Rummy Scenes | Vijay Sethupathi and Aishwarya Rajesh gets eloped | Joe Malluri’s men attacks Inigo

Who are you waving to? Eat your food
Bus will be here anytime This seems to be
heading for a disaster! As long as bad news doesn’t
reach our door step, I’m glad! You can leave, right! – Only 4 teeth
– Yes, bro We maintain a high standard
Not even 1 decayed tooth Where are you from? Neighboring village, Arangal But I have never
seen you before We are traders Can we always be in the village?
We keep visiting all the markets I’m very thirsty Can I get some water? Bring some water to drink Tell us your rate
We’ll conclude the deal I don’t intend selling
my cows to you Why are you suddenly refusing? Hey Karuppaiya!
Fasten a muzzle for the calf It is sticking its mouth
into unwanted places What did you say, sonny? Don’t you know
how to talk to elders? It’s alright, sir
We’ll look elsewhere Get lost Boss, yesterday you were
prepared to sell the cow These men don’t look
like they want to buy cows Do you think my son would’ve
reached his college by now? He should have ‘Sorry, Sakthi’ ‘I wanted to tell you something
when you were leaving with mother, right?’ ‘But it took an unexpected turn’ Swarna…? Close the door Swarna? Let’s leave immediately
We’ll run away from here We shouldn’t
be here any longer What happened? My folks have
fixed my marriage They’ve decided to get me
married to my first cousin I didn’t know what to do
So I ran away Hey, idio- Decked up with
so much jewelry- Alone at night, what if
someone had seen you? Are you mad?
Leave now We’ll discuss
everything later No, I won’t go Hey Swarnu! I have come here
with full faith in you You are everything for me Please understand, Swarnu! I will complete
my studies this year After that I’ll do
whatever you say Please listen to me, Swarnu That won’t be possible
They won’t let me wait By now everyone at home
will know I’ve run away They will be
searching for me Let’s go Hey! It’s all a mess now Is this why
you flirted with me? If you don’t come away with me
you’ll see my dead body tomorrow Is that okay? Hey…! “Even for a second to separate
my heart hesitates, desperate” “I was born to follow
forever as your shadow” “As your companion I’ll be
for many births till eternity” ‘I didn’t know what else to do’ ‘That’s why I took this decision’ ‘Be careful’ ‘She’s the daughter of
the Panchayat leader of this village’ ‘Please forgive me’ Where are they? Who? Don’t pretend to be innocent! Why are you beating that boy up
without proper enquiry? One minute They didn’t beat me up I did Sonny, come Who is he? Where is he from? I don’t know I won’t hurt either of you
I want my daughter back You were roommates, right? That’s why my men went up
to your house to survey and spy Tell me Why do you keep asking me? He won’t blurt it out
if we soft pedal You don’t?
But I know Bloody son of a mongrel!
If ever I lay my hands on him… I will chop him
to micro pieces! Come on It caught fire, right? Smokes, no? I’ll tear up
your intestines You seem to be going
somewhere in a hurry Attend to whatever
needs to be done If you beat me up, as if
you’ll get back what you lost! Get going Every goddamn fellow on
the road is having a dig at us! This car adds
to our troubles Bro, wait
I’ll get it started now Wait a minute Bro…?

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