Season 15, Episode 13 – Blue vs. Red – Part 2 | Red vs. Blue
Season 15, Episode 13 – Blue vs. Red – Part 2 | Red vs. Blue

Director: At ease, Carolina. You’ve performed well recently. Carolina: I can do better. Just give me another chance. I promise you won’t need to call in Te- Director: We don’t always get what we want out of life. However, in this instance, I am prepared to oblige your request. Carolina: Thank you, sir. Ready for mission briefing. Director: You will lead a team of inexperienced soldiers in a game of… Carolina: A game? Are you kidding? Director: This isn’t about the game! It’s about those you’ll be working with. In war, one is not always so fortunate as to choose their allies. It will also act as a field test for several pieces of prototype technology. Carolina: With all due respect, I doubt I’ll ever be fighting war alongside Red and Blue idiots, sir. Director: That is your final interruption! You will command your team against another agent’s soldiers. The game, if you’re curious.. …is my personal favorite. Capture the Flag. Carolina: Who’s the other agent? Pilot: I’m counting on you Carolina. Carolina: Is that so? 479er: Oh, hell yeah. It’s good action on this fight. Even Good Guy Wash put a bet down. What’s my over-under? 479er: 4 – 1. Carolina: Not too shabby. 479er: Ah. No, that’s four to one against. No offense. That woman is a killing machine! You remember what she did to York, Wyoming and Maine. Don’t worry though. I got your back. Thanks for the vote of confidence. What can I say? Always a sucker for Blue Team. You what!? Temple: We dug a hole in the ground and then we put the flag in it. And then we covered the hole. That last part was my idea. Carolina: What possessed you to do something so stupid? Buckey: What’s the big deal? We done good. We need both flags to win the game, you moron! Where is it? Where did you bury it? Oh, We have no idea. What?! That’s why we made a map? Where’s the map? Oh, we have no idea. You lost the map…. It’s more like we just forgot where we put the map. Loco: It’s okay. I made a new flag. This one’s even better! I like to make things. Hey, speaking of forgetting, I don’t remember ever calling command for a Freelancer. Stow it. We’re going loud in 5… What do you think she means by loud? Well done or medium? Stop yelling! And it’s not a steak, you moron. It’s a maneuver. Carolina: You two… Bucky: My name is… I don’t fucking care! Tweedledee and Tweedledum, lay down suppressive fire. I can’t. I left the matches back at base. Temple: Jeez careful, you’re gonna hit someone. Carolina: Shut up! You! Over there! Are you with us or them? Doc: Sorry, ma’am. I’m neither Red nor Blue. I’m simply observing and administering first aid should the need – Temple: Incoming!!!!! What is it? It kinda looks like a puma to me? Ow! Hey! Let’s try one syllable orders this time… Charge!!!!! Retreat!!! Oh, forget ’em!!! Biff: Oh no, fuck this! Well, if it isn’t the great state herself. I was wondering where you were hiding. Hand over the flag and I promise I’ll try not to do any permanent damage. Tex (Male Voice Box): Shut up and fight! Nice voice box Optimus. You get that in a crackerjack box? Biff: Holy mother of awesome, look at them. (Bucky) Yo, Reds are we still fighting or…… holy shit? Surge: Alright men, new plan! Let those two pummel each other to death. Temple: The only thing that would make this better is some music. Biff: Oh, I got it. I just upgraded the basic sound system. Okay Shelly, play ‘action mix’. *Action Mix* Buckey: Too slow. Okay Shelly, play something faster! *Faster Action Mix* Biff: Yeah, yeah, personally not my taste. (Loco) I think it’s neat! Surge: Let’s try something old-school. Okay Shelly, play some Springsteen! *Some Springsteen* Carolina: Will you assholes knock it off!? Loco: Okay Shelly, shuffle!!! *Harry Potter Audio Book* Carolina: End of the line. Biff: Alright, this is it. You ready? Temple: I-I don’t know if this is such a good idea, man. Biff: Come on Mark, this is great. We’ll get those Freelancer chicks to notice, they’ll put it in the report. It’s the only way. Temple: Dude, are you sure? I’m a terrible shot! Biff: Come on dude, hurry! I can’t do it. Look, you’re just gonna have to sort out your tour like the rest of us. Biff: Mark, you know how I said I saw Georgina when I was on shore leave? Temple: Yeah. (Biff) Well she’s expecting, man! Temple: Expecting what? (Biff) Biff Jr. (Temple) Aw, are you serious? Biff: Yeah dude, that’s why I need to get out. Gonna be a father and maybe a husband if things go that way – Temple: Jesus, stop it!! Carolina: Get off my flag, bitch! Tex: You want it so bad? You can have it. Temple: No! Medic! Temple: Somebody help me!!!! Carolina: This isn’t about you. Tex: Game over. *Parallels the first episode, huh?* Temple: Hold on buddy. They’ll send help. Biff: …..Going …..home ….. Counselor: Red Team wins. I am concerned, however. Director: Her aggression: make a note of it. Counselor: It’s already done. Director: Good. Send in the retrieval team and then pull the files on those simulation troopers. (Counselor) Sir? (Director) Before today…. (Director) …they were the only team still locked in total stalemate. I want their team compositions noted should we need to recreate a similar scenario. Counselor: Understood, sir. Present Temple: The time has come to kill the masters. The Freelancers to start. But that’s not where this story ends… Jax: Pretty good story, Temple. Now tell me, how would you feel about some constructive feedback? Dylan: Jax, shut up!! Jax: I mean, I’m just gonna be honest with you. This whole “pregnant girlfriend, about to retire” thing is about as cliche as it gets. I mean, what if instead? He’s your twin – *Jax attempts Wilhelm scream* Temple: Years later…. The orders stopped coming and we left our gulch looking for answers. We found them in an abandoned Freelancer outpost. We discovered records showing that the very military we had enlisted in sold us like slaves to Project Freelancer. We were pawns in their game. But the thing that I love about chess is that sometimes….. Pawns kill kings…….

100 thoughts on “Season 15, Episode 13 – Blue vs. Red – Part 2 | Red vs. Blue”

  1. Lol no says:

    Oh hey look Doc

  2. Horizon TV says:

    I found the ring song

  3. xRam478 says:

    What songs are titled with the part of action mixes

  4. Willstar 123 says:

    I love this episode. The animation definitely changed from season 13, other than because it's in Halo 5. Good battles

  5. Halo Reach MoNsTerr says:


  6. AssailantLF says:

    Seriously, whoever wrote the English subtitles is fucking awful. The weird format and unnecessary remarks are just awful.

  7. Wolfpack3305 says:

    Oof that was real game of thrones

  8. AutumnOnFire says:

    That's not the Director's voice, unfortunately. Original voice actor was John Marshall Reid. Charlie Campbell is this director.

  9. Kelly Smith says:

    C H A P T E R F O U R T E E N

  10. Belial Iscariot says:

    Lolz Italian instead of Polka music for the Puma.

  11. Belial Iscariot says:

    8:16 like the first episode in the season with the blood.

  12. The Gamegineers says:

    The music thing cracked me up, and the Harry Potter bit made me loss it

  13. SentientVirus. exe says:

    damn, Tex and Carolina really were bitches. kinda made me feel a bit of hate for them both.

  14. Riceyes says:

    The action scenes have gotten so weak in the later seasons.

  15. Elijah Luna says:

    I subscribed

  16. Liam da Lemon! says:

    3:00 "that looks like a puma to me" NEVER GETS OLD!!!

  17. J Strength says:

    Kinda sucks there’s no cannon explanation for why the armor is different if this is supposed to be in the past

  18. Hudson Brown says:

    Really Harry potter

  19. Brandon Dye says:

    8:18 Let’s all take a moment and appreciate whoever made the subtitles…

  20. Kosta Sakas says:

    These captions are the best thing to ever happen

  21. Kenyon Gladstone says:

    It’s good to see the pilot still alive

  22. Cyle Labrecque says:

    Everyone, this is important!! To whoever's wants to know the name of the song at "play something fast" its Walk Away- Divyded

  23. deqnq says:

    It's kinda weird hearing RvB characters referring Carolina and Tex as "freelancer chicks"

  24. cecilia bautista says:

    You should put this song ares villains remix bloc party.😎

  25. James Fitzpatrick says:

    But pawns can’t kill kings though.

  26. Jacob Smith says:

    Can we blame temple for what he wanted to do?

  27. Jack Bievenue says:

    Is there a sountrack for the fight sequence between Agents Texas and Carolina for this episode?

  28. Cade Norris says:

    Now I kinda want Carolina and Tex to pay. It sucked what happened to biff and temple, and it’ll be nice to view them as the protagonist for once.

  29. thegreat engineer says:

    3:16 YAD YEEET

  30. Mark Kendal says:

    Is it weird for me to ask if they know the song at 5:18, when I’m pretty sure RT just made for the exact amount of time it gets?

  31. Logan says:

    Dude lorenzo got yeeted out of that warthog

  32. Joseph Creed says:

    4:26 holy shit that was savage as hell. 😂😂😂

  33. Atlas says:

    Temple: tries to shoot Jaxx


  34. Roy epic350 says:

    4:39 rvb in a nutshell

  35. shadow vlogs says:

    Rip biff

  36. Adi Nair says:

    State of the art MJOLNIR armor vs wooden FLAGPOLE and the flagpole won. Nice

  37. Redstargaming87 TX says:

    That's why their grifwas not there in the prologue

  38. Kate is my name being dead inside is my game says:

    I was expecting biff to die, i just didnt expect it to be that brutal. Jesus christ

  39. Doge the meme Meme says:

    Carolina can really yeet someone

  40. Real Rachet says:

    Fuck the directer

  41. A Random Silhouette says:

    Why wasn't Carolina in her old armor in Temple's story?

  42. Jacob Benavides says:

    I feel soo bad for these guys

  43. Tammy Campbell says:


  44. Jackleman Lantern says:

    Their old fights were better way better

  45. Beric Dondarrion says:

    The sides of the my vi helmets in this sometimes look like they have old timey twisty moustaches and I can’t unsee it

  46. Oh Yeah Yeah says:

    Y does she just randomly change armor

  47. Oh Yeah Yeah says:

    They should have used the season 10 spartan armor cuz this is their new armor

  48. Belial Iscariot says:

    what song is this, the heavier one, until the lyrics actually occurred, it reminded me of The Pixies

  49. Belial Iscariot says:

    6:34 nah tex thats just low.

  50. Ya boi Kid says:

    Aw man that’s a sad story temples best friend man that sucks

  51. COR V3TTE says:

    The directors voice bothers me cause it’s not the same

  52. l like GORE 337 says:

    pretty shit armor

  53. Revenge _HS says:

    thats ki da fucked up

  54. Phoenix 290 says:

    I kinda think Temple is justified, his childhood friend(who was going to be a father I might add) got killed by a couple of freelancers.

  55. Xy 999 says:

    Wait How Come a Wooden Stick can Destroy a Titanium Armor

  56. normandra eady says:


  57. Chaplain Conrad says:

    You know, if my best friend was killed right in front of me, I’d probably go off the deep end too.

  58. MasterJunior93 says:

    What happened to Biff's child? ;~;

  59. That Saxy Nerd says:

    Damn good call back to the first episode with the blood splatter on Temples face

  60. MontageMomentt says:

    Yikes that animation was disgusting, I miss Monty 🙁

  61. Vilmos M. says:

    Temple actually has pretty legitimate reasons to do this.

  62. spinchy boi says:

    Man, I actually understand and even pity Temple. This show's gotten so angsty.

  63. Brady P. says:

    The music speed changed their fight speed and I lost it when they started playing Harry Potter over it

  64. Lillianne Heath says:

    I’m convinced that Temple killed biff and not Carolina. He only told the story then cause Carolina was frozen so like 🤔

  65. Nuka Stick says:

    Wait, where was Doc when Temple called for a medic?

  66. Justin Asmussen says:

    Does anyone know the name of the second song during the fight between Carolina and Tex

  67. werr3222werrr says:

    “It’s happening again” as Carolina watches Tex grab the objective first

  68. Glitched Blox says:

    Biff ded.

  69. Derpy Parrot says:

    Everyone’s talking about the faster song but what about the Harry Potter audiobook

  70. Fries101Reviews says:

    i'm guessing Bif Jr. is Grif & Grif's Sister

  71. RandomstuffYT says:

    This season sucks

  72. Neon Lightz says:

    “Not everyone starts off evil dude.. “

  73. Harry Duplock says:

    5:18 what song is it called

  74. Jacob Seitula says:

    Yeah I will admit that I would have done the same thing to the freelancers if I was in temple's position

  75. . 343 says:

    Wait, in Washingtons debut they state that its standard procedure to destroy everything left behind by project FL so nothing "falls into the wrong hand's" but there are all these abandoned outposts with data-bases and advanced equip lying around, so docking points for lack of continuity AND believeability there. 2nd, sim troopers are specifically chosen for stupidity and gullibility, and are primarily recruited from grunts failing basic training, so unless this is set before that program is put into place, how TF did Temple and Biff get selected as sims?!?

    Other than that, another damn fine episode form RVB. Continues well in the spirit of the Chorus chapter.

  76. sans Ocana says:

    When temple was like "the thing like i about chess…" I thought he was going to talk about how pawns can become stronger pieces

  77. Jacob Schwaller says:

    Optimus prime? 🗿

  78. GamingManiac says:

    I love Temple's character and his story, but he is also evil, but at the same time, POOR GUY.

  79. Jacob Pimentel says:

    What was the rock song

  80. Chance’ogal 1810 says:


    Me, who has already seen this and isn’t sad: Man, Biff Jr? That’s a terrible name. I would hate to have that name.

  81. Salty Lemon Draws says:

    Is nobody going to mention the fact that 1:01 its carolina's old suit is used and then at 1:06 onwards its her new suit HOW COME NOBODY HAS POINTED THIS ANIMATION MISTAKE OUT!?!?!?!? IT SETS PLACE DURING THE TRAINING SO WHY IS HER ARMOR THE NEW VERSION AND NOT THE PROJECT FREELANCER ONE!??!?!?!? I DONT NEED SLEEP I NEED ANSWERS.

  82. Brady P. says:

    I’d put a $50 on caboose over Carolina if he was angry

  83. Rhino And Hippo says:

    Has Anyone Noticed One Of Tex’s Punches Lands Right In Carolina’s Groin?

  84. MASTERHALL117 says:

    This makes me feel bad for temple……. but that still doesn’t makes up for making caboose sad

  85. Peaceful Sandwich says:

    In this very one episode
    I wanted tex and Carolina to die

  86. Ray Davis says:

    i kinda cried when biff died his death was so horrible
    i hope they say like he didn´t die they got doc on time and right now his at home with his family

  87. Luigi/MR L Gaming says:


  88. ThatOther Duckio says:

    Dammit. I liked Biff.

  89. ICY 2 Legend27 says:

    I like the music

  90. Nehemiah Hires says:

    Harry Potter 😂

  91. Văn Tung Đỗ says:

    Biff "Going home"🤕🤕🤢🤢

  92. Mahonilai Havili says:

    Agent Carolina deserves to die

  93. Xander Games says:

    While some could feel bad for Temple, there are some stupid things he's done because of Bif's death:
    He killed innocent people who had nothing to do with the UNSC selling the simulation troopers
    He killed multiple freelancers who had nothing to do with the bad things that were done in project freelancer
    He rubbed in the wound about Church's death
    He spat on so many deaths
    He acted all high and mighty in the start, but when defeated, he was a total wuss.

    He's been through a lot but also did a lot. He killed innocent people because of one friend.

  94. Blade Master says:

    Everyone’s saying they feel bad for Temple, but has no one realized that the Director sounds flipin’ *DIFFERENT*!?

    Also, Biff loaded his BR wrong…

  95. No Name says:

    The Harry Potter audio is hilarious, but I got chills when it went, "'It's him!' he said. It's happening again!" when Carolina watched Tex go for the flag (go for the win, once again)

  96. No Name says:

    "This isn't about you!"

  97. Maionyse says:

    The fight between tex and Carolina was more boring than Carolina vs Felix when she was trying to get beaten up

  98. Lucas Cardillo says:

    That’s sad Biff was going to be a father but died and Mark had to watch his friend die

  99. Lucas Cardillo says:

    I hate Carolina now she killed Biff and made Mark watch >:(

  100. BladeCrossEXE says:

    Okay, I call shenanigans. No matter how strong Tex is, the flag was a blunt wooden pole. After being deflected like that, there's no way it could pierce his armor.

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