Sanctuary Lakes Hua Hin – Interview with Our Homeowners

Tell something about yourself. You’re from Switzerland. We are Swiss and we lived all our life in Switzerland. We traveled a lot and seen a lot of places. And why, you have visited a lot of places, have you chosen Hua Hin? For us Hua Hin is the ideal place to live. We play two times a week golf. Within a half hour driven there are 10 golf courses. There are some mediocre courses but also very good courses. And the Thai cuisine is wonderful! Wonderful indeed! You can really eat very good here! If you translate it to German I think… My Home, My Joy in Harmony with Nature. There is here also a beautiful sunset For sure I believe that. In the evening I think that you will enjoy it often with a glass of beer or wine. Sitting here on the terrace and enjoying the sunset. Indeed a wine or beer and then something else… And the lake here in front Can you also swim in the lake? Yes, we swim in it for sure! And then all the locals and all eyes look in wonderment. We swim twice a day. In the morning and in the afternoon. Wonderful! We love it very much! The lake is about 29 degrees. Yes, that is very nice.

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