Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus UNBOXING

– What’s up guys. Saf here, on SuperSaf TV. And we have here the brand new Samsung Galaxy S10+ for unboxing. I’ve literally just got
back from the impact event and I couldn’t resist. ‘Cause I need to get
this outside of the box. Now if you’re interested in
the regular S10 or the S10E I’ve covered those in detail and also compared them to the S10+ in one of my previous videos. I’ll link that in the cards
and in the description. In this video, we’re going to
be taking a look at this S10+. Let’s get it open. This video is brought
to you by Squarespace, whether you need a domain,
website or online store, make it with Squarespace. Now the box is different
compared to what we’ve had over previous years and it’s apparently also eco-friendly this year. Thumbs up. And the S10+ logo here at the front extends all the way past the
edges of the front of the box and I think that’s to hint the almost bezeless design of the S10+. And it is in white and this may be because I’ve got the prism white color. I’m not sure if you’re going
to have different color logos on different color devices. Let’s break this seal. Okay, this is seriously excessive
to break this small seal, but hey, just about without
damaging the box or my table. Right, lets get this opened. Oh yeah, I’m so excited. Look at that. Okay, that looks really really good. I’m going to resist and put this
to the side for just a second while we see what else
we get inside the box. Now the first thing I’m actually noticing is that all the accessories are white which I’m assuming may be
because we got the white version. I don’t know if you’re going to
get different colored versions for different colored devices. But if that is the case, that’s
going to be absolutely dope. Right, here’s everything else
that we get inside the box laid out on the table. We’ve got a quick starter
guide, there is a power brick which does support adaptive fast charging. We’ve got a USB type
A to USB type C cable. And then we’ve got some AKG earphones. Now these have a braided cable,
as well as a 3.5mm connector and that’s because the
S10+ does have a 3.5mm jack and a lot of you guys are
super happy that Samsung have still included this this year. In addition to that, we also
have a sim card ejector tool. And Samsung always
includes a few adapters. So we’ve got a full
size USB to USB type C. And we’ve also got a micro
USB to USB type C adapter. So if you’ve got an old phone and you want to transfer your data over, it’s going to be nice and easy to do that. But now let’s get to the best part and that is removing this plastic. Ready for it guys? Aw that is so satisfying. Now the first thing you’ll
notice about this prism white is that it actually gives off
a bit of rainbow reflection depending on the way the light hits it. It looks very very slick indeed. It’s also curved along the edges and we’ve got a silver metal frame which feels very very premium. Let’s take off this front
screen protector as well. (plastic rustles) So so satisfying. Right, now let’s take a
closer look around the device and I’ll talk you through
all of the new features. The first thing we have to look at is this beautiful display. We’ve got a 6.4 inch
dynamic AMOLED display and this is the world’s
first mobile display to support HDR10+ It looks absolutely stunning. Now you can see that
we’ve got minimal bezels, completely maximizing
that screen to body ratio. There is a slight chin,
I know a few people are going to be going on about that, but I’ve already compared
this to the iPhone 10S max and if you look at the
bezel of the iPhone 10S max, it’s only slightly smaller
compared to this so called chin. Screen to body ratio is awesome, you really don’t have
anything to complain about. The display also has
quad HD plus resolution, so details are super sharp and crispy. And I’m just going to
go ahead and say this. This currently has the best mobile display on any smart phone out there right now. You can tell everybody that
that’s what SuperSaf said. I absolutely love this display. Now of course to achieve this
maximum screen to body ratio Samsung have had to put the
front-facing camera somewhere. We’ve seen other solutions where
there is mechanical pop-ups and things like that. But Samsung have opted for
their Infinity-O design. So this is a punch out for
the front-facing cameras. And you can see that we’ve got two here. And I know that this punch
out design is subjective and some of you guys may like it or not. I personally don’t mind it, it is nicely tucked
away here in the corner. And Samsung have very cleverly
made all of their wallpapers a little bit more dark
on the top hand corner so you don’t really notice it as much. But you will notice it when
you pull down the settings and things like that. Let me know in the comments
below what you think of it. I do prefer this to a notch. Now within this punch out, we do have two front-facing cameras. So the primary camera is 10 megapixels with an F1.9 aperture. And it also has dual pixel
auto focus this year. This is something that we have only had with rear-facing cameras before. And with that higher resolution, we can now form 4K UHD from
the front-facing camera. I cannot wait to test this out. The secondary camera is eight megapixels with an F2.2 aperture and this is going to be
used for depth information. I was hoping that it would
be a wide-angle camera but it is only for depth information and that should improve
your live focus selfies. Having said that, within the camera app there is a wide option. Now I assume this is doing
it with software not hardware because this option is
also available on the S10 as well as the S10E and those all have a single front-facing camera. Also within this display is the ultrasonic finger print
scanner which sits about here. And it seems to work really well, you can go to it straight
from when the screen is off or from the lock screen
and it works so much better compared to the optical
solutions that we have currently. Now because of the tiny
bezels, unfortunately there is no space for an
LED notification light. I’ve had a look around in
the settings and everything and I can’t see one there. I know that’s something a few
people will be upset about but as a compromise, you
do get these tiny bezels. There’s an earpiece and that also acts as one of the stereo speakers. There’s one here at the bottom. And at the bottom, you also
have the USB type C input. As well as a 3.5mm jack,
as mentioned earlier on. At the top, we’ve got the SIM card tray and this also has space
for a micro SD card. So you can expand the storage on this and it already comes with
a base of 128 gigabytes. But there’s also a 512 as well as a 1 terabyte option available. At higher prices of course, but that means you can get up
to 1.5 terabytes of storage in total, including the
expandable storage on the S10+. That’s absolutely insane. The version I have here also
supports dual SIM cards. So I can have two sims
active here at the same time. However, I can’t have the second SIM card as well as the micro SD card. I have to choose between those
two for the second SIM card. Now this may vary
depending on your reasons so do check that out. On the right hand side,
there is the power button. There’s volume rocker
on the left hand side as well as the Bixby button. Now, I know a lot of you guys don’t like this Bixby button and Samsung is finally going to allow us to
remap this to whatever we like. However, this is currently not available on this early software version. It’s going to be coming in
later on with a software update. Now let’s move towards the back and talk about these cameras. And this time for the S10+, we
have a triple camera set up. And Samsung have covered all bases. The primary camera is 12 megapixels and it has a variable aperture
like we had last year. So that’s going to switch
between F1.5 and F2.4. Depending on the lighting in your scene, this also has optical image stabilization. The secondary camera
is the telephoto camera with optical image stabilization. 12 megapixels and this
has an F2.4 aperture. It’s going to give you
two times optical zoom so it’s going to allow you to
get in closer to your subjects. And the new lens that we have this year is the ultra wide. And this is something that
I’m so so happy about. This is 16 megapixels,
has an F2.2 aperture, and around about a 123
degree angle of view. So for your landscapes and if you’re in a tight space or whatever, this
is going to be so so useful. Of course, we need to
test out these cameras in depth, SuperSaf style. Let me know in the comments
below which camera comparison you’d like me to do first
of the S10+ against. Now we’ve also got some
major improvements for video, there is 4k at up to 60 frames per second. And we’ve got super steady capture. And this is going to give you almost near action cam stabilization. I’ve had a brief test with this and it looks very very impressive. But not only that, the S10s
are also the world’s first smartphones to support
HDR10+ video recording. So not only do you have a HDR10+ display, you can also record video with HDR10+ which is going to give you
some great dynamic range and lots of vibrant colors. Once again, I absolutely cannot
wait to test this out more. And Samsung has also opened
up their SDK for their camera. So other apps, such as
Instagram and Snapchat will be more optimized
for the S10 and that means we’re no longer going to have
crappy quality on Android. The S10+ is going to give you
absolutely awesome quality on Instagram and Snapchat and other apps. I’m so looking forward to this. Now having a look at the build, it’s got Samsung’s signature curved design. So both sides are curved,
feels really nice in the hand, looks very very slick. We’ve got either glass options
or ceramic options as well. Ceramic options are
going to be more durable and feel more premium. I wouldn’t go as far as
saying that this is one of the best looking and most premium smartphones you can buy right now, but you also have IP68 water and dust resistance. Now internally, the S10+
is powered by either the Qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor or Samsung’s Exynos 9820. I’ve got the Exynos version
here because I’m in Europe. And Samsung have said that we’ve got 29% faster CPU performance and
37% faster GPU performance. And along with that, you get a base of eight gigabytes of RAM. But there is also a 12 gigabyte
of RAM version available. So in terms of gaming and performance, I’ve got no doubt that this
is going to be super speedy. If there is a specific
speed test you want me to do of the S10+ versus another device then definitely let me
know in the comments below. We’ve got 1UI here on top of android pie. I’m really digging 1UI so
far, it’s very very smooth and it brings everything down to make it more reachable with one
hand so for instance if I’m here in the messages app. You can see that we’ve got this header and we’ve got all of the
controls here at the bottom so I’m not going to
have to keep reaching up to go to the latest message
or anything like that. It’s all going to be down here, reachable. Now finally, let’s talk about the battery. So we’ve got a relatively large,
4100mAh battery in the S10+ and this Samsung have said should give you 25% better battery life
compared to the S9+ which was pretty decent. But it doesn’t stop there. We have fast charging out
of the box, as you know. But we now have fast
wireless charging 2.0, which is supposedly 36% faster compared to what we had last year and that was already one of the fastest out there. And this year, we also
have wireless power share. This is basically reverse
wireless charging, where you can use your S10+
to charge another device that supports Qi wireless charging. Whether that’s a smartphone
or even if it’s an accessory. So we’ve got the new Galaxy buds, which you can wirelessly
charge using the S10+. Now, I’m not sure of
the exact speed of it. I am going to have to spend
some more time and test it out. One of my criticisms of
the Huawei Mate 20 Pro was that it was super slow. Let’s see how fast this will be. Pricing wise, this does
start at £900 in the UK or around $1000 in the US. And if you do want to go
for the top of the line ceramic version, that is going to set you back around £1400 or $1600. Now that device does have
a terabyte of storage with 12 gigabytes of RAM,
so you are paying more for those premium features. And that is the Samsung
Galaxy S10+ unboxing. And a run through of all of its features. I’m really digging it so far. I love this curve design,
I love all of the features. Samsung have ticked off so so many boxes. Definitely let me know
in the comments below what you think of the S10+ so far. And what other videos you
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