62 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Watch Review: The Smartwatch That Does (Almost) Everything”

  1. Flash 🇿🇦 says:

    2 hours for a full charge for 3 days use isn't bad at all! That's pretty fast! I may not have access to all the latest tech, but this is still really fast. Not really fair to compare it to phone fast-charging times.

  2. Kana Lord says:

    Sorry to say but don't only fall for the glitter of this watch, this watch does not measure one important metric such as VO2 max , additionally no option to measure free training , free training can be measured even by basic watches such as Honor band 4 and Mi band 4 .

  3. karleeNa ʕ; •`ᴥ• ́ʔ says:

    he is the most amazing voicer

  4. Dhgff Fhcdujhv says:

    Havent worn a watch on my hand since i was 15. Im 36 now. Still doesnt make me want to wear it, we all got mobile phones now. Time keeping … Yeah right.

  5. Bas Bakker says:

    Where's the notch?

  6. Etchee says:

    Is this an upgrade from the Gear S3?

  7. ROTZ LÖFFEL says:

    Mr mobile. Torso Twist now or I'll blow your wrist off via chemical battery explosion. XD

  8. Seer-of-things says:

    Not standalone. Cant use it without a phone, so its garbo

  9. Ag Me says:

    I have an iPhone and I’m not sure if it’d be better for me this or the Apple Watch, if i buy this one I am scared some functions won’t be compatible with my iPhone and i won’t be able to do a lot of things plus i am not a sports person so if I can have apps like games or social media like Instagram i don’t think I want this. So if anyone has this and an iPhone or an Apple Watch please reply lol

  10. The Atomic Dom says:

    Did that Apple Watch series 4 review happen?

  11. SIR WAFFLEBOB says:

    Can it detect radioactive contaminants in the atmosphere? This is my biggest question. Mainly cesium 137 and strontium 90. I plan on visiting Mars soon, and I need something like that to read the atmosphere on the planets surface.

  12. Francisco Abrao says:

    I love it. I got one recently super recommend.

  13. NoMore Food says:

    If you can bathe with it you can't refurbish it can you?

  14. Nikki Britt says:

    Tony Stark's brother 😭

  15. Imagine Wagons says:

    Tony Stark? Is that you?

  16. Anthony Chavez says:

    That watch is great. However, dont expect it to stay water proof or even stay together. After about 6 months of ownership the glass that covers the heart rate monitor fell off luckly i noticed before i got in some water. I also recently sent the watch to get fixed only to find out that it wouldnt be covered under warranty (and the cost to repair is $107.17). This is a know issue as im sure u can find several customers having the same issue.

  17. Jeremiah Osusu says:

    A lovely review, you got a new subscriber.

  18. Will Pruitt says:

    I need a good smartwatch that is compatible with Android 9 pie

  19. Bobby G. says:

    Why does my buddy’s Samsung watch work like complete shit? And the bixby voice command is even more horrible. Literally the only good thing about it is the watch faces. This is his 3rd watch and they all are the same. Even the last 3 galaxy phones (s9,s8,s7) he had all worked terrible. I feel bad. Anyone know why this is?

  20. Darth Bane says:

    Just bought this.

  21. Troy __________ says:

    Do u this it could work with an LG phone?

  22. Nur Amin says:

    Which watch is this at 6:00 ?

  23. Rxonmymind says:

    Graphene battery coming UUUUP!
    That's going to be awesome. Especially once we see it action on their phone.

  24. Harrison Hofacker says:

    I love this watch, the only thing I hate is Bixby

  25. Dick McWillie says:

    Is the metal version only for testers? Cant find it on their website

  26. Robby Terrill says:

    Ordered this watch off Amazon..They sent me the ticwatch 2 in the box for this watch..To say im pissed is an understatement!!!!!!!

  27. Roy Douce says:

    No Samsung Pay in Ireland 😞 so no watch payments for us.

  28. ghost fighter says:

    Is it capable to access our phone gallery?

  29. BunnyLovin says:

    overpriced horse shit with basic functions that my 20 year old calculator has. lol

  30. Bryan Shaw says:

    5:23 I’d say it’s way faster than how long my battery wirelessly charges on my phone (using normal not fast charging obviously)

  31. Lachlan MACLEAN says:

    On the place wish it costs 13$

  32. Gary B. says:

    Awesome Mr Moble

  33. M. Tanuz says:

    Thank you.

  34. Ayman Abdul Ghaffar says:

    2:20 does that magazine say whore?

  35. Graham Smith says:

    I'm sorry, but the negative things in this review are nonsense – the animation to the notifications is an EXCELLENT thing on this watch, it's called telling you what's happening.

  36. Chris Ramsay says:

    Just picked up a used SGW for around $150 and so far I'm very happy with it, I charged it fully the day I got it and it's now 3 days later and I still have around 60% battery, it also runs better than any Android Wear watch I've owned, I have it paired to a Pixel 2 XL, I'd say this is the best smartwatch I've used since my og Pebble.

  37. HAWG! says:

    People dont remember life before smartphones and watches… you can't even wait a couple of seconds to read a message..? Addicted to that instant gratification.

  38. Semi çalış says:

    Can we talk someone with the watch? I couldnt find this answer. Apple watch can does that. I want to make phone calls without phone

  39. rob 188 says:

    Better than Apple Watch

  40. C Bull says:

    What about recording voice memos?

  41. Antonio Fuentes says:

    I work in construction. Do you guy think I should get it?

  42. T B says:

    i was all set to buy the gear s3 Frontier or maybe the Classic, then i saw the Galaxy watch, right next to them

    the rest is history

  43. alex garcia says:

    My Spotify Samsung music and Spotify music thru watch using any Bluetooth headphones sound low even with watch volume all the way up. Anyone else have this issue? I’ve tried Bose Qc 35, senheiser momentum’s and jaybird vista and all sound low. Wonder If there is a setting that changes watch loudness thru Bluetooth.

  44. cogen651 says:

    Why not just put an elephant on your wrist?

  45. Cyborg KiWi says:

    Just bought one of these suckers today after my old ticwatch e bit the dust. Was thanks to this review that I decided on the Galaxy Watch and I absolutely love it so far. The rotating bezel is addicting as hell

  46. Sol Piek says:

    3:24 APP STORE!!! you mean play store

  47. Gabrieleboy says:

    So… si It good?

  48. abid says:

    Apple Watch gang wya?

  49. Matt Man says:

    Dudes Got a Cool Voice

  50. Crankyy says:

    This still the best watch today? Need some help on which watch

  51. Andrew Barthel says:

    What watch is that at 6:03?

  52. yellow dolla says:

    Is the bpm in this device accurate?

  53. Dizzy_Gaming says:

    Gonna get this next week! The rotating bezel just sold me

  54. Saber Cat says:

    This dude has the blackberry key 2?? That's actually pretty cool

  55. Taylor Johnson says:

    You've gotta hate all the monetized adverts, turned off before watched review

  56. Da Ga says:

    Nice review. Kind of a mixture between Tony Stark and a Cockatiel….Thanks Mr Mobil!

  57. James Field says:

    Torso Twist I love

  58. aizudin arsyad says:


  59. Snrub says:

    I owned this watch for a year and can't recommend it. The app support on Tizen is horrible and the heart rate monitor is poor.

  60. Musicbroz456 says:

    Turn down that hair boi

  61. Joseph Stalin says:

    My galaxywatch battery is on 4 5 days

  62. Romulus Mare says:

    Fully agree on absolute stupid "slow by design". It very quickly becomes absolutely unbearable.

  63. Mac says:

    Battery problem

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