Samuel Odamah_HGCC_Craft and Chronicles_02172011_a
Samuel Odamah_HGCC_Craft and Chronicles_02172011_a

thank you guys those opportunities to
share we can get really really excited to be here please thank you I just
wanted to just share a little bit about myself and more of our story and just
how sore my story and my fake migration of them I want to invite you to think
about a few questions well as I share and questions of identity and I’m s I
will ask those questions myself Who am I Who am I for and a question home and
I’ve gotten this from Marshall Ganz at the Kennedy School taking a few of us
classes and sort of these simple questions that really get you to sort of
consider where you’re coming from where you moving and then what you’re calling
is why you’re here I’m sorry for me to answer the question of self I’m a
Christian believer in Jesus Christ I called Jesus Lord of my life i think a
young age i gave my life to Jesus I know some of us here are coming from
different backgrounds and different faith tradition so please ask their
questions friends around with myself if anything is confusing my name is Samuel
my mom recently reminded me that that means instructed of God or know the
story of one who listened to God so she tells me all the time listen listen to
god I’m gonna injuring born in Madrid here I’m the oldest of six children I’m
also the son of pastors and missionaries which I’ll share a little more about so
they say okay and in 2008 became a yes is it so
Who am I for who is my community well trained as an architect and design I’m a
u.s. Marine not currently serving but I started Marine Corps for six years
graduate of the Harvard education school here ten hope fellowship church here in
Cambridge Porter Square really been blessed to be a part of the Christian
community here at Harvard have a great opportunity to make friends and
international students people from all over the world my heart is there and
currently work in half des Baux kind of thinking about calling and and what I’m
sharing that about identity not only plays up I don’t know it for the rest of
my life there are different seasons in our lives and invite you always sort of
reflect on that or think about calling I love to suddenly have a family defending
it looks God christ-centered family looking for opportunity and leadership
in education and government in the future and then what I think most
important is to encourage people invite people to think about Jesus but point
people to Jesus through my work you might like to my studies or relationship
with others next I want to share a video that friend of the end school created
about Ed’s just was one of the first ones about education school students and
their lives and give you basically an overview understanding of my life
Oh error has occurred Jenna if you stayed on the phone all set your
clothes there’s no interaction air the harvard graduate school the harvard
graduate school of education working at the Nexus of practice policy and
research is think back on your education and the purpose of impatience part of it the Harvard Graduate School of Education
working at the Nexus of practice policy and research often times I walk come through Harvard
Square and I make sure that I don’t lose that excitement and zeal for the fact
that I here my name is Samuel Obama got Osama I remember just many years dreaming about
coming here since our family moved to the US I heard about a place called
Harvard and all we had to come and to be able to study this place and it took a
long run to get here but I got here I was born in Nigeria right here in West
Africa in benicia in Nigeria and our family moved up to the u.s. to Oklahoma
City has come down coahoma City 1991 and then moved south to dallas in 1995
finishing high school went to look for options to have to pay for school and I
thought I a really great opportunity great experience for me so I’ve spent my
family about it decided okay dude here’s to my sophomore
year I was called up with my Marine unit from Texas and we were attached our unit
from California 20 rock for almost four years employment met people from all
walks of lives and locals in the area and got to really understand more about
the world this run him was gift for Christmas why we were based or stationed
in Iraq so I always carried his with me every where I go to give different
schools that are gonna put on the wards of remembrance of where I was then and
where I am now after my timing record I went to college in texas did a studied
architecture in wisconsin and then now i have dumped eight letters have been
given an education looking at how to address social issues and social reform
education reforms using my background in architecture at the high school i found
some of the most passionate caring people i feel we at the at school all
blog goodbye back you have this desire to change it’s
really a place for attachment and care about the next generation so that’s a human perspective of sort of
my story and I’ve got the opportunity to share that my school and some friends I
wanted to sort continue in this idea of calling and shared just with about my
family I didn’t didn’t just make good the Power Core after work so no pictures
that I did break things you can come check out after maybe passes something
on their work this is my portfolio is not protected you’ll find family here
and so just have text there so you can sort of follow along with me i’m going
to start and share about my my family i’m a calling to go this is a story of
faithful courage my father in his father what came from a small town or area in
Nigeria where there my father was considered sort of a sheep or a king and
in that area and my body was the child of one of the many wives of this this
king of small village in Nigeria and he always had a heart for education life
was not easy to spite the the coming out of call
a royal family and he tried to go to spoon in the united states that didn’t
work he was discouraged after at one moment when he was wednesday highway
robbers he was robbed and documents taken in that discourage team so it
never came to the US but again as i speak i want to sort of call back to to
god is everything that happens in our lives not for an accident there’s a
purpose and so he decided to stay in us and go to college of education you know
where he met my mom my mom grew up in a very good cassock one she’s a good
Catholic room and went to church all the time mass didn’t do anything wrong and
that says her mother was a hard-working businesswoman and I got a user later to
give her her sort of her savings for our family to move over to the United States
and and and my mom strong believer or Catholic year-old did everything right
she felt that she still did not have that relationship God on her way to
college where she my dad someone told her about personal relationship with
Jesus Christ and encouraged or invited her to look more into the Bible and
actually read the Bible for herself as she believed a bad deal in way to
college that’s when her life changed so they met at college education and will
call Scripture Union there something here like in a varsity on campus there
she was not intending to marry after she felt sort of people fell in love with
Jesus her faith she wanted to be a missionary and gold and rollin not
married as you can another six children so the lord told
her to marry my father and and that was a few years working as the educators in
nigeria and they start to feel a tug and calling to come to america and i have
there in slide i remember my parents are carrots have prayed a lot there’s a lot
of the family that prays together stays together and that’s sort of the
tradition that we had despite this challenges the circumstances we always
fought time in the morning or in the evening to create and edit they felt a
calling that to come to America and and you know what my mom would always prayed
God is sending us they will take us to a land flowing with milk and honey men
prosperity and so and so therefore we began to crave up and and then started
to move towards debt so move along my parents were able to pursue that
opportunity but it was not easy getting here always in life you’ll face us than
expected challenges and things that you never planned for in our case they were
able to go to America prepare the placement of children and then my mom
courageously came back to come pick us up all five of us up and that wasn’t an
easy task it was one a few days turn into weeks turn into months and every
day would come back from the embassy to get a reason and
I learned prayer there because my mom get back on an easing and cry out to God
and it’s sort of this relationship this connection to tell derivative something
to God and eventually God made made away fluid flowing to New York in 1991 New
York City first time the US and that that was wonderful so the promise was
fulfilled God did bring it and begin would like the neck

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