Saving Energy with Solar Power : Using Golf Cart Batteries to Save Energy
Saving Energy with Solar Power : Using Golf Cart Batteries to Save Energy

We are down here in our basement. It’s not
very comfortable but we need the space because here, what you see there, is our golf car
batteries. You can use different kind of batteries. There are much more sophisticated ones, but
they are much more expensive so we choose just to get golf car batteries. Some of them
are even recycled from someone who didn’t need it any more. One of these batteries is
about fifty-five dollars. Why do we use golf car batteries? A golf car battery is a deep
cycle battery. That means it can store a lot of energy but it’s not able to give it away
in a short moment. In a car you have a battery that needs full power when you turn around
your key. In a golf car battery you want to have a battery that you can drive for a long
time. The same idea we have here because we want to store the electricity we get for as
long as possible because we never know when the sun is shining or when the wind is blowing.
That’s kind of a huge storage and the more batteries you have the more storage you have.

20 thoughts on “Saving Energy with Solar Power : Using Golf Cart Batteries to Save Energy”

  1. Gary Dotson says:

    solar and wind power is the future, at least it should be.

    Also, I think it is a good idea to restrict people to drive only golf carts when they only are commuting within city limits to reduce gasoline consumption. It would be more efficient.

  2. untoldmedia says:

    "You don't know when the sun is shining" – You so do, daily, in the day.

  3. MurphyNH says:

    no offense, but you don't know what you're talking about. Golf carts simply don't have the range. Most commuters commute long distance and a lot of cities in the united states simply don't have good mass transit systems because of the stranglehold detroit's had on our transportation system since the early 20th century. Hell Los Angeles had a great one until the big three pooled together and dismantled it. Who Framed Roger Rabbit was allegorical, whodathunkit?

  4. BobBy WalKer says:

    between wet battery rechargerable and dry battery rechargeable witch one battery is last longer use?

  5. William Coyle says:

    this old man has as much intelligence as my nut sack.

  6. Stephen Underwood says:

    way to be disrespectful stupid kid

  7. Stephen Underwood says:

    what if ur in ur house…napping…or watching tv…or its cloudy out..point being the batteries are there in case the sun is not out

  8. Stephen Underwood says:

    what if im from the country and all i have is a truck….then i want to visit the city…is there a cart rental place ? and why should i spend money on a cart just to drive in the city? and what if im buying a lot of stuff or big stuff that cant fit in my cart?

  9. Amberjack Solar says:

    Thank you for sharing this video. It is pretty informative.

  10. 1806StoneHouse says:

    thank you ! you explained that very well!!!

  11. bosshogindog says:

    the sun shines in the day!

  12. FPSFalcon says:

    @bosshogindog Really! I was not aware.

  13. Indra Firmansyah says:

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  16. Shantay Prueeissen says:

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  19. Dennis Harold says:

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  20. evo marty says:

    Just came upon your site, in that I'm thinking of changing out my Motorhome batteries as well. I've got 4 golf cart 6V batteries, thinking of going with AGM this time. Wondering if I should add two more ( ) as I have a residential fridge that tends to pull out many Ah's from my system. I'm new to this lifestyle, so a ton to learn…nothing for wifi or cell boosting yet, so as I say, lots to learn.

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