Season 15, Episode 14 – True Colors | Red vs. Blue
Season 15, Episode 14 – True Colors | Red vs. Blue

Caboose: Yeah, so I was in the middle of a story and then our ship crashed and Washington said we were marooned, but everyone looked like their normal colors to me, so I think he probably just had a concussion. Loco(Offscreen): Woah, this story is so awesome. Caboose: Yeah, and then I found Freckles. Did you find any double-a batteries? Loco: I asked, sorry, no luck. Then what happened on singing planet? Caboose: Well, then these pirates showed up – Loco (Offscreen): Pirates? No way! Did they have a lot of peg-legs? Caboose: No, but one had a shark for a face Loco: This is the best story in the history of stories. Why were the pirates there? Caboose: I’m pretty sure there were there after Tucker’s family jewels. Cause, you know he’s always talking about how valuable they are and how everyone badly wants them, so it makes sense. Loco: They didn’t get them though, right? I hope there’s a happy ending. Caboose: Yeah, well this company called Shargon Infinity showed up, it made all freckles brothers and sisters like… like, super bitchy. And then, of course Church had to die to save us all. Loco: Your best friend died? Caboose: No, it’s okay, it happens all the time. Loco: That-that-that is the saddest ending ever. Caboose: Yep, that’s why we are all going to rescue him. Loco: Right, you should be able to see your best friend. Maybe I can help. Hmm, what if I could show you a door? Caboose: Ah, you want me to leave now. Loco: No, it’s not a ‘door’ door. It’s a DOOOOR. Doors go to places, but not all doors. This would be a special door. Caboose: Ah, so like a window. Loco: Eh… Caboose: … but with longer. Loco: No, not really. Caboose: Ah! So like a sun roof. Loco: Ehhhh… Loco: No. Caboose: Ah, yes, like a metaphor. Only I can walk through it. Loco: Kind of warm, but that’s not really what I had in mind. Caboose: A metaphor for –
Loco: No. Caboose: That will take me through a journey where I will learn a lesson! Loco: Colder. Caboose: And then there will be a payoff … and everyone will love me! Loco: Yes! That’s it, e-except… not at all. Caboose: Wher-wher-where would it go? Loco: Getting warmer. It’s not about where. See once the Quatum Matrix synchronizes with their nano-quota meters the entire wormhole will resonate backwards. Then, we just need trajectories. Caboose:Ah words. Caboose: Yeah, you’re pretty smart, aren’t you? Loco: Eh, I just kind of … imagine things and build what I see. Caboose: Ah, so you didn’t go to school for any of this? Loco: No, actually, I was raised by wolves. … in the forest. They were much more into homeschooling. Sarge: Well, that’s a hard question you asked there, my friend. Don’t rightly know what it is. I’m feeling at the moment I suppose… old Sarge: Well, I know I still look like a spring chicken, cluck-cluck. Heh heh heh But, I’m actually more like a rooster who’s lost his teeth. I don’t rightly know how many more chances I have to go out in a heroic blaze of glory. Sarge: You don’t need to remind me. Sarge’s war on gravity, Sarge’s war on whites… It’s all hogwash, Lopez, hogwash I tell ya! But I’m a soldier and soldiers need conflict, orders, a chain of command. Now these Blues and Reds come along and offer me everything. It’s almost too good to be true. Simmons: Yeah, you’re right. I thought I was looking for someone like me, but now I don’t know what to think. You know, maybe friends are like magnets after all. I was so mad at him for so long, but now I don’t know I mostly feel Regret? Like, is he Mc. Skat Kat and I’m Paula Abdul? Sarge: You know, Lopez, that is a fantastic point. An opportunity like this is a rare thing indeed. Like they say don’t go staring a gift horse in the mouth. Or a Trojan horse in the butt. Hopeless odds, sneak attacks, field promotions? This is a dream come true. I know what I have to do and that Is to be a soldier, damn it! YOLO! Donut: How does it make me feel? Well… Sometimes I feel like people barely acknowledge my presence I’m like a fabulous ghost. Tucker: Yo, what the fuck are you Reds doing? We scheduled a secret meeting, and you’re all taking naps? Simmons: Well, Tucker, maybe I was feeling … lazy? Tucker: Are you…. are you ‘Grif-ing’ me right now? Is he ‘Grif-ing’ me right now? Donut: Oh! Now you want to talk to me. Tucker: Okay, guys listen up. Now, I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I’ve put a lot of thought into our current situation And I’ve come to the conclusion that something weird might be going on around here Doc: Really? I don’t know everything seems perfectly normal to me. Tucker: If everything’s normal, then where the heck are Carolina and Wash? Simmons: Huh, Gene said they went out this morning to buy shoelaces. And there was a really long pause before he finally said ‘shoelaces’. – And we’re wearing boots. Tucker: That’s suspicious. Simmons: Well, I definitely don’t trust that Gene guy. Anyone who’s acting that squeaky clean must have some deep dark secrets. Tucker: Dylan was the only one looking into this, and I haven’t seen her since. Donut: Oh, the reporter? She’s tied up in the basement. Tucker: She’s WHAT!? Donut: She’s tied up. I saw her while Cronut was showing me his fur-suits. Simmons: Wait, are you serious? Why the hell didn’t you say something sooner? Donut: I didn’t know you cared! See, Cronut’s more of a fox, while I’m naturally a wolf. Tucker: Not the fur-suits, Donut. The reporter! Donut: Who knows what she’s into? I’m not a kink-shamer. Doc: Don’t worry about her. Heard she and Jax are just remaking Pulp Fiction. That’s all. Tucker: Hmm, what about you, Caboose? You’re spending all your time with Loco. Any idea what the heck he’s building? Caboose: Um, it’s a door and a laser. Y’know, sometimes he starts explaining it but then he starts laughing, and keeps laughing, and *Evil laughter* Y’know, it’s a metaphor. Tucker: That is suspicious as fuck. Doc: But guys – Tucker: No! That’s the last straw. I hate to even suggest this, but it’s time we found out if the Blues and Reds are actually bad guys. Simmons: But how? Tucker: Subtlety, my dear Simmons. Simmons: Not exactly our specialty, is it? Tucker: Watch and learn. Are you bad guys? Temple: Well that’s all a matter of perspective, isn’t it Tucker? Tucker: Ha, gotcha! That’s exactly the kind of thing bad guys say! Oh, holy shit. You’re really bad guys, aren’t you? Temple: No. What we’re doing is right, Tucker. I thought you would see that by now. We are simply planning revenge on those who used us, those who turned us into training dummies for super soldier target practice! Simmons: Project Freelancer. Tucker: We already dealt with them, if you didn’t get the memo. Temple: No. You’re wrong about that. Everyone in this room was drafted or volunteered to fight for the UNSC. They sold us to Project Freelancer like cattle, they used us, they destroyed our lives, and they haven’t been made to pay for what they’ve done. Don’t you give a shit about that? Simmons: Eh. Water under the bridge. Sarge: Men, don’t you see this for what it is? It’s an opportunity to fight a war we can’t possibly win! It’s everything we’ve always wanted! Tucker: Is it a pair of Scandinavian twin sisters in a waterbed? Cause otherwise no it ain’t. Buckey: Boom chicka wow-Tucker: Shut up! Listen temple, you obviously love the sound of your own voice So why don’t you use it to tell us where the fuck our friends are? Temple: You all have such an interesting choice of friends, don’t you. Your freelancer buddies are killers And we’re dealing with them appropriately – for our own safety. Tucker: Oh, you backstabbing son of a bitch! Temple: Backstabbing? Take a look in the mirror! Your teams were used and beat up by Freelancers, same as us, And you make friends with them! Your teams were used and sold by the UNSC same as us, and you posed for their fucking photo ops! You’re the traitors, you’re the villains, you fucking cockbites. Temple: Shut the fuck up, and prepare to eat sword! Loco: Hey, why is everyone fighting? I thought we were friends! Temple: Sorry Tucker, but I can’t let you kill me. I still have important business on Earth. Tucker: Don’t give a fuck. I’m going to kill you so hard, you’ll wish you were dead. *Energy sword activates* Temple: Hold your fire. Let’s try the easy way first. Sarge: Simmons, Lopez, for the sake of their own safety I order you to take the Blues under arrest! Simmons: What? Tucker: Stand your ground. We saved Chorus. We shut down Freelancer. We can handle a handful of Sim trooper clowns. Temple: *laughs* You can’t win. We’re stronger than you. Just give in. Tucker: Yeah. You and what army? Temple: So glad you asked. Surge: Reds assemble! Blues deploy! [trumpet] Grunts: Glory! Our day of victory draws near! Surrender now or face our holy vengeance! Simmons: God damn it. Every time we say that they always end up having an army! Tucker: Son of a bitch. Temple: As you can see we haven’t just been tracking down Freelancers. You know your teams, ironically, are the only Reds and Blues left who have yet to join us. You know I truly did admire you all once, so I’ll offer you one final chance. Tucker: The fuck are you doing, Doc? Doc: Give it up, Tucker. Tucker: What? Doc? We’ve been through so much! Doc: We sure have! You guys used me as a bargaining chip in Blood Gulch, before you got bored and cast me out to live in a cave! Then you left me to the mercy of the Meta, then you abandoned me in Valhalla, then you didn’t even notice when I got sucked into another dimension on Chorus, and *O’Malley voice* nearly lost my – sorry something in my throat – nearly lost my mind. Simmons: No way, when did that happen? Doc: My point exactly! You guys treat me like a leper. Just hoping some time in the brig might teach you some manners. Tucker: Fuck it. I don’t need any of you. Simmons: Drop it, Tucker. Tucker: Ah, goddamnit. I thought you were Simmons again. Simmons: I am Simmons. Drop the gun. Tucker: Caboose? What the fuck? Caboose: Oh, I’m sorry. Is this just something we’re not all doing now? Red grunt: GG everyone, GG. Tucker: You assholes are un-fuckin’-believable. Sarge: Quiet prisoner. Tucker: We fought alongside each other for fucking years. How can you just turn your backs on us like this? Sarge: It’s like Temple said. You’re turning your back on us! We’ve got a war to win, Blue, and until you’re ready to play ball we’re sticking you in the dugout! Only this dugout’s got steel bars, and a toilet in plain view of everyone. Simmons: Yeah, that’s right. Tucker: You, Simmons. You’re the worst of all. Didn’t you hear a word in there? Simmons: I only heard my orders, you dirty Blue. Sarge, to Surge: Did I ever tell you about the time I got recruited to join the ODST? Simmons: Psst. Tucker: Psst yourself. Simmons: No, psst, Tucker, I’m still a good guy I’m just acting bad. Tucker: Wait, really? Simmons: Yeah dude, those people are evil as fuck. I figured our chance of escape would be better if I played along. Tucker: Ohhhhh. Great idea. Caboose: Oh yeah! We’re pretending we’re bad guys until you give us the signal. Simmons, you are so smart. Sarge: Say what now? Surge: What did he say? Simmons: Oh, Caboose! Caboose: Is that the signal? Simmons: Run! Sarge: Where are you guys going? The dugout’s the other way! Tucker: Quick, in here! Dammit, there’s no lock! Caboose: Hooray, we are trapped Tucker: Fuck, dead end. Simmons: Great idea ducking in here! Tucker: We didn’t have a choice, asshole! Sarge: I order you idiots to open this door! Simmons: You don’t get to give orders if you’re on the bad guys side. Sarge: Damn. I didn’t concede to that. Tucker: Ah, we’re screwed! Simmons: Let’s just think about this, Tucker. There’s got to be something we can use. Caboose: Yeah, like if there was only something that happened to be behind all these torpedoes! Simmons: Torpedoes? Holy shit torpedoes! Long range, too – they must be the Base of Defence’s! Tucker: Oh great, so we can blow up the place. That doesn’t exactly improve our situation! Simmons: We need to call for help. Tucker: Who’re we gonna call? The fucking ghostbusters? Caboose: That is a great idea! Who are those people? Simmons: Come on, give me a hand, Tucker. We need to write a note, but I don’t see anything to write on! Caboose: Ooh! Send me. Simmons: You won’t fit! If we remove the warhead, we’ll only have about a basketball’s worth of space in here. Ugh, we’re screwed! Sarge: Freeze! That was the most pathetic excuse for an escape that I’ve ever seen! Simmons, I expected better from you. What the Sam Hill did you do to your robot?

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  1. Talon Fowler says:

    So the sim troopers of Blood Gulch were specifically selected to consist of troops who were most similar to these guys? This just caused eason 14's attempt to fill in plot holes to backfire and cause another plot hole. Donut and Caboose weren't part of the original Blood Gulch crew, but their counterparts were part of the team shown in this episode. The only reason either of them ever ended up at Blood Gulch was because Flowers tripped on that wire, causing VIC to malfunction and replace the list of Freelancer agents who were supposed to arrive with those guys at random.

  2. Ben Johnson says:

    Which on of you idiots threw fursuits into the idea bin?!

  3. Alex The Merc says:

    A rooster who lost his teeth?

    Kind of sounds like * Rooster Teeth* don't you think

  4. Mewost says:

    it’s not a door door it’s a doooooor
    It’s a special door.

  5. Azur volt says:

    Oh my god dounuts a furrie

  6. Iron Bat says:

    Lopez looks like he has a mustache (Everyone does actually)

  7. Jayson Stafford says:

    Likely just for plot reasons but interesting that Lopez choose to stick with Tucker and Caboose when it looked like Sarge, Simmons and Doc had all joined the Blues and Red Army who had confirmed they took down Carolina and Wash (With Donut MIA). Usually Lopez is the cynical/pragmatic one after becoming sick of nobody understanding him, when it comes down to it Lopez has become noble by nature, understanding right from wrong even if he takes pot shots at everyone.

  8. Frankie Browneagle says:

    nice rooster teeth reference sarge

  9. Broken Shah says:

    Loco: Maybe I can help. Hmm. What if I could show you a door?

    Caboose: Ah, you want to leave now.

    Loco: No, its not a "door" door. It's a DOOOOR! Doors go to places, but not all doors. This would be a special door.

    Caboose: Ahhhhh, so like a window.

    Caboose & Loco ftw!


    There back

  11. Emerald Gamer686 says:

    Best therapist ever! Go Lopez!
    He is soooo Griffing me right now

  12. AeonWorm says:

    Not a door door but a doooooorr lol Ahahahahaha

  13. AeonWorm says:

    “Gg everybody gg”- Ahahahahaha Ahahahahaha lol Ahahahahaha

  14. i have water says:

    "Like a rooster, who lost its teeth"
    Self Aware Sarge

  15. WOLF_STREAM says:

    Hmmmmm a rooster that lost its teeth

    Rooster lost its teeth

    Rooster lost teeth

    Rooster teeth

    Rooster tooth…
    Or teeth

  16. eBlack TV says:

    "That is suspicious as fuck!!" lol….

  17. Ryan Fink says:

    I took a "What Red vs Blue Character are you" I got Caboose, CABOOSE

  18. FBZitachi uchiha4life says:

    Them some smart ass wolves how they know what home schooling is….wait how they know bout school
    Yes this a joke u looked over it

  19. Adnama Fett says:

    Fuck dude I like this arc

  20. Commander Q Blue Leader says:

    Awesome Working

  21. 501st Legion says:


  22. Dragon Lord5435 says:

    i'm like a ROOSTER who lost his TEETH

  23. Dragon Lord5435 says:


  24. Dragon Lord5435 says:

    i feel for you doc… thet sounded weerd

  25. Waffo Will says:

    we just ignoring the fact that donut and cronut are furries?

  26. Josh G says:


  27. David Rhoades says:

    Who else loves cabuse

  28. Max Strader says:

    "then this company called Shargon infinity showed up and made all of freckles' brothers and sisters like, like super bitchy"

  29. Bowen Orcutt says:

    0:33 All right, say what you will about the rest of them but I'm starting to like this guy.

    Edit: 1:08 Buuuut, he doesn't seem to know about season 10…

  30. SteroMadns says:

    Sarge used to be ODST that pretty kewl

  31. AlejoConejo2209 says:

    It makes so much sense now that Chrovos was manipulating Loco the whole time! RvB is f*ckin awesome!

  32. devo342 says:

    So Sarge and Doc are now forever going to be the people who helped a bunch of assholes who want to murder their friends and god knows how many other people.

  33. Power Ranger Nerd says:

    "I'm actually more like a rooster, who's lost his teeth."

    Hey, ROOSTER TEETH inside joke!

  34. Skitgrurd Battlestompah says:

    You know some times he starts laughing and HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA you know it’s a metaphor

  35. sum dood says:

    I haven’t heard caboose swear before

  36. NovaBearBear says:

    10:06 Doc, O'Malley is showing.

  37. Bindii Kye says:

    11:52 HOORAY we are trapped!

  38. ELECTRO HALO8 says:

    a rooster who lost his teeth
    RT srsly you made a Easter egg about your self

  39. Prime OGgaming says:

    Don't remember caboose cussing before WTH? 0:56

  40. Ivan Chavez says:

    How is it the Spanish-speaking robot with the bad accent is the closing thing to the voice of sanity among these trigger-happy mental cases?

  41. Stupid Cringy Um Guy says:

    Loco is super smart, and caboose is super strong. Oh

  42. Jackie says:

    wait, in this case either biff is another ai fragment in a bot or temple is supposed to be what private jimmy would turn out to be right…

  43. Jaxon says:

    Two Cabooses talking to each other hurts my head

  44. BlackPantherFTW says:

    All we need to complete this season 3 reboot is future church freeing griff and past church from a prison cell


    NICE SARGE 2:50

  46. Irish Gamer says:

    Donut and cronut are furries!

  47. Kaitlin Schindler says:

    "your best friend died?"
    "It's ok it happens all the time"

  48. Rober Scott says:

    I'm shook CABOOSE NEVER SWEARS!!!!😱😱😱😱😱

  49. Lando 530 says:

    I think the door thing at the beginning of the episode is a reference to “Caboose’s Guide to Making Friends” in Season 14. Which is pretty cool.

  50. Theristai says:

    I live as few men dare to dream

  51. Belial Iscariot says:

    When caboose says "Sharon Infinite" does he mean Charon industries?

  52. Ryan Lowry says:

    Cronut is a furry

  53. Ryan Lowry says:

    Oh son of a bitch not these guys

  54. Gustavo says:

    Coloquem legendas em português por favor.

  55. Lil adolf Hitler says:

    0:58 first time caboose haze ever cussed

  56. Alphawolf 655 says:

    Poor Lopez can’t get a break

  57. Tucker0603 says:

    I JUST REALIZED LOCO IS BASICALLY AN ORK FROM WARHAMMER 40K. He believes what he makes will work and so it does.

  58. Beefy Milliman says:


  59. SentientVirus. exe says:

    oh great, i was beginning to miss the red and blue flag zealots

  60. Madeline Carragher says:

    Lopez. Just Lopez.

  61. SirCheeseEater! says:

    Did Caboose Say Super Bitchy?

  62. Ender daedric of darkness and death says:

    Stop torturing the Mexicans

  63. brusier says:

    GG everyone GG

  64. Hunter Comstock says:

    13:12 had me laughing my ass off when I first saw it

  65. Gustavo says:

    Legendas em português por favor.

  66. Melodicsiren says:

    Temple needed to watch Recovery One; the Freelancers were used too and it was fucking heartbreaking

  67. Bq N says:

    Is it just me or is it when caboose was telling the story he said super bitchy? is it just me or is that the first time I’ve ever heard him say curse words?

  68. xDrowzee v3x says:

    I side with temple here the freelancers deserve it.
    Not wash but Carolina

  69. Devastator 21 says:

    I wish that loco and church came back church when the wormhole opened and loco to be saved or just somehow survived

  70. Xander Games says:

    I can see Docs decision. He's really only been used.

  71. Maddox Brignac says:

    I love caboose so much! He’s my favorite character for sure!

  72. XC2D says:

    i just realized loco's the Brains and Caboose is the brawn

  73. shadow vlogs says:


  74. Korota Kannada says:

    They are Evil as FUCK

  75. Atlas says:

    0:57 CABOOSE YOU I-I


  76. Jacob DeArman says:

    "Are you-are you grifing me right now?"
    "Is he grifing me right now?"

  77. ellow maboiii says:

    Caboose imitating an evil laugh is the cutest thing I never knew i wanted

  78. S1nner says:

    Did Caboose just… 0:50

  79. Pysocal says:

    This was best episode this season don't @ me

  80. Dankboi68 says:

    Oh no! Don't trust the Blues and Reds! One of them is a furfag!

  81. Ya boi Kid says:

    I don’t get why temple is all worked up about how his military “sold” him and his teammates to project freelancer. When you go into the military you are owned by them and the government so they can do what they please you just have to follow their orders

  82. JMONK 279 says:

    I think everyone is ignoring the fact that Caboose said "bitchy"

  83. Xy 999 says:

    Loco Got Raised by Wolves


  84. Jaden Pham says:

    Why don't they just Change Lopez's language to English

  85. Mickey Brisngr says:

    Who here is rewatching this after season 17? if so… Who here wants to put a bullet through doc's head in this season, and make sure donut STAYS dead? I mean what in the actual hell?! (season 7-8) They were gone for MORE THAN a DAY, by the time doc got back to Valhalla, it should've been too late to even put a bandaid on Donut!

  86. Mickey Brisngr says:

    Nvm… we NEED to put down sarge

  87. Soul Seeker says:

    Caboose said a swear word! My little boy is all grown up!

  88. kid Lifted says:


  89. Creed Knight 117 says:


  90. Lion O Cyborg says:

    "We're the Psycho Troopers! We're faster than you, smarter than you, STRONGER than you. But we're EVIL!

    Temple! Psycho Tucker! Loco! Surge! Gene! Cronin! Lorenzo!
    Now we'll show you what a Psycho Trooper can do!"

  91. Mr Memes says:

    Wait… Sarge is the father of rooster teeth?!

  92. Brady P. says:

    “A rooster that lost its teeth” wow nice one rooster teeth

  93. The Doomslayer says:

    13:13 "SHHHHIIIIITTT!"

  94. Glitched Blox says:

    Lopez epic.

  95. Rodison Chuukese says:


  96. grande explosão says:

    Eu sou o único BR? kkkkkk

  97. Luigi/MR L Gaming says:

    Temple they were used too but the reds and blues fucking handled it

  98. nMz Alpha Ryrogamer ツ says:

    9:09 You and what army?

  99. Cylasbreakdown says:

    You know, they really don’t treat Lopez any better than Doc.

  100. Kaizer 913 says:

    GG? You guys didn't even shoot anybody you noob

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