Rummy The Great Gambler (Soodhu Kavvuum) 2019 New Released Dubbed Movie| Vijay Sethupathi
Rummy The Great Gambler (Soodhu Kavvuum) 2019 New Released Dubbed Movie| Vijay Sethupathi

Bajrangi, get up. Come on get up.
Get up Bajrangi. How are you bro? When did you come and sleep? I came at 4 in the morning.
The door was open so came in. I did not won’t to disturb your sleep. Bone wrestler,
hey, drinking and sleeping at night. That too keeping the door ajar,
what if a thief comes? Suddenly how come you are here? There is an issue
in my village Jaunpur. What issue? Hit him, don’t spare him. Hit him. – Hit him, don’t leave him. Hit him more.
– I haven’t done anything. Aunty don’t hit him so much.
Poor fellow. Your hand is of 5 kilos. – Hit, hit him.
– Stop, stop. What are you doing? He is my son. You don’t know,
what a leach your son is. What has he done? What has he done,
come and see for yourself. You come, come. Look what your son has done. Don’t tell us weird stories. Look at this. Mother promise, I can’t believe. How did you do this?
How much money was spent? One and half lakh. One and half lakh. You could have done
some business with that. Business for what? Alarm rang,
If I get late, I will be in trouble. Come out. Hey. Quickly come out. Why do you go, when I have to go? Are you his relative? No, friend. But you resemble like him. Police have beaten up the
Underwear gang so severely.. ..that human rights are
demanding to send them to jail. The fake doctor, by whose medicines
people fell sick is out of jail. And people who had recovered
from his medicine, welcomed him. Chaos in Jaunpur. A youth called Bajrangi,
made a temple of a famous heroine. Very good. What are you going to do in Mumbai? – I will roam around in Mumbai.
– You are right. People who come to roam here,
rule here. And people who make
plans go empty handed. Your life is set. Nikhil bro, when will you come back? I will come at night.
Will talk then. Ok. – Hey naked guy, take care of him.
– Ok, bye. Wrestler bro. What? Can I have it too? Welcome to Mumbai. – You wait here I will be back.
– I too will come with you. He has called me alone,
I will be back. Welcome sir. Welcome sir. – Greetings.
– Minister. Sit down. Hope you did not have to wait much. No sir, I came a little while ago. Tell me, how I can help you. Sir, the Nasik contract of making dam,
if we could get it. It would be great sir. Is everything ok? Sir, it’s all real. Meet him, he is Pradeep Mishra. Greetings sir. He is from anti-corruption department. Sir. He has come to arrest you,
for bribing me. This is the evidence. Home minister Sadanand Bhosle, is regarded
as the most honest minister of India. Today, he got such a contractor
arrested, who was trying to bribe him. Let’s hear, what he has to say. People should be aware, that
giving bribe too is an accusation. Sir, hope it is not a publicity
stunt by you, because of elections. Would you like to say
something regarding that? Dishonest people need to do
such stunts to change their image. People know about my truth. I don’t need to do such
kinds of stunts at all. Your situation seems bad. Shut up, seems bad! Hey, Shambhu, will you marry me? Will you get a better girl than me? Don’t chew my brains.
Eat the ice cream. – Get inside.
– Hey what are you doing? Leave me. Moron, worthless, you will kidnap me? Wait, today I will not spare you.
Take this. Come here, where are you running away? I will not spare you, stop. – Where are you going?
– Stop. Where are you running away? Great darling. Bro, what’s the time? I don’t have change. Do I look like a beggar to you? Are you their leader? Making fun of me. Making fun. Stop. Mad or what? Stop the car, come out. Stop the car, I will give you change,
beggar. Stop the car. Oh lord. Hi. I said hi. Love me. What? I said love me. I don’t have time for love. Let’s go to the fourth gear directly.
We will have fun. I was joking, you became serious. If you will not love me,
I will cut my veins. Have you gone mad? No, no, don’t do such things. Sorry. We will begin from 1st gear. Slowly. – No, let me die.
– Leave. Leave me. What work do you do? I put an alarm and got up to drink.
By asking me this, you spoilt my mood. I thought you work in the night shift. What made you think so? Why did you feel like that? Is it important that everyone works? Man should work that much
that he can buy his alcohol. Don’t you feel so? – Not like that.
– Then tell me, how is it? Whoever you meet,
they are talking of work all the time. They don’t even let me drink in peace. Why are you getting upset with me? Should I kiss you lovingly,
do you read the paper daily? Same news is printed every day.
What is the use of reading it? That’s why, you are happy. If you read the paper every day,
you will become mad. Everyone is enjoying. Some is having fun or someone’s
daughter, ran away with an oldie. Someone is stealing the bike, or someone
is looting the country and absconding. Heroine is sleeping
on the lap of a conman. The guru is relaxing somewhere. Heroine is having
an affair with some hero. He wants a relation
with some other heroine.. ..who is already with some director. After reading all this,
wont the boys become criminals. Not engineers, and if they
don’t become either of that.. They will suicide, if they fail
in school and college then suicide. If they don’t get a job, then suicide.
If the job is not good then suicide. Someone has 10 crore of black money.. ..and someone has to suicide
because of 10 thousand. These things keep happening.
Now a day’s people are very upset. Sometimes, mother in law,
burns the daughter in law. Sometime daughter in law
kicks the mother in law out. Brother stabs and
kills his own brother. Some lover throws
acid on his girlfriend. After reading all this, when
you come back to the first page again. Do you know, what you can see? The temperature of
Mumbai is 45 degree. How can man work in this, tell me. You work at the 5 star hotel. Who told you? Nikhil told me you work as a valet,
in 5 star hotels. You should have told, you know this. I would not have wasted
my knowledgeable talks on you. Not wasted, I enjoyed hearing it. What? You enjoyed?
Am I telling jokes? Ok listen, when you go for work,
take me along also. I have never been to a 5 star hotel. Have you heard about the car Jaguar? Do you know there is
always a driver in that car? That’s why till now I have
not got the happiness to park the car. But then that day came. Which I can never forget. A white colored Jaguar car,
came and stood inside the hotel. And what was surprising,
the owner was driving it himself. He gave me the keys to park. I could not believe my luck. I opened the cars door softly. And went and sat inside. It all seemed like a dream. I lovingly caressed its steering.
And started the car. This is not a dream but a reality. I was driving a jaguar. I was driving it lovingly to park. Just like taking the
girlfriend to the bedroom. There was no noise in the car at all. It seemed as if she
was flying in the air. I parked it with love.
Then an idea come into my mind. I will not get this opportunity again. Then let me drive my dream car once. Then what did you do? I took my dream car and drove off. – Means?
– Means out of the hotel. But as soon as I drove a little. – Robbing the car. You are a thief.
– No I did not steal. – The police caught me.
– Means you lost your job. Obviously, or what you
think I will get promotion? Sorry bro. Nobody in my family has even
got the opportunity to wash the car. And I made my family
proud by driving such a car. I did not think about myself. Whether I have a job or not. I salute your passion. When someone can make
a temple of a famous heroine. Then I can do this much. You are back. Hey what happened? Today, you came back very early? How early? Its 7 in the evening. He doesn’t come before
11 in the night. Hey I am asking you. Why are you upset? What happened? Will you talk? Hey what happened? Tell us. Do you know, if I filed a case,
Then what will happen to you? For how many days will
you remain in the jail? You are an educated man.. ..does anyone behave like
an animal with such a beautiful girl. Guys like you,
before joining the corporates.. ..should take training
of handling girls. Guys like you should not get jobs. The company is not liable
to train you for everything. You start salivating
as soon as you see the girl. – You guys..
– You sack of sweet potato. Who made you the manager? I will hit you with
slippers and make you bald. What did you say?
You lost your job. Who is fighting? You will hit my friend? You will hit my friend.
Why are you hitting him? Why did you hit him?
No fighting. Leave him. Stop. Stop. We will sit and talk.
Stop this childishness. Do you have money for alcohol? I don’t have a penny. Don’t make me angry. Stop it, you are still fighting. – What bro? – I did not say a
word when he lost his job. Then why is he irritated
when I lost my job. When I lost a job, you were working. Now we both are empty.. for alcohol, rent for the
house, cigarette food, who will pay? And one more burden, on top of that. Hey don’t call me a burden. Shut up, rhinoceros. Drinking so much and
saying he isn’t a burden. Life sucks. Whenever I try to do something,
I get hit, why is it like that. Wonder what the reason is,
but why do you get hit? It seems the problem is within me. Do you think so? I tried to think, but I can’t
understand what the problem is. Shalu, think a bit more,
it’s about my career. Shambhu, must not think much about it. You will have a brain
hemorrhage if you think. Chuck it, you are of no use. Yes you right,
you are the home minister. He does not have change. – I don’t have change.
– Who said change? – I will not leave him.
– Relax bro. Instead of the change he gave snacks. Hey if any one said the word change, Then I will kill him. Hey why are you irritating
for such a petty matter. Last week a girl called me uncle,
so did I give up my life. You are difficult. I found the change. Oh he is the same beggar. Let’s run away. Or else, he will kill. You have paid the GST,
to break the bottle? Hey you think you are a hero? Hey, how did you touch my friend? Hey why are you shouting? Won’t you let me drink in peace? Keep quiet or else
I will break your face. You are coming to our area
and telling us to be quiet. I will pull your tongue out. Hey you. I will not spare you. Hey you.. How dare you. Move aside. Move. What do you think to yourself? You trying to scare me. Leave it. What are you doing? – Let’s go.
– What’s this? Let’s go. Won’t let me drink in peace. Hey, what are you doing? Leave him. Hit him. Catch him. Hit him. Hit him. You will raise your hand on me? You.. Be alert. What are you doing? Catch him. Take this. Take this. Uncles, you always come let,
how come you are early today? – Run from here.
– Come fast. Let’s go away from here. Run quickly, saved. Run. Hey where are you going?
You will be beaten. – Come, sit in the car.
– Come sit in. Come sit in. Let’s go. Thank you sir. I should thank you. We should thank each other as humans. Boss please rush from here.
The wine shop will shut in 10 minutes. Boss I wanted to ask since long. Is this house yours? You asked a very difficult question. I don’t know what to answer. Sir, doesn’t matter. Don’t be tensed. Do you have any business? I was doing the business of smuggling. – Perfume, shoes, laptops.
– Darling. You shut up. Is smuggling a business? There should be job satisfaction. Darling don’t trust random people. The thing is one gets bored
for only earning for money. – Need something new. – What is the
need to tell in front of them? Can’t you hear?
Should I hit you? Don’t try to be the boss. Sir, with whom are you talking? You are a donkey.
Nothing can happen with you. Now if you utter a word,
I will bury you alive here. You are beaten almost every day,
then also your brain doesn’t work. Havocked my brain. Sir, are you talking to any girl? Sorry I did not tell about this girl. She is not seen. By the way, Her name is Shalu. And only I can see her. She is my girlfriend. In front of whom I
can open my heart and talk. My bad luck that
I was trapped with you. Don’t be scared friends. Shalu is a very sweet girl. Can you see that painting? That is Shalu. Wow, she is sparkling. Sir, you are mad. You should go to a mental hospital. You called him mad,
I will break your face. Hey Shalu, relax. – Let it be.
– First you go and get your mind treated. Go away from here. Get lost. You said about going
to the doctor so she got mad. She is very emotional. That’s why I am trapped
with a weirdo like you. I had been to a doctor,
he gave me medicines and I ate too. But life is boring without Shalu. So I kicked off the medicines. I like her very much. But who do you get this disease? – What should I do, if I want it too?
– Mad guy, shut up. I am going,
I am getting late for office. He said you have lost your job. Chuck, why to hide from him. All 3 of you are jobless. What are you doing? Keep quiet. Would you like to do some work? No sir, I will get another job. What about you 2? Without work we are getting everything,
then what is the need to work? Sir, do you too don’t
have any work now? If I talk about work
then you will call me mad. Sir, this is the world of weirdos. But, still I will say. My heart is saying that
I should share this with you. I kidnap people. Like abduct. Look ahead, my record. Sir, these people are kidnapped? No, my research on kidnapping. Not every news is
printed in the newspaper. You make a mistake, they print. Sir, we are getting late,
come lets go. We have drank a lot. Let’s go. What happened? You got scared. No sir, we have to go. Let’s go. Hey, I gave you to drink. Now you will have to eat too. People will puke by
watching you eat like this. Should I ask for the bill? Yes sir. We are done. You guys sit in the car,
I will pay the bill and come. Wow, I have sat in the
driver seat after so many days. Where is he stuck now? – Should we run off with this car?
– Shut up. – Leave me, what are you doing?
– Get inside quietly. – Where are you taking me?
– Shut up and get in. What is all this. Sir, what is this. – Keep quiet.
– Let me go. Keep quiet, police is behind us. – Why are you closing her mouth?
– You drive the car. – Police is chasing us. Police is behind.
– You drive the car. What’s all this. Boss what’s this. You park the car,
let’s run away from all this. My darling is in trouble
and you want to run away. Weirdo, they can’t hear you. My brain is going mad. You brain is not working,
stop your nonsense. – Take right.
– Can’t you all shut up for some time? – Take wherever he is saying.
– I am scared to drive. – Everyone is fighting.
– You all keep quiet. Shut up. Quiet. – Take her phone.
– Give your phone. Leave her hand. Take out your phone. Take out your phone. – Now talk to her father.
– What’s your father’s name? Take out the cloth. – It’s saved as Dad.
– Say. I will not shout.
This kerchief is smelling. Hey you all don’t get scared. I am talking. Hello. Sir, your daughter has been kidnapped. Papa these people have kidnapped me,
and are taking me somewhere. Divya. Divya. – Don’t worry.
– Don’t worry. I will not even touch your daughter. I will not even touch your daughter. Don’t go to the police as we are not
criminals, we have no wrong intentions. Listen. Don’t do
anything to my daughter. I told you I will not so anything.
But you too don’t do anything foolish. Son, tell me what you want, I am
just an ordinary manager of the bank. How can the manager
of the bank be simple? Look son, I am a coward. Even after losing a scoter
I did not go to the police. That’s why I am saying,
you don’t get scared, you relax. – Drive fast.
– Take a deep breath. Inhale. Or you can have an attack. You relax, are you fine now. Ok. – Now tell me, what’s your salary?
– Ask his monthly salary? – What?
– How much is your monthly salary? 45,000 rupees. Means you have 45,000 in your account. Yes son. It’s just 10 th of the month. Yes son you are right. If I take this money,
will you be able to run your expenses? – What?
– Yes I will manage. Ok quickly go to the ATM, retract the
money, wait, I will meet you in 10 mins. Please don’t do
anything to my daughter. We will give her a lollipop.
You quickly get the money. Tell your father not to get tensed. Papa don’t worry. Be brave. Ok sir, take a deep
breath and go to the ATM. – Hello.
– Sir, is the cash ready. Yes it’s ready, son. Absolutely ready. Where do I have to come? Greetings sir.
Sir, give me the cash please. Son, count it properly. Doesn’t matter,
your daughter is standing downstairs. Ok Jai Hind. Take this, do some shopping. Here take your share. Wrestler your share. This is yours. Rest is mine. Boss, from where did you learn this? Follow these 5 points, kidnapping
will be like a child’s play. First rule,
always stay away from powerful people. If you kidnap a rich child,
then you can fall into trouble. And unnecessary tension. Second rule,
don’t give any death threats.. ..because people have
watched many films like that. And it’s impossible to
fool them with such threats. Third rule, don’t be greedy, ask for
that much money that they can give easily. Or else he will go to the police.
And we will be trapped unnecessarily. Rule number 4, don’t use any weapon. Most of the kidnappers are caught
by the police because of the weapons. And rule number 5,
which is most important. If the plan fails,
or something goes wrong.. ..then surrender to
the police without thinking. Or else you will become
a zero from a hero. Hey! Bro, do you even know
the spelling of kidnapping? Hey lets go. – That means, you did not
understand anything. – Come, on. Just started. No, nothing left now. Apart from this 5 rules
there is nothing else to learn. Boss, when will we do the next job? Weirdo, I will break your teeth.
Let’s go. Let’s go. – One minute..
– Before going listen. Let’s go. If you come before 6 tomorrow.
Then you are welcome in my team. Or else erase this meeting. Let’s go. Darling, after all,
how can you trusts these donkeys? Hurry up. Hey lets go back. Have you gone mad? Let’s go. Let’s go. Hey, just because we don’t have a job,
doesn’t mean we kidnap. We will find some proper job,
did you understand. Even if we can’t do anything,
we will have a stall of burgers. We will get a little success in that.
Isn’t it. I cook onion chips well.
We will sell that. Did you get it? – Okay.
– Okay. Fine. Oh god. – Oh, God!
– I have caught. – Hurry up.
– I have caught the auntie. – Yeah!
– Let’s go, let’s go. Let’s go, let’s go. Faster, faster. Little one, let’s go for a drive. Is this the place? Yes this is the place. Why are you making such a sad face? We have kidnapped you,
give some reaction. Is your father a dangerous guy?
Say something don’t scare us. Darling the kid is so cute,
and roly poly. I find him very sweet.
Should we adopt him? What will you eat Golu?
Chocolate, ice cream, lollipop. I am bored. I want to watch Doremon. We have kidnapped him,
and he is feeling bored? Papa! Papa has called. Hello, sir. Yes.
We have reached the place you told us. Where are you? Yes come, we are here. Now, just watch,
you will be in jail very soon. How come? Is your father a jailor? No, my father isn’t a jailor, but
I will become a jailor when I grow up. Will became a jailer,
should I slap you. Wonder how his father tolerates him. Come out. Go straight there is an
ice cream shop on the left there. – Take eat this.
– No thanks. Your destiny is in our own hands,
I understand this now. It’s a good time,
earn as much as you can. Dear this is just the trailer. Before coming here,
many companies have rejected you. Yes sir. Because they have black listed you. – Black list?
– Yes. You will have to deal
with the company legally. Or else, it’s impossible
for you to get a job. Sorry. This is no reason to be unhappy. You also relax like us. Hey, you shut up. Listen, you file a
case against your company. We will bear the consequences. Darling, so now he too
is going to join our team. Accept me too in your team. I don’t have any job nowadays. You will not be able to do this job. You will have to trust blindly.. ..and your brain should
be as sharp as a crow. What an example, darling. Shut up. Go away,
you will not be able to do it. – Move away!
– Can’t you see and walk? I am smarter than these gypsy’s. My brain is sharper. Hey, say. Yes you are right,
but why do you want to do this? We have just started earning,
wait for some time. Then you will get a new job. Boss, I am straight. I think a 1000 times,
before taking a job. I don’t retract back
after taking a decision. Whose phone is ringing? The ring tone seems familiar. Boss, it’s your phone. You are such a big duffer. The child’s phone is with me. Boss will you pick up or disconnect. Take it from where I left,
near the garbage bin. Sir, please don’t disconnect.
Listen to me. I haven’t called you for the phone. I want to talk something
important with you. Are you tracing my call? Even if you told me, then also
I would not have gone to the police. I am telling the truth. Sir. Hello. Hello. Sir. Sir. What do you want? I liked your way of kidnapping. The way you deal,
without harming anyone is amazing. Come to the point. Ok. Sir,
I want you to do a job for me. Sorry. I don’t work for outsiders now,
hang up. Understood. Doesn’t matter.
Sir, at least hear the deal. If you don’t like
my offer than don’t do. But if you agree to meet me.
Then I will give you 50,000 rupees. And if you, did my work, I will
give you 2 crores. Think about it. We can’t meet you.
You come to meet us. Why are you blindfolding me? Brother what are you thinking? – Nothing bro.
– Why are you sad? Oh you want a girl to marry? It’s your age to marry. I will earn some money by kidnapping.
Then I will marry. Brother it’s ok if I get less dowry.
But the girl should be gorgeous. If she walks along we
should look a good couple. What about you? Will you marry or not? I had told you to
tie his hands behind? I had tied it behind. Yes, I can see that. Don’t hit me. I did tie his hand behind. Have we reached? Yes we have reached. The person who spoke
to me over the phone. Yes, I am in front of you. Hello, sir.
Thank you very much, for meeting me. You said you would
give us 50,000 to meet us. Yes. I have got it. Don’t worry I will take it out. What is your name? My name is Bharosemand Yadav. – Bharosemand Yadav?
– Yes. That’s me. Ok Mr. Yadav,
why did you want to meet me? I want you to kidnap someone. Exactly the way you kidnapped my son. Why? Honestly,
I want to take revenge from someone. I lost 2 crores because of him. My whole business was destroyed,
he will have to pay for this. Whom do we have to abduct? Minister Sadanand Bhosle’s son. ‘First rule,
stay away from powerful people.’ Sorry sir. I can’t do this. – Sir!
– Why can’t we do it? It’s a matter of 2 crores. – Don’t talk if you don’t know anything.
– What I don’t know? If We will do kidnapping
of petty people.. ..we will not even
have money for bail. Hey, talk less. We are going to do, what we are doing.
Understood. We are getting the hen
which gives golden eggs. Then we will stop
the cat and mouse game. Hey! Sir, I cannot do this.
Wrestler go and drop him. Sir! Hey what are you doing?
Don’t do this. Don’t you guys have
any kidnapping manners? Yes, move away. Leave him. Now he has seen all our faces.
So better we listen to him. No need. Wrestler. If he doesn’t know where he is,
then we won’t be affected. Taking right from Dahisar check point,
a left from Borivali.. ..then took a left from S V road. Then second right
from Chamunda circle. Then first right after going straight. Then the third left,
again a right after 2 signals. The fourth building in that lane. Isn’t this your address? Boss he has a third eye. – You fool. Shut up!
– Boss. He can see from his third eye. – What are you doing?
– Quiet. Quiet. – Hey!
– Don’t talk much. Stop. Can’t you hear? Go and sit. Sir, sir, please do this work for me. All my life I will be indebted to you. – Look I have come here with a lot of
expectations. – Come behind. Sit down. Please, please.. To hell with the mask. Please sir,
he has to pay for his sins. I can’t sit with my hands tied. He called us to take bribe. And got us arrested by the police. Sir, I agree your work is wrong. But there are ethics in that too. They might be working well,
but they are traitors. They have cheated us,
they destroyed my brother’s life. Please sir,
apart from you, where do I go? The time has come to take
our business to the next level. Now show the glamour of your heroism. Let’s give it a try. We have rule number 5 too. We will surrender if we get caught. Whenever I am in doubt,
I leave the decision to God. I will toss the coin. Heads, then we move ahead. Or else we will forget everything
about this meeting. Ok? Ok. Bajrangi, get a table. Heads. Tell. – How much is your share from 2 crores.
– Sir, I don’t want money. You can keep all the money. I just want to teach the
cheat a lesson. That’s all. – What’s his name?
– His name is Chinmay Bhosle. Mother. What happened? Are you hungry? I am thinking of
quitting smoking, mother. I told you,
his bad luck is going to change. Mother, it’s not that,
I am thinking of doing some business. – It doesn’t look nice.
– Really son? What kind of business? It depends on how much
money will Papa give. If he gives 5 lakhs, can only open
a beetle leave shop, not a showroom. You are right son. But talk to your father clearly. Or you know, how much he hates lies. – Mother, I always talk clearly, the
dirt is in his head. – Chinmay. Have you thought what
you want to do in life? No. You will never improve. Papa I want to start a business,
need some money. First you earn something
by your own self. Then think of starting
your business. Got it! You are living on
your ancestor’s earnings. Then also you have no brains. I am asking for money,
you are lecturing me. Sir, we are getting
late for the meeting. Donkey hasn’t earned 2 rupees
in life and wants to start a business. Mother. – What is it, son.
– Papa is not giving money for business. I am going to smoke a cigarette. Son, listen. Today morning this guy,
went to the shop, drank 12 teas.. ..and smoked 18 cigarettes.
Ate 4 samosas. Then 2 bread omlette. Then laid down at the beach and
was throwing stones while thinking. Back to the tea stall again, smoked
13 cigarettes and went back home. Ate a burger in between. He is a minister’s son, then
also there is no body guard with him. He has no security
or body guard with him. He roams around in an auto and bus. We don’t need a plan to kidnap him. – Can flick him from the tea stall.
– Wow, then let’s go. Should I stop the car,
or in the next lane. Yes park here. If he is just loitering
around we can catch him anywhere. Now even the goons
have started making films. – Who is he? – He was a
pick pocketer at Virar Local train. Calls himself a doctor. – Doctor?
– Yes. A pick pocketer doctor. He looks like a film director. – He is mad.
– Ok boss, do you know him? Yes I know him, keep it carefully. We might need him. Why is the minister at home now? It can’t be.
After 9am his car is not even seen. Hey you said he travels
alone everywhere. We had kept an eye on him,
just one day. Ok let’s go,
we won’t kidnap him today. Some other day. Why is his car following us? We are ahead of him. What’s the difference between the two? Chuck, you won’t get it. Who are these guys? – Come on, move the car ahead.
– Hurry up, hurry up, move the car ahead. – Open, open.
– Don’t be scared. Rush the car. – Hurry up.
– Come out. Come on. – Boss, someone else is kidnapping him.
– Come on. Sit inside. – What is happening?
– Get in the car. – They are other kidnappers.
– Get inside. Come on. Something is wrong. – Hurry up hurry up, let’s go. Hurry up.
– Speed up, speed up. Speed up, speed up. – Speed up, speed up. Hurry up.
– Something is wrong. – Hurry up.
– Follow them, but they should not know. – Did they go this side?
– Yes, maybe. – Keep moving. Don’t stop!
– Look, that’s the car. Keep moving slowly. Oh god, what do we do now? Don’t worry, I am here. Brother, can we get a gun? The gun comes with
an inspector’s dress. Then we want an SI and
one inspector’s costume. Boss will be the inspector,
and I will be SI. – And you, both become the constable.
– Why will I be the constable? You don’t even look like one. – By the way, you are how
many people in total? – We are 4. – One sub inspector, one head constable,
2 constable, costumes. – Fine. That should be good. Brother with 4 clothes,
will we get 4 guns. You will get only one. Ok, how much is the money? Total is 1900. Is it a movie or a serial? – Film.
– What’s the name of the movie? Fake cop. There is nobody below, let’s go up. Hey go up. He seems alive. But half dead. Where did his kidnappers go? We will be back after
arranging food for you. How will we wake him up? Very difficult. – Stop. There is police ahead.
– Stop it. Police! From where did the police come? – Turn around and let’s go.
– Let’s run away from here. Let’s go and hurry up. – Turn around and let’s go.
– Wait! – Come on. Come on. Move it. Hurry up.
– Speed up. Come on. – Oh god!
– Come on, run! – Hurry up, get inside.
– Move it. Move it. – Start the car, hurry.
– Come on, move. Come on. – Let’s go. Hurry up.
– Hurry up. Come on. Let’s go. Hurry. Hey Nikhil. Oh so you had done the
first kidnapping, right? Ok. And how much were
you going to ask as ransom? What, I will quote the money,
you nod your head. 1 crore? 2 crore? 3 crore? Did you call your home? Listen, now it’s not your plan,
it’s my plan. After getting 50,000
I give a tip of 1000 or 2000. But this is about 2 crores. So, I will give you
2 lakh rupees, get it? What happened?
Don’t show me your eyes. – Greetings. Greetings.
– Excuse me, sir. – Sir, please.. Sir
– First let me go inside. – Please let me go.
– Sir please.. – SIr..
– Today it’s only yours. – Please, Please..
– Come on, give it. Thank you, thank you, sit down. Take this. Here! You think you can win
the election without money? An honest minister doesn’t need money. Can you win without money? – Greetings. Greetings.
– Sir.. Sir.. Sir one question. Sir, the survey in the polls,
according to that, you will win. Hello. Park the car. – What happened?
– Sir an important call for you. – They want to talk to you.
– Ok. Sir, someone has kidnapped Chinmay. Hello. Sir, don’t worry.
We have kidnapped your son. But I don’t want much, sir. – Sir!
– Yes. Don’t take any decision in anger. Listen carefully to what I am saying. Just give me 2 crores. I request you, don’t go to the police. What happened darling? He disconnected the call. We called your father for money,
he disconnected the call. What? Mad, remove the cloth. What were you saying? I said watch the TV. During elections,
when the government and police.. taking care in the right way. Then some criminals do such
cheap things and are take advantage. To save my son,
not only will I take the help of law.. ..but will not also bow down to them. As you just saw, minister’s son. Should I say something? Let’s leave
him here and run away. Tension over. – What’s this?
– What? Why are you wearing a swimsuit? We can never see her. I thought you were tensed,
so I thought of relaxing you. You want me to relax,
here my tension is increasing. I think his father is
a very arrogant minister. Release him. We asked 2 crores then
your father is acting weird. If we had asked for 3 crores.. ..then he would have gone
for work without listening. Ok eat it. Then we will drop you. Do you want to do 50:50? I had told you earlier, ask 3 crores. No you can’t ask.
Now have to do with 2 crores. Out of that one crore for
you and one for me. Is it ok? You are saying as if he is going
to serve you in a plate and give. I know how to do that. – Are you ok with the deal.
– Listen brother, we are 4. And you are alone.
How can it be 50:50? We have to divide in 5 parts. I was feeling pity for you.
That why I said 50:50. Or else would not
have given you that also. You stole my plan. And failed.
That’s why were, sending me home? Are you doing this for the first time? You should not even
get a single penny. Then also giving you 1 crores.
Then also acting arrogant. Leave it, if you can’t do it. Boss, I feel the 50:50 is good. I also feel its ok.
Further we are getting his support. I also feel the deal is very good. Don’t let it go. Ok, what’s your plan? I am going to make a call.
When I signal, you squeeze my neck. Like this, ok. Don’t kill me, let me talk. Show me, how you will talk. It’s me. I am speaking. Yes like this. Got it? Give me a coin. Here. We should take him in our team.
He is very smart. – Hello.
– Listen pappu. – Call mother.
– Ok. I am calling her. – Hello, son.
– Mother. – Mother..
– Chinmay my son, where are you? Mother, forgive me. Mother. – Mother.. – Son, why are you
asking me for forgiveness? I want to hear your
voice before dying. Don’t talk such things. Son. You have
taken birth from treacherous father. – May worms bite him?
– Mother don’t curse your husband. – What should I do? – Don’t protest
against the chief minister’s house. He is a very honest man. Even
if a die. Don’t do such things mother. – Don’t say that son.
– Don’t forget me. Mother. Ok. Give me tea. Save my son sir.
As his father has a heart of stone. – Even if my son dies, it will
not bother him. – Move. Move. – Please save him.
– Move away from here. Minister Sadanand Bhosle’s wife,
to save her son.. ..protested against the
chief minister’s bungalow. Many women had gathered
there to support her. Tears welled up in people’s eyes,
by listening to a mother’s woes. – Minister has called Sadanand Bhosle
to solve the matter. – Greetings. – Greetings.
– Greetings.Sit down. I have heard your wife
is more on TV than you. – Greetings.
– You come with me. Read the papers,
you will understand everything. Ok. – Greetings sir.
– Yes. Ok. Sit. Yes. Ok. – Don’t give me the call,
if he calls again. – Ok sir. You visit Delhi once. Sometimes use your brains.
Go from here. – Yes tell me.
– Forgive, my wife is stupid. – She can’t understand.
– But what wrong has she done? You are not worth 2 penny yet
you became a minister in my cabinet. Only because of you.. ..the parties image instead
of improving its becoming worse. If there is elections now.. ..because of your wife,
even your bail will be stopped. Is she joining the opposition party? What are you saying?
I will not let her do that. What to mean, you will not let her do. Always doing a drama of a good image. Your son has been kidnapped. You are more bothered
about your image. What should we do? I think he must be having 2-400crores. What are you saying sir,
I have never taken bribe.. ..and run my family with my salary. – Ok, take out 2 crores from the
party funds and give him. – Ok, sir. You take the money and go. And listen. Don’t hit your wife.. ..or else she will create
a ruckus in front of the TV. I have written a
complaint to the police. – If they catch the kidnappers.
– Have you gone mad? Why are you involving the police? Give money to the kidnappers
and bring your son back. Do you understand? Go then. Greetings. Sister, please drink water at least. Sir, call for you. The phone is more important for him. – Hello.
– Is it minister sir? – I am your son’s kidnapper.
– Yes I am the minister, speak. I will tell you when and where
you will have to bring the money. I don’t work on Sunday.. ..and Monday I will give you
instructions, which you will follow. Be ready with the money. As
soon as I call, you take it and leave. Minister don’t act smart. Chinmay’s mother will bring the money. – I have another appointment.
– Look, you are not aware of my powers. If you get caught in my jaws. – Hello.
– I am Minister Sadanand. Yes brother-in-law, tell me. The kidnapper has told me,
he wants the ransom money by Monday. Catch him quickly. Your chief minister has said
the police not to get involved.. ..settle it by giving money. What do you mean
by settling with money? I should give them money,
to bring my son back. Use illegal method. Brother-in-law, I am not saying this,
your leader is saying this. What is the need for you to tell him,
it’s your job to catch the kidnappers? You do your duty. And catch them as soon as possible.
Understand! Brother-in-law, listen to me. What happened? What is this? How much he has packed. Sir, tracking chip cannot
be inserted in such a small phone. Can you catch him or not? You don’t get tensed. You sit down. Since the last 24 hours,
you are saying the same thing. – Don’t fool me?
– Don’t get tensed. I’ll do something. You relax and sit. If you want to raise in politics.
Then you should not have a family. Sister, don’t be scared. 2 police with
plain clothes will be behind them. A car and a jeep
will be following them. I have inserted a GPS in your car. We will come to know where
ever you are. You understand? – Don’t be scared.
– I am very frightened, brother. Your nephew’s life
is in your hands now. Sister, listen to me. After Chinmay comes back to you.
Then only police will go in. Before that forget
that police is with you. Who is calling? It’s them. Talk. Speak. Hello. Your son is safe and sound,
and wants to talk to you. Mother, save me. Chinmay, Chinmay, how are you son? Do they give you milk to drink? Aunty, he drinks so much milk.. ..that even the buffaloes
have stopped giving milk. Give the phone to your brother. He wants to talk to you. – Me?
– Yes. Hello! DIG sir, how many
policemen are you sending? A brother has come to meet his sister,
not a policeman. Get it. Sir, policeman has no relatives,
are you trying to fool me? Don’t misunderstand.
I have no such intention. You listen to me. Explain your sister
to remain in touch with me. Left, right, north south,
where she has to go.. .. I will keep instructing her
on the phone. Ok. Take this and now you leave. Don’t panic if the call is lost,
they will call you again. Keep instructing the driver, where
to go. Don’t panic. Come on move. Go, fast. Maintain a distance
and keep following her. Ok, sir. Aunty, have you reached? Yes I have.
Open the door. Give it to me. – Now straight walk into the ground.
– Ok. Walk toward the ground.
Have you reached? – Yes.
– What can you see there? There is something
covered with the cloth. Ok, go near it. Yes Come on, be quick. The kidnappers
must be nearby. Hurry up. Have you reached or not? – Reached or not?
– Yes reached. What is happening there? Sir, madam is standing in the middle
of the ground and looking at something. Remove the cloth and,
keep the bag on the stand below. You saw the stand?
Now keep the bag on it and move away. I said move away from there. What happened? – Sir, money is flying in the air.
– What? – What nonsense are you talking?
– What did he say? Has it come? Can it be seen? It will come, sir. Wait a bit. It has come. Your future is bright. One minute,
hey what’s happening hey scientist. Seems the weight is very heavy. – Catch it, it’s over weight.
– Do something, just don’t stand. Please. What went wrong? Why isn’t it working? Hey, what are you doing? Don’t day dream,
our men are below, they will catch it. – You arrange for a sarong.
– Yes. Hurry. Uncle, please give me
your sarong for 5 minutes. – No, no. – Here take the money,
give me. Hurry up. Hurry. Take it out. Hold. Make it straight. Hurry up, let’s go. Let’s go. Amazing sir, we did it. Sir, because of my drone,
you got the money. And you are just giving me one stack. There are already 5 partners,
now go away from here. Boss, think about me. Ok give him another stack. Take. Thank you boss. So how will we divide? What do you mean how?
We had decided. Yes you are right.
But the helicopter plan was mine. Without the plan would
you have got the money magically? Understood? It will be 50:50, Listen bro. we had already
decided earlier. This is not right. Brother, what’s all this? We will discuss all
this when we reach home. We will decide who will
get how much of the share. Hey leave him. Leave him. Wait .wait.
The ball is coming here. A big ball is there. – Save from the glass.
– Yes, yes. Where is boss? Hey Shalu, please don’t
leave me alone and go Shalu. – Hey Shalu.
– Darling I made a mistake. – Please forgive me.
– Don’t say that. Shalu. I can’t see you in such
a helpless state anymore. – I have to go.
– No, No. I can’t live without you,
Shalu please don’t leave me and go. – Shalu. Shalu.
– Take care. Shalu. Shalu. Shalu. Shalu. Shalu. Boss, boss. What happened? Shalu has left me and gone. Boss don’t be sad.
Who can stop the one, who has to go? But we will have to go, let’s go. – Let’s go.
– Shalu. She is yours. Get up. – Good. Please get up.
– My Shalu. Get up. Let’s go. – Police will come, let’s hurry up and go.
– Shalu. – Shalu.
– Hey you guys, let’s go. Have you come here for a picnic? Where is the one
whom we had kidnapped? He has gone to get a drink for you. Please order a strong one for me. Idiot, he is absconding
with all the money. Let’s go. Stop here. Sister, eat something.
It’s not right to starve. Please eat. Sister, please eat. Chinmay. Mother I thought you would be sad.
You are eating Idlis. Thank god a million times,
son eat whatever you want. Wonder since when you must be hungry. Eat all this is cooked for you. Eat this too. Eat my son. Everything is for you. Mother, chicken korma isn’t there? Chicken Korma? I will bring it.
While then you eat the rest. Eat. Should I serve you too? How dare you. How dare you protest in
front of the chief minister’s house? Open the door. I said open the door. Open the door. – What are you doing? Open the door.
– He won’t improve. – Serve food, let’s eat.
– What are you all doing? All are fools. Minister Sadanand Bhosle’s son.. ..who was kidnapped 4 days ago,
has returned back home. Minister has first announced.. ..that he will not give into
the demands of the kidnappers. But kidnappers are
still roaming freely. So it is believed that the
minister must have paid.. ..the ransom money to release his son. How much was the ransom money?
Was it black or white money? The answers to this questions. Papa nothing much has
happened just a few scratches. To save you, all my gathered
reputation, has dissolved in the soil. Hello. It’s me. After all what the hell
are you all doing? Will you tell me? We are trying our best to catch them. If you don’t arrest them,
how can I face the world? – How can I ask for votes? – This is
not an old gang. They are new people. They can only be caught, if they
surrender or try to catch someone again. You can’t do anything. Call that inspector,
what’s his name, Abhay Singh. Call him to Mumbai immediately, I want
to give this case to him. Hurry up. Will you call him,
or should I transfer you too. – Brother in law, don’t call him.
– Why? He is a mad man, wherever he goes,
he is been transferred. – At the moment he is suspended.
– So what. Brother in law, he is a Pschyo. He became an inspector
only to encounter. It’s been a year,
not a word has escaped his mouth. To save the department from being
tarnished, we are going to dismiss him. If he is the right man, you please
hand over this case to him, get it. Brother in law, listen to me. Rana, come out.
Someone has come to meet you. Hello. Yes sir is busy.
Tell me. Ok will inform. Ok. Sir, call from headquarters. We both have been
transferred to Mumbai. Come sit. You must have read the case file. Kidnappers don’t seem to be any
smart criminals. They are new people. I feel their motive is only money.
This case begun when.. Look Abhay Singh, I am a man
of principles and I talk straight. We will not talk, that if you have
a gun, the kidnappers too have a gun. Because if there is an encounter
either my son will die or they. And I don’t want anything
during elections. Do you understand me? It will be better if we
close this case in a weeks’ time. Wait. Why one week? You have to catch
them within 48 hours. Ok. He went away without saying a word? You have just given him 48 hours.
He has started his job. Done. You said it was an accident.
There is not even a scratch. – Maybe its internal injury.
– Who is next? No one. Hey did you hear about the case
of kidnapping of the minister’s son? – What happened?
– Now Abhay Singh is in charge of that. He is the God of death. Brother, will you just let
me read the paper for a minute. Abhay Singh transferred to lead,
the team for the kidnappers. Who is this Singh bro? Have you come from a village?
As you don’t know, who is Abhay Singh? No brother we don’t know. Beware, the gang which
kidnapped the minister’s son.. ..will be encountered
in a weeks’ time. The bullet will escape some constable,
and the whole gang will be finished, Boss. Are you talking about the
pickpocketer who makes movies now? Yes. Is he your friend? My elder brother. What’s the complaint? Body ache, feel dizzy.
Headache too. Can’t sleep. Open your mouth. Close it half. Give the slip to the doctor,
he will not take a penny from you. Go. Yes what’s the problem? Doctor, the other party
is retracting from the agreement. If you talk, everything will be set. – What’s the price of the property?
– One and half crore. Big people get involved
in property business. You will face such consequences if you
involve petty thieves and astrologers. Welcome, welcome,
this parrot will tell your future. Hey you are the one,
who fools people with the parrot? Yes sir. Wait, I will break your bones. Where are you going,
petty thief. Stop. If you came here and
talked about real estates.. ..I will make you nude and beat you.
Better understand. You don’t know me yet. Yes, come. Sir. What’s your name? – Bajrangi.
– Can you act? You must have acted in school dramas. – Never.
– If I give you a chance, will you act? No, No. Since 6 months I was
looking for a guy like you. Sir, for what reason? You are the hero,
of the film, I am making. Listen to the story of the film,
carefully. The film begins with
the wedding scene. Then divorce, within 3 months. The name of the film is Honeymoon. How did you like the name? Very nice. Hey, small bro. How come you are here? Police inspector Abhay Singh
transferred from Alibaugh to Mumbai. What crime have you committed? That he is chasing you? Oh sit. – Brother
– What? No what can we do? – Now, nothing can save you.
– Okay. Turn around and sit
down quietly somewhere. If you try to act smart, then
you might escape death but not him. In our business those who talk die. – Doctor.
– Yes, say my hero. I have thought of a scene
for my movie, should I narrate? Chuck the scene and build your body. I want you to have 6 packs. I got it sir. Shambhu, hey Shambhu. I will enquire and give you tips. Till then, sit quietly. Understood. I have to speak to a man called Jalwa.
He will solve the matter. First he will hear
then he will attack. Solid. Hello, who is calling? Hey, it’s me, doctor. Bro Shankar, how are you? What’s up? I am drunk. Don’t praise me,
listen to me carefully. Yes tell me Shankar bro. In Mumbai, there is an inspector
named Abhay Singh. Do you know him? Means bad luck has
started for Mumbai.. ..all the criminals should leave
Mumbai and run away. Hey, no need to talk nonsense. You just keep an eye on him. For whom brother,
what will I get in return? – Is 5 ok.
– Bro I want 8. Hey don’t be greedy.
Take it and shut up. And do the job properly. Ok brother. By the way,
I heard you are making a film.. ..if you had a role for me,
then the movie will be a super hit. Let me think, there is a role of
hero’s friend. I will cast you for that. – Is it ok?
– Ok brother. Who hit you? He started with me. And now, he
is beating all the goons of the city. Sir, please spare me.
I don’t know anything. Tell me one thing, did you
open your mouth in front of him. No, I tolerated. Because I was drunk. If I was in my senses.
Then I would have told him everything. Hey don’t act smart.
Don’t tell him anything. Till he doesn’t know about us,
not to worry. But if he comes to know. Sir, please don’t hit.
Sir it pains a lot. Sir, I will tell you. Sir I know a man who sells marijuana. He has connections with them. Who had kidnapped the minister’s son? I just know this much,
nothing more, sir. Where will I find them? What do you want? Sir, we have already
sent the share to the cops. Brother he is Abhay Singh. If you want you can arrest us but.. Another name has cropped up, in the
case of kidnapping of the ministers son. Who had full information
of the real gang? All the 5 members were
killed in the encounter. Police have found new clues.. ..and he has promised to catch all
the kidnappers in the next 48 hours. Anybody who gives any information
on this will be rewarded well. And his name will also not be disclosed.
So that he remains safe in future. Boss, let’s run away to Bihar. We will come back when
the matter cools off. Bro, even the police of Bihar shoots. Police has no clue. Or else why would it give
rewards to people to give clues. What happened to the doctor? – Hello.
– Hey Shambhu. Where are you all? – In our rooms.
– Rooms? – Immediately leave from there.
– Why? Police has come to know where you are.
Leave from there. – It can’t be.
– Don’t say dialogues, leave form there. What happened? Police. Run, let’s go. – Let’s go. Brother.
– Just a minute. Hurry up. Brother lets go,
there is no time for sentiments. How did he come to know? Who is this Sadanand Yadav? He told everything
to the police for money. Sir, please sir,
please do this job for me. I will remain indebted
to you all my life. I knew by his name itself,
that he was a fraud. Actually we have no
connection with this case. Police should catch Chinmay Bhosle. Of course, he had done all the
planning. The money too is with him. He should save his
life and run instead of us. If it was me,
I would have kidnapped him again. What did you say? – Don’t think about it.
– No, you are absolutely right. We will kidnap him again. No. if you want to remain alive,
then surrender. When the matter cools off.
Then I will use some influence. No, I will try once,
if this plan is successful. Then ok, or else we will surrender. – Boss, what are you saying?
– Shut up. I just need a bike and a car. But, there is lot of danger in this. Brother you know, we have always
played with danger since childhood. You help me one more time. Take this, it will help you. Give me a tea. Sir, whatever happened with
me that day, was like a dream. Half the time I was unconscious. Someone would hit me
on my head and I would faint. There was no one to give me food also. They had locked me in a dark room. Whenever they took me out of the room,
they would cover my head. I think that place
is somewhere in the city. But I have a doubt,
they were noises of cows too. What happened son? What noise was that? It was a cat. Son, don’t you read the newspaper? The gang that kidnapped you,
they have confessed. Now you too tell the truth. Sir, honestly I don’t know anything. Son, do you know what this card means. It has the name and number of sir. Call on this number before evening
6 and tell everything truthfully. Brother start the car,
immediately and let’s leave from here. Don’t look at him and change
the geography of your face. Sir, I forgot the match box there. He is looking at us. Our game is over. Shut up. Don’t be a coward. Sit still. Hurry up lets go. Let’s go. Burn. He is after us. Boss, speed up. Don’t look behind, sit quietly. – Race the car.
– Don’t shout. – Left, left.
– There is no left. Right. – Stop talking.
– There is no road ahead. Sir, we can’t do anything,
this is a residentially place, Hey come out. Come out, – Can’t you hear? Come out.
– Sir, I haven’t done anything. I haven’t done anything. You like to race your cars?
Come out. Come. Come. Only for your safety. You are acting,
as if you are smiling in front of me? Sorry. Hey come out, come out.
Get out or will shoot you. You will get your car back from D N Nagar
police station. Collect it from there. Let’s go guys. Speed. Speed up. Yes I am moving. Life has become shit,
let’s drink a beer. Wait a minute,
will get a bottle and leave. How many times will you call?
I saw, a black car. Yes I am coming, hang up. – Run, run, and let’s flick him quickly.
– Don’t let him go. Take this. Let’s get out of here. Leave. – Let’s move from here.
– Yes I am turning the car. Shut up. Hold him. Move from here.
How much more will I have to wait? Madam, he is coming. What’s all this? Why have
you put up the set of crime petrol? What did you tell the police? Should I tell you something honestly? If you had told everything to my
father after running away with my money. Then he would have let
you escape and arrested me. But you did not do any such thing. On top of that,
kidnapped me once again. Now, even Donald Trump can’t save you. And the crazy inspector
is also chasing you. – How will you escape from him?
– Is your story over? Now, tell, me what did
you tell the police? I did not say anything. Means you did not say anything
to inspector Abhay Singh. – I did not utter a word.
– Where is the money? It’s with me.
I was thinking that yesterday.. ..that if you are saved
from the mighty inspector. Then I would give you half of it. Ok. – If you make a promise,
I will let you go. – What kind of promise? You will not tell
police anything about us. I swear on my father,
I will not utter a word. Ok, you can go now. Should I go home? – Will you let me go Scott free?
– I said yes. At least cover my head, if
I come to know about the place then? Doesn’t matter. You have become very careless,
take care. I swear on my father,
I will not utter a word. Take this cassette and make
5 copies of this immediately. One for you, one for the police.. for the minister,
and one for the reporters. I will deal with this later.. ..let me see how police
will be able to do your encounter? I know one place,
from where we can make many copies. Then why are you wasting time here,
go run quickly. I have thought of a scene,
for our director’s film. The scene of oranges. Scene of oranges? To eat or place? I will tell this to the director. Bro, get saved from Abhay Singh or else
he will squeeze the juice out of us. Boss, let him squeeze us, ultimately
he will just get the peel in his hand. Because the fruit is in our pocket. Oh lord. – Don’t cry, there is still time to think.
Quickly sit in the auto. – Let’s go. Sir, let me go sir. Sir, I haven’t done anything.
I don’t know anything. Sir, please let me go. Sir I am telling you honestly. I remembered sir, will tell you. After the Amboli signal, next to
the Ganesha temple. There is a path. Sir, the kidnappers
have already surrendered. Sir, I have already confessed,
now spare me, sir. Sir, please spare me. Sir, sir. Minister Sadanand Bhosle’s son’s
kidnapping, has taken a new turn today. When all the 4 parents went
to the police station.. ..and have surrendered themselves. Police have informed they will
be brought to the court today itself. They do not have any criminal record. Get in, go in. Sit in. ‘You are acting,
as if you are smiling in front of me?’ They have come. Sir, what is the matter?
Would you like to say something? What has happened?
When did it take place? Excuse me sir, do you know the name? Are you scared of the police? – Tell us, the public wants to know..
– Place the camera up, what are you doing? I want to tell something, Sir, you cannot
mistreat him like this. What are you doing? I never tried to run away
throughout the journey. Nor will we try to go from here. And if we still get killed
by an encounter.. ..then it will be
a cold blooded murder. And inspector Abhay Singh
will be responsible for that. I just have to say this much. Sir, tell us.
Sir, please talk to the media sir. – Please sir.
– Come on! Case number 845. Shambhu and company. Chinmay Bhosle. Take off your slippers. Whatever I will say will be the truth. I will speak the truth. – And nothing else then the truth.
– And nothing else, except the truth. – Tell, us your name?
– Chinmay Bhosle, sir. – Father’s name.
– Sadanand Bhosle. You were kidnapped on 25th October. Don’t nod your head , speak yes or no. Yes sir. – How many people were involved?
– There were 4 people. The people who kidnapped you,
were their name Shambhu.. ..wrestler, Bajrangi and Nikhil. – Were they these people?
– No, sir. They were not them. They are not them. Listen, you don’t
be frightened of anyone. And look at their faced minutely,
and then answer. – They are the same people.
– No, sir. But, they themselves
have surrendered on their own. No, sir,
I have never seen these people. Never seen. – Your honor, this case is a bit.
– You have lost this case too. You are a jinxed lawyer. Sign here. – What is written?
– Come on You sign. Yes speak. Ok I am telling. Ok fine. Sir, all 4 are in the police van.
And are going towards the jail. Guys when they have released us.. ..then why did they
make us sign on the papers. Hope it isn’t a trick. We are released. We signed for that. That’s why I told the reporter
so that we don’t have an encounter. And now? If we were sentenced then
he would not have done our encounter. No we are free. He can do anything. Don’t get upset when he comes,
talk to him nicely. – Come.
– Papa. What are you doing? Listen. You go to your room quietly. Go away. You come with me now. Come with me. Please calm down. From where did you
get this money, tell me. Tell me, from where
did you get this money? Running away?
Where are you running away? Thief, useless,
where are you trying to run? Dog, did I give birth to you for this? – Please calm down.
– You go away from here. Rascal leave him.
Will you take his life? – Has God not given you brains?
– What did you say? Speak, what did you say?
What are you saying? Open the door, hey open the door. I will send you to jail,
for the crime of robbing the money. Will you open the door or not.
I will not spare you today. I will lose the election,
but will send you to jail. Hey open the door. – Hope you are not doing suicide.
– Listen, bring the tools. Bring the instrument upstairs.
Hurry up. I said open the door, open the door. I will surely send you to jail,
I said open the door. Hurry up, open the door.
I will not leave you. – Son, don’t cut your veins.
– You shut up, I said you shut up. – If you open your mouth I will break it.
– My son, don’t get scared. Break the door. Break the door open. Hurry up, hurry up.
What are you doing? Hurry up. What are you doing? Break it. Give me, I will break it,
move behind. Let’s go. You are trying to run away.
You want to escape away. – Did I give you birth for this day?
– Mummy. You are taking the party’s
money and running away? No, papa no. – Listen, he should not be able to run.
Understood. – Yes sir. Start the car. Quickly let’s
go to the party office. Hurry up. Let’s go. – Greetings.
– Greetings, he is eating. Please sit. Heard now a days you are begging. I meant for votes,
isn’t it like begging. Wait sir, where are you rushing? Wait, you cannot enter like this. Sorry sir, I wanted to tell
you something very important. I had stopped him. Look the matter is such,
so I had to enter forcefully. Look, even if tsunami comes,
don’t come in like this. – Ok sir.
– Tell me. I have got the proof
of my honesty in front of you. I am returning all the
money of the party funds safely. Look at this. What is this? Sir, the 2 crores.. Listen. You sit down. Are you mentally stable? Sir, many people are tensed
because they have 4-5 children.. ..but I have only one son, my heart.. ..but if there is anyone
like him in the city.. ..then the whole world will collapse. What are you talking? – Sir, has ordered me not to
let you go anywhere. – Move. Will you move away or not? Madam, even if you take my life.. – ..I will not let you go.
– I will have to take your life. – Wait. Let me talk.
– No, no. Take this.
No, I can’t take. – No! No, I cannot take.
– Take it. Dear. – It’s not for you.. – I can’t take it.
Brother, what are you doing? ..but for the education
of the kids. Take it. What are you doing? This is not right. Tell him you did not let me go,
I hit you and ran away, ok. Brother.. Hey straight come to the point. Ok, Hang up. Where is the switch? – Nikhil it’s so dark here.
– Hey inspector? – Buddy, tell something.
– I am saying, can’t you hear. – Where are we?
– Please switch on the lights. Why are you punishing us? There is water all around. Open. The door opened, someone has come in. Switch on the lights.
Is someone there? Switch on the lights. Hey who is it? – What happened? – What you are
showing your manhood in the darkness? No! No. – Don’t hit.
– Why are you beating us? Where are you? Who is it? Spare me. I beg you. – Hey if you are a real man..
– Don’t hit. – ..then switch on the lights and show.
– We are fed up. Is someone there? Hey Pschyo. Why are you hitting our poor boss? Hit me if you have the courage. – Shut up.
– Come. Take us out from here. He is going on hitting us. Seems his wife too must be
hitting him in the darkness like this. This is the railway gate. Drive ahead. Now take a right. Come on. Are you tired? Sir, the calls are coming
continuously from the headquarters.. ..and they are asking, where are you? We have been transferred again. Come to hit us. – Are ytou scared?
– Did the minister call you? Hey come out. Come out. Walk quietly. Sir, the time is elapsing. Hey drive quickly. Hey Shambhu. What happened?
Come on get up. Get up. Come on. Look at your condition. If I find him, I will kill him. Now that is not required now. What are you saying? There is no need to
do anything like that. Sit, relax. How did you come
to know of this place? I have spies in the police department. Turn around. You don’t worry.
I have arranged for everything. You will go to Bihar for a month. Don’t say anything till then. Right? Hey hope you are not
obstructing anything. – You crazy..
– I want to talk to Shambhu alone. We had decided we would do 50:50. One for you and one for me. You are tricking me, with greed. You kidnapped me again
and left me without a scar. I am not deceiving you,
it’s your right. We have formed a team unknowingly. When police interrogated me,
I did not utter a word. I have kept my promise. I just want to go away from my father. Police is looking for me everywhere. Don’t be scared.
You are not a terrorist. No, brother you don’t know my father. I want to go away for some time.
Will you help me? For some time I will be away
from everyone, once the money is over. I will come back and join your team. Now, I too am a criminal. – Hey, come out..
– How much will you talk. Hurry up, come out. Chinmay Bhosle. What is all this? God knows. Before anyone else comes
and takes you away, say. How did you escape Abhay Singh? My neck is paining. Sir, it’s the gun of the department. Sir, this is old rusted revolver. Sir. Sir. Sir! Sir! Sir, careful.. Sir, I told you, this is an old gun. Take care of sir,
he has been shot by a gun. Sir, has been shot, come quickly. Be careful. Carefully. – Be careful.
– Be careful. – Relax. Let’s go.
– Sir, don’t worry. Are you telling the truth? Come. – Sit.
– Sit down. You will contest election
this time instead of your father. Because of your father,
the party had to bear many losses. Because of him, how much
will the party empty their accounts? Next time too,
our government will win. I want you to earn 300 crores
for the party in the next 5 years. If more than this then you
will become the finance minister. You can’t do this at all. Will you tell me,
what I have to do and what not to do? So can you earn 300 crores? Yes. Yes. He has so much confidence. A minister should be like him. Listen sir, if this is your decision,
I will join another party. Yes. Which party will include you now? Go on a pilgrimage with your wife. Take him away.
Your place has been taken by your son. – Now go somewhere and relax.
– Sir! – Sir, this is not right.
– Sir, let’s go away from here. – Sir he is not worthy of politics.
– Please, listen to me. Come. Sir, don’t make him a politician.
Sir, he will destroy the people. – Sir, go away from here.
– Sir, don’t do this, he is an evil man. Sir, please don’t do this at all. – Calm down! – All the frauds that
you have done by tricking your father. Politics is exactly like that. You have to replace
your father with the public. – Did you understand?
– Yes. We will file your nomination tomorrow. Along with it,
your campaigning will begin. – Ok.
– Ok. If you win,
what will you do for the people? I will do my work. Chandrasekhar Rajput MA,
another MLA from the Rajput family. I Chinmay Bhosle, take an oath.. ..that I will have full faith
on the constitution of India. And not tarnish the unity
of the country, in any way. And will fulfill the duties of the
minister with integrity and honesty. There is no kind of fear
in my heart while taking this oath. I take an oath,
to improve everyone’s life.. ..and fill their lives with happiness. – How much will the deal be for?
– 5 crore. – 5 Crore!
– Can we meet the minister? Minister will only meet if
the deal is above 50-100 crores. But why do you want
to meet the minister? Your money is going to the right
hands, there is nothing to worry. Ok. But you cannot meet him like this. We have to do like this nowadays. Everyone’s security is important. Nowadays, people can
bring hidden camera anywhere. That is the reason before
anyone comes inside.. ..we make them take
out all their clothes. Brother, have you finished counting? No not now, machine has
got heated by counting the notes. Let it rest. Hey why there isn’t
romance in your face? You look there. Make up. Now smile. If you did not do,
then I will kick you out. If you followed these 5 rules, there
is no better business than kidnapping. Rule number 1,
stay away from powerful people. Never threaten to kill a powerful man. – Ask only that much ransom money..
– That he can give easily. Don’t use any weapon. No fights. If there is any danger,
surrender yourself. That he can give easily.. Don’t use any weapon. No fights. If there is any danger,
surrender yourself. Sir, will that girl be good. Shalu. Today’s sensational news. Home minister Rakesh Patil’s daughter
Shalini, has been kidnapped at 9am.. front of the shopping mall,
in the morning.

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