enough Caboose: You wanted to see me, Principal Miller? Miller: Where’s the guy I sent to get you? Caboose: Oh, him… yeah… um… he let me out and then, somehow, shot himself in the back, somehow… Ah, but we don’t think it was anyone’s fault… everybody agrees it was an accident Miller: Jesus! Would someone go check on him?! Miller: Caboose, this here is Special Agent Washington from Blue Command He has something fantastic he needs to talk to you about Caboose: Command? Oh, no…! They never have good news! Did somebody die? Was it my mom? Is she dead? Or my Dad? Did my Dad die again?! Oh, no! Washington: What is this? I don’t… Miller: Heh heh, you see? He’s yours now… heh heh, no take backs Caboose: Is it my brother? Was my brother killed?! That’s it, isn’t it?! My brother’s dead! Washington: What?! No, nothing like that Caboose: Oh, good! Because I don’t even have a brother! And how sad would it be to not have a brother and to lose a brother all in the same day?! Washington: No one died! Soldier: Johannas is dead, sir! Washington: Ok, no one… besides him Caboose: Once again… nobody’s fault Caboose: Pst… I think the new guy did it! Washington: Private Caboose, you were stationed at Blood Gulch, correct? Caboose: Yeah… that was fun Washington: And our records indicate that you were infected by an aggressive Artificial Intelligence program at one point the Omega AI… is that correct as well? Caboose: Yeah… that wasn’t as much fun Washington: Ok, well, I need you to come with me I’m investigating a critical issue and you seem to be the only person with the knowledge and experience necessary to help me… …and I just realized how ridiculous that sounded once I said it out loud Nonetheless, I need you to come with me Miller: Can I have a word with him first, sir? Washington: Sure, I guess Miller: Now, Caboose… …I know we didn’t always get along… Caboose: I got tied up! Miller: …right… …but all these mistakes… I know it’s not your fault… …you seem like a good kid… you’re just a little…. …confused Caboose: Yeah… …he is Miller: But I want to give you a piece of advice this guy looks like a tough customer and you’re bound to get into some situations that maybe you’re not prepared for Caboose: Right. Like a rodeo Miller: Now, if that happens, if you find yourself in danger, or in a situation where you think something bad is going to happen to you… …I want you to remember just one thing… …never… …ever… …come back here! Caboose: Ok Miller: No… I need to know that you understand I need to hear you say it Caboose: “Don’t ever go backwards” Miller: Ok… I guess that’s as close as we’re going to get He’s all yours! Washington: Great, let’s get going Caboose: Ok Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?! Washington: Just… try to stay quiet Miller: Boys! This is a great day! Things are finally changing for us! I can feel it! Soldier: Should we bury Johannas now, sir? Miller: Fellas… …let’s just enjoy this moment a little longer He’s not going anywhere… Caboose: Where am I? Oh! Well, that looks nice! Oh! My! God! A giant person! I’m hungry I’m thirsty I have to go to the bathroom again

100 thoughts on “Season 6, Chapter 3 | Red vs. Blue”

  1. KevinFlame117 says:

    Guys I miss the old crew

  2. Justin Collette says:

    anyone else notice jones is gavin?

  3. space uber says:

    R.I.P Joneahs

  4. TheSlit IRIS says:

    me i knew it

  5. Matthew Johnston says:


  6. Simon Chan says:

    Gotta say Agent Washington's luck really went down the drain the second he met red vs blue. Lol, I'm surprise he's still sane after all the crazyness he went through with them.

  7. Danistormborn says:

    "He's not going anywhere…" – why do I get the feeling this wasn't the last of Jones? (First-time viewer)

  8. spades 5514 says:

    caboose is my favorite

  9. Jedi Archives says:

    Can we talk about how of the entire bloodgultch crew, Caboose has easily the highest kill count. (Not including Tex, she counts as a freelancer)

  10. Southhs5115 says:

    Poor Pvt Jones…

  11. allreadydead21 says:

    that moment when ur relieved that caboose is as funny and stupid as b4. I thought they took him away

  12. Ecto Gaming 20 says:

    Anyone, while watching RVB, think about what they'd do if they were in RVB?

  13. Jack Sears says:

    Holy shit I never noticed the Jones is Gavin. Ha!

  14. British Jack says:

    Jones is a very common name at school on average 5 people per class had the name Jones and no two classes were the same

  15. A Heath says:

    Gavin noooooooooo.

  16. Naruto says:

    Did dantdm voice private Jones

  17. Naruto says:

    Did dantdm voice private Jones

  18. PlayMyAce says:


  19. Linky Okumura says:

    Watching these all in a row, it's incredible to watch the quality of these improve. And hearing Gavin voice someone is really weird to me for some reason lol but very funny

  20. rocketsniper says:

    i wonder what happened to Cabooses dad.

  21. Drew Pocernich says:

    I'll go get'em for u hey joanes go get caboose

  22. Brian Lords says:

    right like a rodeo

  23. Khyler Bane says:

    what is jones accent? also A, who gave caboose aworkiing loaded gun, B how do shoot someone in the back by accident?  let alone kill your onw team members by accident, mulptiple times HOW, How is that possible????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. MCFinalNinja FTW says:

    1:39 …
    1:42 This guy sounds familiar
    1:46 Is that Gavin?
    1:48 Hey it's Gavin!

  25. MightyGir4ffe says:

    was there like a season in between 5 and six I didn't hear about

  26. ReDempTedSpider says:

    "Don't ever go backwards"
    Yet he goes backwards in season 15!!
    Season 15 Reds and blues are FAKES!

  27. no name says:

    did you guys notice that caboose said "did my dad die again"

  28. torib gavvyryebread says:


  29. Brown Ranger says:

    The blue C.O sounds like Ironhide

  30. Kartik Aman Saraf says:

    I dunno what's worse: the fact that Jones is dead, or that he will forever be known by the wrong name.

  31. coolington McCoy says:

    hi gavin

    15 seconds later bye gavin

  32. Jordan Brown says:

    Agent Wash: NO ONE DIED!!
    Soldier: Jo-en-nes is dead Sir!
    Agent Wash: ….Okay, no one BESIDES him.

  33. Bigfoot 64 says:

    First guy which is British

  34. [HACK] FuriousGamer YT says:

    Wash: No one died!!
    Random trooper: Johnes is dead sir.
    Wash: Well no one except him.

  35. Putu Ayu Hanny Artiana says:

    I'm so SORRY but why I do I always fell for the type of Simmons and Wash, being hopelessly stuck with blatant idiots and still just go with it nonetheless

  36. Red Axer says:

    Why couldn't Gavin be Jenkins

  37. The Dimerald says:

    Jones kinda sounds like sonny from the game Sonny…

  38. Crrodo says:

    Blue sergant – there may be some thing that u wont be prepared for

    Caboose – yeah like a rodeo

    I died

  39. Frederick Furman says:

    Church's VA is really bad at not sounding like Church.

    Unless that turns out to just be Church.

  40. Cod Quainloon says:

    Are we there yet?

  41. Sidney Fattiey says:

    "How sad would it be to not have a brother, and lose him the same day"
    He's not wrong you know.

  42. Thomas Dezalak says:

    Did anyone realise that Caboose kept his "promise" to never go backwards, even in the worst of situations

  43. Alexis Dyer says:

    I just realized that Jones is played by Gavin. I have watched this so many times and never realized it

  44. Daniel Gonzalez says:

    I can already tell washed and is going to be great add to the whole series at the red and blue steam, he already quoted church

  45. Pieguy203 The Great says:

    Wait did caboose just ask if his dad died…AGAIN

  46. John Camp says:

    I like how the tank committed suicide because of caboose

  47. The Biscey says:




  48. CC-1010 says:

    Rip Jones 1:40 – 2:08

  49. Razzlewolfflight says:

    i LOVE how those little bits of the real Wash come out when he's exasperated. Caboose is so confusing to him that he feels the need to reassure him, and his voice pitches high and uncertain. ^ ^

  50. nathan k says:

    Why was Caboose tied up does he just shoot everyone I mean I know he's a team killer but woah

  51. Noble Animations says:

    "AAAHHH! Why!?"
    "Be careful!"

    That line gets me evertime! 😂

  52. Simon Long says:

    'I got tied up!' 😀

  53. Cam Green says:

    I love going back and re-watching these

  54. DJ Gaming says:

    Caboose: Be careful.

  55. iSevenWonders says:

    The writing in this season is brilliant. Just amazing. Like, TV quality.

  56. derrick hughes says:

    Dude, the fact that they had caboose tied up and underground, really made me upset

  57. werr3222werrr says:

    Oh man wash is hurt

  58. Polarisranger 12 says:

    Yes we got Gavin/ Joeanus

  59. Christi James says:

    Yay gaaaaaaaavin

  60. Salome Lind says:

    caboose sounds so happy when he says ''I got tied up'' at 4:00

  61. Hydrosting says:

    I love caboose. He’s so innocently stupid lol.

  62. El Compa Mofle says:

    JUAREZ is spanish J = H like Hot wheels

  63. Christopher Martinez says:

    Jones kinda sounds like ihe

  64. Niceee says:

    1:38 jones' voice actor is Gavin Free! i didnt notice that because i didnt watch the rest of rooster teeth's stuff back then, i went back to watch some episodes and i recognized gavin immediatly!

  65. IceyWolf 2912 says:

    Never mind what I said in ep 1 it’s better with caboose back.

  66. 10GaugeManiac says:

    Maybe this is the way Gavin decided to stop being a victim and discovered the joys of team-killing. The back is just such an inviting target.

  67. TheSwoleKage says:


  68. TheSwoleKage says:

    Too bad he gets killed

  69. Melissa Zwolinski says:

    Oh my GOD its Oobleck and Ozpin staring as………………. CABOOSE AND WASHINGTON!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Rahim Welch-Lucier says:


    Edit 2
    Maybe Washington instead

  71. Silverwing179 says:

    Yay, Gav!

  72. Stock Brazen says:

    Rip pvt.jones gavin season 6-season 6

  73. Brittanae Wint says:

    I love Jones accent❤️

  74. MCFinalNinja FTW says:

    Gaven "Johannas" Free.
    I like it!

  75. Matthew Tolentino says:

    Is Gavin… voicing a Jones guy?

  76. Skyrim Assassin says:

    I can tell that Blue Jones is Gavin from him saying Christ.

  77. lanieta vakasevi says:

    2018 anyone

  78. lps ice cream says:


  79. Jake Toth says:

    How bad would it be to not have a brother and lose a brother at the same time?

  80. iloveedge496 says:

    dang it caboose you killed Gavin!!!!!!!

  81. czarnakoza 969 says:

    This fells like a rebot of the series more than mew season

  82. Tranquil Skies says:

    3:52 even Caboose is like wtf when Wash says he needs him xD

  83. Dankboi68 says:

    "Did my dad die again?!"

  84. LadyLugia87 says:

    I love Caboose!!!

  85. Spectrum Studios says:

    Caboose didn’t shoot jones (Gavin Free) in the back he just shot himself……because he is an idiot

  86. Captain Britain says:


  87. Ron F says:

    1:19 Wash should’ve known there was a catch.

  88. Fellgamer says:

    Washington didnt seem to grasp the idea that Caboose might've been a complete idiot.

  89. Matt Motley says:


  90. vico vc says:


  91. Mega 21 says:

    'We keep him in the brig…'
    Clash of clans: Your village is being raided by jhoanas

  92. AutoApsilite 28 says:

    Caboose's IQ is on Paris with Mendicant Bias and his combat skill is on Paris with Master Chief. Caboose is like a God, to bad he was born a mortal human.

  93. Santiago Ramirez Diaz says:

    It’s pronounced Huares

  94. Jacob Jerue says:

    gotta be honest. Haven't subscribed until now. And simply because caboose said it looked nice. And i trust caboose

  95. Mick Resistor says:

    Shut up Jo-ennis.

  96. Danosauruscreck says:

    I rock the same helmet as caboose

  97. Kysterable says:


  98. Nightcoremoon says:

    i love when jack tells gavin to shut up

  99. Soul Seeker says:

    Is anyone else happy to see Caboose again? I missed his stupid cute self 😊

  100. Wthishapping Teen says:


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