San Dimas Country Club California
San Dimas Country Club California

So I’m here with Matt. Nathan. Sorry
and we’ve been doing this for a while guys I’m so sorry my name is Robert
Newman I’m a marketing consultant and I work with Cristal Cellar and we’re doing
some content for neighborhood content where we’re gonna focus on little
individual neighborhoods and Nathan and I are gonna tour through San Dimas here,
little San Dimas. We’re starting off the San Dimas Canyon Golf Course which
somebody our golfer in the car has kindly clued us in to the fact that it’s
$40 for 18 holes here this is an open to the public golf course. The interesting
thing about Nathan is that he’s actually lived in this neighborhood for years. So
I’m going to turn off my emergency lights and we’re gonna go for a little
tour. And you’re saying something about having land because your
personal your Hut, as a hobby your car guy, mechanic. You also like to, it sound’s like you like to ride motorcycles and dirt bikes, things like that. Is there
some place to do that in or around this area? Definitely so San Dimas is still
kind of rural in some parts so they actually request the land as well but the
dream is to just have a huge piece of land a single-story home detached garage
for the trailer, bikes, motorcycles, cars, all the above. And you can still find
that, you could get that here in San Dimas? You can find that all day here. Okay.
Are there really are these deer signs really actually necessary are there really much fauna around here? Yeah, you’ll probably see a couple of deer
around here. Definitely coyotes I think there’s even some bears that come down
every now and then. okay when I lived here I wasn’t so far up towards the
mountain. Now these are really decent sized homes, from what I’m seeing. Yeah they are. I mean up here by the hill you don’t get
as much as what I was kind of telling you like right but you still get some beautiful homes. And
what is the price range in these homes? Now they’re anywhere from like $600,000 all the way up to $1-2 million. Ok. and did you happen to check to see like
if you bought this area like ten years ago like how much would a home go for then versus now? You could’ve gotten a home for $400,000 all-in for a nice piece of land nice besides home everything. I don’t
know if you can see from here but you can see the view through some of these
fences. Okay. So you can still get major views, huge homes. Wow. and they don’t look
that old. Do you have any idea when the started building the particular percentage is that Are we just in a master-planned community, what do we? uh yeah this was actually built a little bit later so all
this hillside were built much later the old town San Dimas which is down the hill there. This is probably like 80, 90s. Ok. It’s safe to say that this is just a
this isn’t representative of all of San Dimas this just happens to be near the
San Dimas Golf Course. So for those people that are tuning into the video
what we’re doing is we’re sticking fairly close to the golf course. We
happen to be in a newer community probably built in the 90s the homes are
nice single-story. Wow whoever has this home. They have a hell of a view. hell of a lot still to bro. Yeah, it’s
incredible. I think this is a, Matt how do you think I think this is pretty good
way to end our little San Dimas tour, how about you?

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