Samsung Health: How to connect with accessories
Samsung Health: How to connect with accessories

Want to know
how to use Samsung Health smarter? Let me show you
how to sync it with your accessories. First,
tap on the “Discover” tab on the navigation bar. Then, tap on “Products”. This is the section
where you’re going to find Samsung Health-related products and partner apps all at a glance. You just have to press the arrow next to “Accessories”
to see more details. Here’s a list of accessories that
will work as activity trackers. Don’t worry
if you don’t see your device on the list. Just turn on its Bluetooth, and then press “Scan for accessories”. This will do a quick scan for nearby devices. For example,
I’m using a Galaxy Watch device right now. Let’s sync it up! Tap on the name of the product
you’re using, see it preparing to connect, and go into pairing mode. Press “OK” to sync. Ta-da, you’re all paired up! I can see my Galaxy Watch
under “REGISTERED ACCESSORIES”. Now, wasn’t that easy? Alright, enjoy a healthier
and savvier lifestyle with accessories!

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    Desain s10 dongg

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    I need ps3 😏

  5. Relaxing Resitance says:

    WHAT THE HECK 50 VIEWS AND 26 LIKES and 4 comments

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    Samsung is great

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    Masa sih

  8. Stevano Krist says:

    Indonesia mana suaranya

  9. Om bro says:

    Why my Gear Sport won't play spotify anymore?

  10. Thiago LC says:

    Can't even connect mi band 3

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    I like Samsung so I hit like and subscribe

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    13 st im rich boisss

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    F14k applw

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    Audio corrupted in the beginning

  15. melissa zaajer says:

    It does not see my galaxy watch active…

  16. Rafael Cabrera says:

    Does it support thr new galaxy buds??

  17. Mike Coen says:

    Won't connect to my fitbit watch!

  18. Eunice Punzalan says:

    How can I connect it to my mi fit band 4?

  19. Ismail Masood says:

    How to connect Huawei band 3e to Samsung health app???

  20. Andrey Batashov says:

    Is ANT+ also disabled when Bluetooth is switched off? Can Samsung S10 find an ANT+ device with BT off?

  21. Jon Corpus says:

    Samsung can i use a watch and chest strap at the same time?

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