Scientists Just Looked Inside a ‘Quantum Matter Fireball’, This Is What They Found
Scientists Just Looked Inside a ‘Quantum Matter Fireball’, This Is What They Found

It’s getting hot in HADES… hot enough to create and analyze a fireball of quantum matter. And by HADES, I of course mean the High Acceptance DiElectron Spectrometer. This research facility doesn’t just have a super cool name, the science it does is out of this world, too. HADES is an internationally collaborative piece of equipment located in Germany, used by scientists all over the world to study matter as it might exist in some of the most intense events in the cosmos, like the merging of neutron stars. But…how? Well, many other colliders around the world smash atoms of different elements together at nearly the speed of light. These kinds of experiments can let us take a closer look at the component parts of atoms, including their quarks. And quarks are the elementary particles inside protons and neutrons. Extremely dense states of matter made up of free quarks and gluons are called quantum chromodynamics matter, which is matter governed by a theory called, appropriately, quantum chromodynamics, or QCD. Scientists sometimes just call these states ‘quark matter’, though, kinda like dark matter, which I think is really hilarious, and physicists think QCD matter, specifically quark-gluon plasma, is what the universe was made of right after the big bang, so states of matter like this require some pretty extreme conditions to exist. See, we know that quarks are held together by the strong nuclear force, also known as just ‘the strong force’, and QCD is the theory that describes how the strong force works on these fundamental particles. But the theory is so complicated that we can’t actually use the math to predict how this matter will behave at extreme temperatures and densities. As you can imagine, the behavior of quarks in the quark matter has been pretty hard to even create in a collider, much less observe in any great detail. But HADES just got us one step closer. So the HADES team decided to leave the equations on the page and pursue some answers with a physical experiment instead. The team smashed gold atoms into a gold target at nearly the speed of light, creating a fireball of quark matter. After its initial creation, the fireball starts to shed particles called rho mesons, which are made of a quark and an antiquark. These rho mesons decay into ‘virtual’ photons (which is the coolest name ever), which then further decay into electron-positron pairs. By using HADES to measure the electron-positron pairs left at the end of the experiment, the researchers gained brand new understanding into the behavior of the quark matter fireball itself. Their measurements indicated that the quark matter fireball could reach temperatures of 800 billion degrees Celsius, so y’know. Pretty freakin’ hot. The material also reaches a density that’s pretty much what you would get if you crammed New York City into a sugar cube. At these extreme conditions, this kind of quark matter doesn’t break up into free-floating quarks, like in that other phase of exotic matter called quark-gluon plasma. Instead the quarks bunch up into clusters, forming grape-like bunches of six to nine quarks. This is the first experiment to measure what the behavior and state of quark matter would be in an interaction like a neutron star collision. And this is important because events like a neutron star collision are a place in the universe where there’s an imbalance of matter: it’s mostly matter and very little antimatter, and our calculations start to fall apart in scenarios like this. We don’t have the math, or previously, the experimental conditions to study it. But many questions still remain, and the HADES team is thinking about what’s next. They’re planning an experiment on a new facility starting in 2025, where they can study matter under even higher temperatures and densities. Experiments like this literally take the incredibly extreme conditions that are only found inside of stellar events and replicate them here on Earth. How cool is that?! And in doing so, we’re learning more not only about the way all that cool stuff out in our universe works, but we’re also probing deeper than ever before into the behavior of the most fundamental building blocks of reality. If you want more on particle physics discoveries, check out this video here. Make sure you subscribe to Seeker for all your particle smashing news, and if you have another breakthrough you want us to cover, let us know in the comments down below. Thanks so much for watching, and we’ll see you next time.

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    Can't these densities transform matter in a black hole?

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    I dont know man I just dont like her. 😕She doesnt stick.

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    All your videos are just click baits and time-wasting. All of them just end with the same answer: "We can't/ don't know what to predict."

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    The world going out on a quantum fireball because of proyect H.A.D.E.S sounds like a plot for a movie

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    First we saw a leaf, then a collection of atoms, then protons, neutrons and electrons and now we see quarks. Is there a limit to this hierarchy or do you think its infinite?

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    Maren is one beautiful curvaceous woman 🙂
    Great video, interesting experiment I'm interested to see how far we can observe conditions like this to possible safely recreate these into even bigger and better systems.

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    She can teach me anything!… Wish my school teachers were as sexy as her…😍

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    We need to weaponize this.

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    Do they run the experiments in a vacuum? If not are the particles reacting with the atmosphere of the experiment area?

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    Where is the new HADES facility?

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    so does this confirm proton decay?????????????

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    Physicist: Hades
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    Doubt it….but hey…scientist gotta convince you they gotta science. I like the part when she explains what theoretically happens but they are going to set up an experiment to see what actually does happens if it's detectable. Basically they don't know…but believe they may or may not have the ability to measure what they do or do not expect to occur. Best of luck…. don't blow up the planet. Thanks.

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    I don't believe evolution

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    Is there a higher limit for temperature? Does anyone know?

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    Ha! You're almost there! Dark matter is the strong force/the weak force. But you don't even know it!

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    Background looks really pretty mam 🤣🤣

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    We are so close to proving that “nothing” exists and “everything” doesn’t exist. Or visa versa. Lol

  39. Jonathan Ryals says:

    We know nothing about the evolution of the universe. As a species trying to collectively understand things in general, scientifically speaking we are still in the observation phase. Any hypothesis about it's unified theory is necessarily flawed. Imagine a blind man holding the tail of an elephant in one hand and a snake in the other and thinking they are essentially the same thing.

    Not to say the observation isn't the most important aspect of humanity, just I think we need to be cognizant of the underpinnings of our solutions. If everyone is striving for a big personal discovery it seems like a lot more false ideas are going to be presented, each with its own biased proponents.

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    They really named a portal to the quantum underworld after the guardian of the underworld…might as well name the next one CTHULU

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    Maren, do you think that quantum physics simulations will preclude the further use of such expensive equipment? Given how quantum computers work, in about 30 years they should be able to simulate practically any quantum interaction, within a certain level of complexity that doesn't exceed the amount of qubits of course. They have already done random interactions to make numbers so random that classical computers can't perform them.

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  46. Jamie E says:

    And all this waste of money is going to help humanity how?! Not a fkn bit! All it does is raise more questions for these morons to chase the answers to. Just an endless circle of speculative horsesh#t!

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    At the end, I was expecting the sentence "…most fundamental blocks of…" to end with " …space-time". But then realized this is not the PBS Space Time channel 🙂 (which is highly recommended for those who liked this video.)

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    They'd better be careful. Smashing all these atoms together and creating quark fireballs… Someone may end up accidentally creating a miniature black hole that quickly swallows up our planet.

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    Quantum Matter Fireball is like an attack name in an anime

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    Theoretical physics has not made significant progress after 40 years of spending more money than God on smashing particle together and measuring them deep underground were even mushrooms won't grow. They are joining the long list of failures including String Theory, which is wildly popular, but has never produced anything practical in over 40 years. Thankfully, AI are already making discoveries in physics that are humanly impossible, because there's no intelligent life around here. Only a geek would celebrate their enormously expensive failures.

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    So was the Big Bang the inconceivably dense collection of all current matter or was it a simple instance of of an inconceivably powerful instance of annihilation of virtual electrons/photon/positrons or more likely, other virtual particle/antiparticle pairs that existed in the Planck second before the Big Bang and the expansion of "empty space"caused all the particles that we can detect and surmise currently condense out of that 800 BILLION degree environment ?

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