Sandra Bullock & Blake Shelton Play ‘5 Second Rule’
Sandra Bullock & Blake Shelton Play ‘5 Second Rule’

Sorry, I’m talking
to Blake Shelton. I know, I know. Oh, OK. We’re back with Sandra
Bullock and Blake Shelton. And you’re chatting
with each other. And do you know each other? Have you all met? She says we– Once. On the Jay Leno show. Well, that’s not really meeting. We just sort of sat
next to each other. Right, well, then
that was a while ago. It was Jay Leno, so– It was. So you don’t remember here– There’s no reason for
us to be friendly, because this is a competition
right now, Sandra. [LAUGHTER] OK? Don’t try, don’t
try to talk about– Bring it, bring it, bring it. About how we were old
friends on the Jay Leno Show. Wow she’s stretching. I’m ready to bring it on. She’s stretching,
and she’s ready. Are you waving? What is she doing? All right. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] All right. [INAUDIBLE] All right. Got it, touched my toe. All right. Touched my toe. All right. Here we go. [INTERPOSING VOICES] You’re going to air this? Here we go. We’re going to air
most of it, yes. I’m not good at these. All right, we’re going to
play the five-second rule. [MUSIC PLAYING] [LYRICS] If I could turn back
time, if I could find a way. I’d take back those words that– Yes, Cher played this
game on the show. Did you use– was
that the theme song? Stop talking. Let’s play, I’m nervous. Come on, stop talking. Let’s do it. [INAUDIBLE] We’ve always used that song. And then she happened to be– OK, name three things in
five seconds, then hit that. And this will stop the clock. So make sure you hit it
after you say three things. OK– Sandra? Yeah. Name three things you watch on
TV after the kids go to bed? Porn, cartoons,
and cooking shows. [BELL RINGING] [APPLAUSE] That’s a good opener. Good. Wow. Good. Goodness gracious Please don’t air this
when my kids can see it. [LAUGHTER] Did she– do you watch
it on the internet? Porn on the internet, or you
to watch it on TV, like the– Old school TV? Never mind. Doesn’t– All right. Blake, name three
things you do with Gwen after the kids go to bed. Oh, my God. Watch porn, cooking
shows, and Instagram. [BUZZER] OK, that’s good. All right, great. Well, it seems like
if either of you lose you significant other– How similar we are. Yeah, you can be together. You can’t do that every time. All right. We can’t do that every time. You can’t do that every time. You can do whatever you want. Yeah. Sandra. Yes. Name three things you want to
find under the Christmas tree. Cash, a Porsche, and porn. [BELL] [LAUGHTER] Good. This is– this is so immature. This is very immature. Don’t stoop– don’t
stoop to her level. I won’t. I won’t. Blake, name three things
you put on a Christmas tree. Ornaments, lights,
and candy canes. [BELL] Oh, with 2.6 seconds. All right. Sandra, name three
judges on The Voice. Oh, my God. Blake Shelton, Adam
Levine, and Kelly Clarkson. OK. Blake, name three of your
favorite Sandra Bullock movies. The Blind Side,
Speed, and Speed 2. Oh. Were you in Speed 2? Oh, no. You weren’t? Dang it. There was. But you can’t say that. You were in Speed 2. I was. That’s my favorite. It can’t be. That’s my third favorite. It can’t be, I can’t be. Oh, God. It can’t be. You pulled that out of your– Sandra? Yeah, yeah. Sandra, name three things
your kids make fun of you for. Just me in general, my
laugh, and my intellect. Intellect, Your kids are
judging your intellect. They are. Wow. Intellect. Name three things Gwen
makes fun of you for. My hair, my socks, and the
same shirt I wear every day. Wait, no, hold on. What? He touched it while
he was answering. It doesn’t matter. He’s still won. It doesn’t matter? Yeah. Sandra? I want to win. Oh, my God. I know. Sandra, name three
terms for hooking up. Netflix and chill,
banging, and– Banging? Doing it. I don’t know. Ha, ha. I’ve got a chance. I’m back. I thought she said doing it too. Have you? I was panicked. You want to do it too. I said it when I was panicked. I said doing it harm. [LAUGHTER] I don’t know why. That came out of my mouth. Doing it. Yeah. Doing it hard. Do it. OK. Yeah, yeah. Doing it. [LAUGHTER] Blake, name three excuses to
get out of a speeding ticket. Uh, cry, and I was going
to the hospital, and– [BUZZER] Oh, no, you didn’t make it. [BELL RINGING] Oh. I feel like it goes faster
when it’s on me than when Sandra is talking. No, no. It’s like you’re leaning the
game– you want her to win. No. Everyone here is going home with
a five-second rule board game. Yeah. [APPLAUSE]

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    Is it just me or does Ellen seem a bit off today. Like she is angry or sad ☹️. I still love you Ellen. 👍

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  3. Lucy Avarda says:

    Made me laugh so hard when asked "are you in the film" Sandra replies yes and he enthusiastically says "that's my favourite film"

  4. Pauly Lobnan says:

    You can judge, when you get your own show!

  5. essie blessed says:

    Sandra came to win

  6. DearMakeUpDiary says:

    What was wrong with Ellen today? Did she need to rush home or something? Diarrhea? Hemorrhoids? Anyone? 🤢🥴

  7. Whitney Becker says:

    so into each other ha

  8. Lance Lote says:

    Ellen seemed so annoyed in this game….she was not fun at all. Timing problem?? C’mon , it’s Sandra and Break…

  9. Zane Bobbsemple says:

    Hilarious.Ellen is referee.

  10. Kimi Smith says:

    I love Sandra Bullock so much. Lol

  11. MrNikkimaxine says:

    Yes. All this time

  12. Sam Razaq says:

    Wanna meet…see you….please

  13. Miss Bumblebee says:

    Blake need more denim in his outfits.:))

  14. Crystal James says:

    I love Ellen 🙂

  15. GPC90 says:

    Connection alert with these two. ..also wearing practically the same outfits.

  16. Except Good says:

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    sandy rlly ages like fine wine

  18. Ann Cronin says:


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    Blake is so funny ❤

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    Jesse James leaving her for kat von d was a clear mistake and I bet her regrets it

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    Ellen:"shes streching!?!"
    Blake:"Uhhh i tuched my toes!"

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  33. loving densi says:

    What chemistry?  Because they are both wearing denim. lol

  34. Liz Gomez Jacobson says:

    Can Sandra Bullock and Blake Shelton Star in a romantic comedy?

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  37. Phil Reyes says:

    so great to watch.. very funny

  38. Phil Reyes says:

    so great to watch.. very funny

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  48. Kitty Kat says:

    3:40 even her own crowd don't like her attitude

  49. Liz Patton says:

    Idk when she said “Blake what do you with Gwen after the kids go to bed” it makes me sad and mad at the same time

  50. Nicole Obrien says:

    What’s with people commenting saying ‘ohh Ellen’s killing the fun she looks so annoyed’ like shut tf up something could have happened tha u don’t know about and she might of had something on her mind and she was the host of the game so she had to be serious if u don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything Ellen is amazing so leave her alone

  51. Priti Singer says:

    Oh dear, just realised i said Netflix and chill at work the other day when I meant it literally 🤣🤣🤣

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    It felt so rushed, rather it have fewer questions with more time for them to banter

  61. Urban Lady says:

    I get uncomfortable when the choice of humor is unkindness. He started it and Sandra followed like in improv class. I didn't enjoy it and I don't think Ellen did either. Meh, what can you do? Things don't always go perfectly.

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  70. Steve Sharpe says:

    “Sandra, three things your kids make fun of you for?”
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  88. jane swift says:


  89. simply_nyny says:

    3 things Sandra gets picked on by her kids:
    • her in general
    • her laugh
    • her intellect
    Things my friends pick on me:
    • myself in general
    • my laugh
    • my intellect

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  92. The whole hallway smells like cum says:

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  93. Cindy Dimond says:

    All these comments about Ellen's attitude are way off base, in my opinion..she's always that way! Love this episode!

  94. *_No Videos_* says:

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