Samsung Galaxy S10e | Compact, Arătos, Performant | Unboxing & Review

Hello internet and we’ll be back on our YouTube channel After I made Liviu to the Galaxy S10 Plus I waited for the i10 to come in normal and meanwhile I made the driver different Systems and other Scarecrows like this finally came up with the version Cheaper cheaper and cheaper is cheaper And it is S10e I pray S10e It’s the flagship phone Accessible from Samsung or the weaker version A How I would 10 a weaker device because all phones run with the same processors but there is Small variations In the room And of course at But the fingerprint sensor will see it in the next few minutes Until I had a big dilemma, I did not know if I was going to break up or do not break up before testing it and testing banners and markers And so on So I chose Let’s get together with you Gilat has the plastic put on it So I do not know what’s inside even though I can Let me think about it already If we have a charger Perhaps a data cable of course a pair of headphones may have a pair of headphones I do not think we have put why it would be very nice we have not looked at absolutely no other unboxing why Why did I want to keep The difference for me and share it with you Let’s find a mule to unpack this plastic and see what we find inside the box But first of all, do not forget to subscribe and activate the notifications and then come in to Slash Giveaway to enroll in the contest It’s good how this would be the box as we can see this is at the bottom of the title Principles Better said where We have 10 where we have underneath at F10 What more was here? Dust Sure as mentioned earlier, it is Reshaile But let’s look to see what he writes on 142 comma 7mm 5.6 inch Rounded corners So practically It would be 5.6 inches Diagonal With those rounded corners And we still have 12 megapixel f-15 2.4 So we have a variable diaphragm we have 128 GB of storage space 6gb RAM Stereo and diffusers Headphones from akg Ok it looks like the packaging is the same as the other two models Let’s stay away and see what we find in Box I’m on my back To see the end c Color has We have the charger Of course 9 Volts 1.67 Amps or 5 Volts 2 Amps This is the output of the charger is a simple one Little White Compact What else can we find here? Let’s see we A USB Type A Adapter On USB type c is mate is white Of course he has exactly the same way Function with the one on S10 Plus or Notes 9 That’s what we find here See In this box Take care not home I almost managed not to group My pula Pinch a little What is a book We also have a data cable And one doctor from Micro USB On USB normal so Bravo I really like that Leave it aside The cable is the usual Samsung we have a white cable we have here we have a pair Rated akg This time they are white I see that I come with two Protective plastics And of course thread It’s like textile And the wire that leads to the headphones And at the microphone It is Normal movie Normal cable We also have plugs Exchange On different sizes We stand aside How it looks Ok look very good are very elegant Honestly They’re exactly the same headphones but white on black Not black Let’s leave this aside And let’s look On the phone I like the color I like how it reflects the light Although to my taste it could be a bit I’m a little bit more picky Closed But it is a very stylish phone Comes with a foil too applied here in the right corner we have A hole For The selfie camera at the top We have the speakerphone for calls and What’s here hiding At the edge between the screen And the casing At the base of the phone we have the Jack 3.5 jack audio jack The charger and Of course transfer data plug USB data transfer type c main speaker grille On the left we have Classic button for bixby And here are the two volume buttons Also here At the top just above the buttons we have A GSM band We have one here At the top Next to the sim card drawer Also here at the top we have the secondary microphone and on the right side we Power button with integrated fingerprint sensor Honestly to be this time The phone is smaller Easier to get here in the Put the button here They were It was ok But I could not Put your fingerprint Strange Somehow I miss those phones that they had That button here Camera for iPhone 5 and 5s And the essay I loved being little and had a button But overall at first glance I like this phone feels very good in hand and besides this I’m glad to see that there are still phones in 2019 And they have this look Or better said this size More compactor Speaking of my phone that has the cover That’s how it is Yahoo Size Get down The LG G7 key Pretty big It is Considerable Larger than east 10 though Honestly I like this more model is it gate Easy to hold in contrast to LG’s Where you’re hitting something Dai Status bar down On the back we have the two rooms only we have a three-room construction as in the case of S10 Plus We have no dual camera on the face either Acheter was said about the first impression of the phone Honestly I’m a little more excited about the model you leave About 10 plus Why Why Although I really like those edges Bentwood And the screen curved up to the edge of this phone seems a bit more practical Smaller Compact You quickly wrote a message in your pocket and pulled it out of your pocket You made a call and that’s what you did Isil and we open What a septum is Somehow Samsung or inspired by Apple’s strategy and outlined a model Cheaper Allflex and their offspring That they already have two Flexs 10 And 10 plus Even the sensation of the screen If Keep Mind on iPhone x Air Get a little more babies a little hurry up the phone and it gave you the impression of having the edge Something bigger too When you held it in your hand perhaps Fill more palm Vs. an iPhone x Or XS Normal Finally, I also see a phone that I like and let’s talk a bit of design On this side there are not many changes, that is, we have the same aluminum frame A glass sandwich, namely Gorilla Glass 5 and on the front and back and I like it Very much at this design I’m the next thing edges Murphy’s back is rounded off to look From this angle It does not go on like that Super super elongate And when you hold it in your hand To give you impressions that you hold A really curved back gives you the impression of keeping your back flat And he gets very well Of course, others use the phone In other ways, but this chapter seems very compact to this phone I also like the screen even if it is not 6 inches or 6.5 inches Or else I know what other dimensions I like the marshmallows And honestly, I’m not gonna hurt about why It’s good to think Stay the way you have the screen in the margins, the more you catch the risk of accidentally tapping Something about this part of the palm But this phone is very easy to catch with just one hand and And very easy to handle With one finger Which I really like It is also quite thin It is neither hard nor easy to have the perfect weight Let’s say you want to handle the phone with one hand And Well Well Finally I see the usefulness of that Juan y for what makes sense It’s a longing to be here It does not seem very high It’s easier to access than the S10 Plus power button But Let’s say you stayed with that phone so you made a swipe And you put the notification bar down This also goes from absolutely any menu Let’s get into the settings Give a swipe One more swipe and I already have All shortcuts to Touching the index finger Other side When You would like to set the bixby button to do something else By the wind I now launch Samir entertain the voice Let’s say you want to write something fast or want to record something fast you open You pressed the record and that’s what you did Of course, Samsung does not let you disable the bixby button and if you want to light up It’s okay you will not be able to light the flashlight because I will have to give an application you can open from here I would also like to be able to access application shortcuts For example this finder from Samsung Home Practically this What you do by phone You can search the internet for various things with this Finder and I find it very ugly Hotel Mistral and it seemed very useful when I’m in the application I want to look for something fast but fast looking the button I searched I’ve just found it but we can not see it in the next few days On the software side, we’re running Android Nine incomprehensible again The version of the money y is 1.1 is owned by Samsung and To be honest now, it seems to me that this moneyway is more useful than a big screen because we’re talking about it Screen this time we have a lower resolution But at least it’s full HD Plus It is a screen as much as possible Beautiful colors reproduce very well Besides, it has very good viewing angles Honestly Since I have a flagship but full HD screen I’m not bothering so much It bothered me in the case of iPhone x ar I mean, I have a very expensive phone And I do not even have a full HD screen. I missed seeing such a small phone and Compact The same opinion I had about Huawei p20 Lite But of course it did not have the performance of this Samsung But I also liked it for the same reasons because it was compact and easy to use, but that’s not all We have a really nice phone in vain And of course very elegant if it does not move well So let’s see how they do in synthetic tests as I am AnTuTu benchmark 330,000 438 points And in geekbench 4 4522 points in single core and 10072 multicore points We also have 6gb of RAM What a Plus disappears It seems to me a little Overkill as the Americans say at this moment you do well thanks and 4GB of RAM But in the future they will evolve And the audits For this Phone and I refer to Android q Apps will be updated or will be updated, and of course Facebook will eat what it is More resources and so on if I were to think In the future I could well jump two generations. Good thanks and yes I’m using this phone for two years Absolutely no problem So I’ve learned so far about this phone we have a good design we have a good construction is compact Easy to use, we also have very good performance For many years mobile piubigi at this time we are on the plane in our game Reference Let’s say your favorite That guy jumped once So let it go So good We started the game The settings were automatically selected on the hydor that I entered into the settings I gave the ultra as well Activated and Anti Lightning Golf Which tells me she’s showing me some more textures Good Let’s say that Yes As long as I’m here in flight the game moves impeccably I’m not lagging It’s not blocking Let’s see how it behaves and after the tourism we saw there A little hiccup Wait Much Let’s get in here Clipa How to move Good Me more this thing Dough the canister and put the pocket in his pants Because we do not have any pants at this time Ok helmets helmets all kinds of stupidity I want a gun too please you How not to I found All the stuff of just one weapon And a satchel It’s perfect You are tired We still have it here ok Honestly to be moving Very good Even if Bocelli Saca still wants to get out of the game It is probably not optimized in addition to this game is seen very well behaves very well the experience talk Simple is uninterrupted And of course Textures show Very good very nice post you pull me I killed with flock We also have the room hole here Who honestly be only now We remind you to talk about them because I have 1,000 totally I honestly do not bother me either There in the upper left corner Or, please Turn right if you turn the screen like this Here at least here is the total finger coverage You do not even see her But Honestly to be my clan For gaming An idea or we can drive Little why Why if you stay that way It’s good you already have Close All screen occupations of your fingers Even if you have The controls here They seem like this Mij’s where the whole thing is doing is fine He’s pretty young But I do not mind this and besides this is not even a gaming phone is a mobile phone What is able to do and top gaming at least here is completely covered by the finger You do not even see her But Honestly to be my clan For gaming An idea or we can drive Little why Why if you stay that way It’s good you already have Close The whole screen of your fingers Even if you have The controls here You look like this Mij’s where the whole thing is doing is fine He’s pretty young But I do not mind this and besides this is not even a gaming phone is a mobile phone What is it possible to do and gaming What we need to consider is photo quality And to this chapter I am Shared opinions But I’ll tell you my sincere opinion is a phone that makes pretty good shots And the main room was not Changed from S9 plus instead of software Well, we have a better quality We also have those if variables Second room A wide-angle view camera does not have a Focus car And it’s good you can do those scenarios or better say the Ace Photos on the mountains or what do you want? To fit in a wide frame you can do this with your secondary camera The front It’s fine here we have a 10 megapixel camera With Auto Focus What I find very loud and I’ll show you right away Why say you look so beautiful And you want to focus on the name of the dark frame frame you do not have the Fix Focus and the time you do not have it Focus fixed notice That I do not care about my hair But You can focus wherever you want And we also have this Wide Angle function, but it is not Extraordinary by WYD It is good there is practice As the room looks normal And so it is cracked to make the image closer to the main room part of the well Here Big Differences to the 10 Plus are of course not the absence of the camera phone It is obvious But Quality is very good at this time I took a picture of my jeans And we give Zoom We can see how well the quality is preserved and how well the detail is kept in this light Which is not ideal On the settings side It’s fine are exactly the same settings as the other models we’re running Pro mode And Here the Pro mode is again excited because I have the possibility to select automatically Diaphragm or stop select He’s still singing next F-15 Freddy 4 F-15 F24 we have a lot of fireboxes cos White Balance and of course all the settings we were used to I’m curious to see what maximum resolution it has Real videos size 16 on 9 Full HD We have 4K 60 4K 30 Full HD 60 full HD and normal Good I like Let’s see But what’s going on Let’s see and face Patruca 30 So we have 4K autofocus shooting on the face you have a very good room on the back of a room Very good on the face Very good audio quality Enjoy it Because we have two microphones And At the room chapter I’m happy I can not compare it to a pixel 3 I can not compare it with iPhone XS or XS Why Because here the opinions and tastes are divided But the quality is very good level of detail on the street It is Pretty big Well, we’re approaching the end of this video too We still have to draw some conclusions Let’s see the audio quality It’s hard to hear audio quality I’m better off listening to this phone So we chose two songs One is bass And with the voice and the other is a rock song why. Sincerely to be Very few mobile phones are able to reproduce This musical genre because Because it’s very aggressive has a lot of high bass it’s somewhere in the background Background hidden from drums and Still hard enough for such a small speaker Radar Let’s See First Time How to hear something with hip hop chill We make the most of it ok What aright The main speaker sounds louder than the headphone speaker But it is a factor 8 is a very pleasant act And honest to be Easily approaching iPhone quality On the audio side No headphones She has some money And honest to be heard loud enough It sounds clearly does not distort the sound to the maximum From my point of view, it sounds pretty good for a cell phone Let’s see the other song Ben 10 must be looking for her there Somewhere in history Honestly to be really impressed I did not think I would There’s always such a device in hand That’s not there It’s a pretty good Samsung sound I’ve never been a fan of Samsung speakers But this time I like It sounds loud It sounds good It sounds good and right where you want to put on the desk And listen to music either in the kitchen or in any other situation where you do not have a portable speaker or a pair of Headphones at your fingertips Practically wood made on all I did not look at him The work done by a given state is synthetic I played and of course Let’s talk a little about this device He is the smallest brother of the S10 series I mean, the smallest and the cheapest why Because we have one room on the face On the back We have two rooms And By two chambers I mean missing the one With Optical Zoom 2x So we have a fixed room Angle Wide and of course the main camera that is From my point of view the attraction of this phone is ok Room that managed to Draw a fairly good contrast and balance the frames Besides this more impressed The level of detail it was able to zoom out when you zoomed out Practically If you take a picture of a building and that building is made of bricks when you zoom in Texture is preserved and I like it Surely the quality is also influenced by the amount of light One thing I have to comment on and that would be the price Honestly at 3500 RON it looks like one A little bit of a bit of pepper Considering that last year’s top model Samsung is spinning somewhere around this amount This It is not the top model even though it has the same processor even if it has the same camera However They miss it Some functions like Sensor under clan ultra sonic fingerprint sensor It also lacks the sensor for Pulse And oxygen and so on this sensor SpO2 Therefore I pull the line and say here we have a phone call Which I absolutely recommend to all who want something small Compact And strong That being said, I was Dragos Until next time do not forget to check the description For useful links updated prices and also do not forget to leave your opinion about this phone in the comments section of

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