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[Pudukottai district] Sakthi! You’ve got your interview
card from your college This is for you Check if you’ve got anything else
for me from some other college No, sonny Just check please Mannar college
EVR college They’d have sent Yes, they would have, da
To a student with good grades! From where have you got
an interview card now? From Sivagangai college For your 500 marks
this itself is a big deal Thank him and receive it See you, sir Don’t take a dig at
my son all the time When your sister’s son
got just 400 marks… …you jumped with joy
My son has got 500 marks! You brainless bumpkin!
She got 400/500 in her 10th grade He has secured 500/1200
in his 12th grade! Torn to tatters! Can’t mend all this
and make amends! Whichever way you calculate
my son has got 100 marks more Height of brainlessness! – When should you join?
– Coming 10th I have society election on the 10th
You go with him for the admission You should study well Otherwise the villagers will say… …’groundnut mill owner’s son
is as useless as oilcake’ It isn’t as if oil cakes
come cheap, sonny Very true Ignore him
Come in I’ll get my turn
Just you wait! ‘Sivaganga district’ Pullankurichi college Get down, ma I got a sprain in my neck Watch your step Did you remember to
take everything, Sakthi? Wait…wait for the bus to pass Do you have to come
this far to study? Looks like it will take
a whole day to visit you? So shall we go back? Who’ll bear the brunt
of that man’s short fuse? You’ve been playful all along At least now get serious
about your studies, son That’s why we are here Don’t lie This college was started
many years ago But not 1 girl from your village
has ever joined this college You’ve taken a bold step
I’m very happy, sir We should be the 1st to set
an example for our village, right? India’s 1st woman legislator and
surgeon was Muthulakshmi Reddy She’s from our neighboring
district of Pudukottai Similarly if my daughter is a trendsetter
for Sivaganga, it’s a feather in our cap Of course Why should we stop that? Absolutely So mother and daughter have conspired
she’ll go to college for sure ‘Go to hell or
somewhere worse!’ Sir, can I have
a ‘goli soda’ (banta)? I’ll settle for water, it’s okay His political gimmicks
are second nature to him Thank God he didn’t ask for a mike! Thank you Anyway, best of luck Thank you, sir Bye, sir Sorry…so sorry Are your eyes stuck
in your intestines? Watch your step Hello!
1 ‘nimit’ – Thanks
– No ‘menshun’ You use the same
face powder I do ‘Same soothing fragrance’ ‘Ponds’ left, huh? – Sakthi?
– Sir…? Hmmm…! Huh? Moustache is missing? – Very much there
– But not here! Sorry, sir
Inter-changed! 1 minute, ma
I’ll be back – What’s your name?
– Podhumponnu (‘enough-girl’) – Your name?
– Meenakshi – How many sisters do you have?
– I’m the 5th girl child Our photos got interchanged No Just check please Did you take a look
at your moustache?! – Sorry
– Thanks Who was the photographer? Why? He has done a good job Face to face
you are truly beautiful! Hello…hello! My photo!! Sadasivam
Mohammed Ali Aandiappan
Pazhanimuthu Sakthi
Joesph…6 Sakthi…?
Looking for Joseph? – Yes
– I’m Joseph Let’s exchange notes
as we find our room Where are you from, boss? Dindugul Are you coming from
so far to study here? For my grades
where else will I get a seat? – You?
– Pudukottai – Town proper?
– Nearby…Alangudi – Where in Alangudi?
– Vadakadu near- Vadakadu, or some other
place close to- Oh no! In Vadakadu only Close to…nearby was
really going far, so I asked! Come along, boss Whom are you flirting with?
I’m 2 years your senior Glad to see
this kind of respect! You’re 3rd year in college? I’m 3rd year in 8th grade 10th grade and
3rd year in 12th grade! Just now I am in
1st year of college And I won’t budge an inch
from here till they expel me! Now tell me, senior You senior or I senior? Sorry’na Anna as in bro? You mean the way Brahmins
call their husbands as ‘anna’? Don’t even bother to reply Don’t spit on me, I get it Whatever it is,
talk to my father! I can’t say ‘yes’ now
My studies take priority As if you’ll pass
in flying colors?! Good mood! Right mood to
step into class!! Wrong direction?! Sit here, boss Is there some folk dance show
to sit in the front bench and gawk?! Shut up
Mud-pot head! Look at that nerd? – Why do you say that?
– Look at his rimmed glasses! Boss, sit here ‘They don’t look
the studious kind’ ‘They look more like
the candy seller in a bus stop’ Hello, boss Hiii! Mystic with yogic power? No, Arunachalam I meant the source of
the sacred ash on your forehead I mentioned my name Any question- Boss, any questions asked
I hope you’ll fend them off me Fantastic! Why won’t you answer? I should not tell – That’s what I am asking…why?
– Because I don’t know, boss Not a question mark
But a statement with a full stop! As if punctuations are
priority now…blockhead! But you’re wearing glasses? If one wears spectacles, does it
make him an intellectual? If a spectacled professor comes
into our class, is he a ‘scholar’? Not just that- (sniff in disgust) Take 2 pods of garlic daily – Relief for gas?
– No, good for class Why are you holding
your own nose? Son of a skunk!!
Get out of the class Boss, he is trying to kill us Good morning, sir Sit down The 3 of you, stand up This is why you shouldn’t sit
under the nose of the teacher! See…instead of taking lessons
he has started interrogating us The 3 boys at the back, get up Boss, why is he calling us? Must be to ask our names? That’s easy Sir, my name is
Sona Meena A.Arunachalam – Is that so?
– Yes! You 3 go back and
you guys come in front Boss, he wants us in front? Will you just
shut your gob? They’re showing
their rude side to me Watching a folk dance? – Have fun
– I’ll get my ‘revenge’ time Will you exchange our seats
once again tomorrow, sir? For the next 3 years
this is your bench, sit THREE years?! Students, I’ll write the equation
on the board, please note it down I’ll explain the definition later He has started chemistry class?
Next will be biology torture! Sir…? – Why so late?
– Bus was late ‘Ahaa! Looks like our chemistry
will work out as compatible!’ Softly, I can hear
your inner voice Boss, did you hear anything? – Huh…?
– He can’t hear, I think – Must be deaf…deaf
– I heard this very well You must respect a person…! Look in front Ptch! Hey…move What’s up?
Any problem? Nothing Tell me Leave it How long will you
make us walk? There’s no sign of any
name board or habitation? Let’s ask him Sir, how much further
is it to Pullankurichi? You need to walk
quite a distance Why don’t you
take a look and tell? That’s what I did
Just get lost He told us, right? He was telling us from
the milestone, nothing else Then he is pardoned Shanmugam learnt a good lesson
we shouldn’t argue with anyone here – Hey!
– What now? That’s a wild bull Wait Let’s run Save me, God Let’s help him out My gawd!! Dead end
I had no other option Thought we’ll at least
be better off with a dhoti So I snatched it off its horns! All yours How did you? You rock, man! Don’t make a fuss
This is no big deal Didn’t I tell you
he is no ordinary man? I’ve told you about
my classmate Devayanai Coffee is terrible
in this village Buffalo!
You drank tea If you don’t pay for it
you won’t even know its value – His wallet got thinner
– You are having a dig at me! Let’s get going
Stop bickering Hey! That’s the chap Let me ask him Don’t ask now
in front of the others – Might end up as a problem
– Nothing of that sort If I don’t ask, it will
become a problem – No need, please
– Just follow me 1 minute Oh you? What? – Photo…?
– Which photo? – My photo
– I returned it to you You did, but the cover was empty – It must have been inside
– What’s happening here? I checked it
when I got home also – Empty cover
– Are you suspecting me? Oh no! No, you’ve suspected me I don’t like anyone
doubting my words My father suspected me
of taking 100 bucks What’s wrong with that? I didn’t drink water
that day, not even a sip! I didn’t eat a morsel of food With that money, he’d have
eaten to his stomach’s content – I am angry now
– Oh! Please go ahead You anyway doubted me 1 minute…wait Keep it with you Thanks a ton- Don’t be in a hurry
This is my photo Till I return yours, keep this
safe and sound with you Let’s go Hello…wait But I won’t ask you like this
In the middle of the road Keep it Hello…? Take good care
of his photo I have a doubt to clarify What, friend? Isn’t this a new
love-technique? He took her photo and gave his
to her for safe keeping it seems! Develop it well, boss I meant the photo Okay, enough Now I know his hidden agenda
behind the ‘glass of tea’ offer! Don’t rub it in I give an inch
you’ll take a yard! Bro…don’t
Spare me I won’t do it again Just forgive me
this time alone Don’t kill me Please spare me Let’s see if we can help Why do you want to
poke your nose…let’s go That too in a place
we don’t know Fine, if you don’t want to, I’ll go You better come with us You’ll get a string of abuses! You’re such a scaredy-cat You’re the next contender
for the Param vir chakra! I told you, he didn’t
being us here for just tea! – Which village is he from?
– Kadiyapatti In his village, aren’t there
any teenage girls for him to gape? Why did he stalk
one of our girls? Sleaze ball! I told you to chop his neck
You chose to slice his hand Thick skinned buffalo! Send him back Only then it will be a learning lesson
to them if they stalk our women Our senior asked us to safeguard
our lunch boxes or else hostelites- Meenakshi…? I got to know in the last minute
you joined this college My father asked me to join
The American college in Madurai But I preferred this college This is for you For what? You were top ranker
in our school I visited your village
quite a few times But I couldn’t meet you Take it Thanks – Why the ‘thanks’?
– For accepting it Buddy, it seems you’ve lured her Get up…you’ll be
late for class – What’s the time?
– 7:00 a.m You wretched Saturn with
your malefic effect of 7 ½ years! Will anyone go so early?
I hardly slept last night You are to blame ‘Don’t pass the buck on to me’ What are you doing here? On my way to college Today is Saturday Oh! So yesterday was Friday? Tomorrow is Sunday Then Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday will follow Look at that sheepish
crooked face of yours! Today is the 3rd Saturday in September
that’s very auspicious for Lord Vishnu Let’s pray to the Lord and ask him
to give you special intelligence And not wander around
like a roadside Romeo! You go, I’m meeting
a very important person Who can be more of
a V.I.P than Lord Vishnu? I’m not very
religiously inclined Student shouldn’t
be an atheist Powerful deity and a mind reader
He’ll grant all your wishes I wasn’t able to talk
for the 1st 5 years of my life Only after fasting and fulfilling the vow
my speech is loud and clear now All these people fast
and follow their vows Look at me, do they
pick some silly vow? What did you say? – Wow…wick?
– Awww! You said something
about fast work? You and your wick
lit in the wrong place – Don’t malign God
– Don’t turn the table on me What’s caught your attention
you can’t take your eyes off? If you suspect me
God will poke your eyes Sorry, friend You numbskull! Thanks, I deserve this “You gifted us joys in plenty
Our dear God…Almighty” “Hey girl! What classical tune is it?
You’ve entered my soul like a spirit” “You look at me soulfully
You tempt me to infinity” “You spoon-feed sugar as my daily diet
Uplifting me on a ladder to a great height” “Singing a tune classical…lass?
You’ve possessed me en masse” “I’ve never felt this way before
You give me painful pleasure” “Why were you born, no clue?
Why so pretty, wish I knew!” “My soul thinks true-blue
morn, noon, night of you” “If you don’t agree,
I’ll become a sanyasi” “I was a wasted wastrel, so lazy” “Like Cuticura powder applied
perfume into my life you supplied” “You’re also singing a song, lassie
You’ve possessed me beautifully” “My long time friends I ignored
With studies I’m totally bored” “I watch the streets repeatedly
Expecting you to appear suddenly” “I write poetry
amateurishly” “Thanks to you
I’m celibate too” “Hunger pangs depleted
Mattress and sleep deleted” “You’re the reason, love
Shall I take a sacred vow?” “Darling…!
What did you sing?” “Hey girl! What classical tune is it?
You’ve entered my soul like a spirit” “You look at me soulfully
You torture me so skillfully” “You spoon-feed sugar as my daily diet
Uplifting me on a ladder to a great height” “How classically tuned
I’d love to get attuned…with you” Sir, telegram for Joseph Joesph? Joseph, what’s up?
Who sent the telegram? Don’t know
My uncle has sent it – I’ll leave now
– I’ll come with you No, it’s alright Do you have money? – I have
– Let me give you some Don’t be so formal Call me
Keep me posted See you How could they do this? – Bro…?
– Don’t peep! Intermission and so sad, still not
got a sneak-peek of Silukku! If she appears
after intermission? I’ll see her
to my eyes’ content And then go home hobbling
with your stick and sleep What way will silk and
polyester be of use to you? You and your head
that’s 1 foot in the grave! I need to pee
Where’s the toilet? Toilet’s right here
Pee on his shiny head Let me go to my seat
Movie is about to start Hey! You agreed to
buy me egg fritters When did I say that? You asked me to buy the ticket
and said you’d buy the eats Did I specify
the day and date? Wait for the next film
I’ll get it then Then reimburse
my ticket money Hand…take your
hand off my shirt Will you die if you
don’t eat egg fritters? Pain in the neck! Arunachalam? Humiliating me Hi Syed, came to
watch this film? No, I came to pray
to your Lord Vishnu! Are you trying to buy
trouble unnecessarily? Why did you take Sakthi to the temple
reeling out some silly excuse? He didn’t want to come
I was the one who insisted Why should you insist
when he’s least inclined? Arunachalam…? Syed, don’t
He’s a local guy He is our classmate
Tell them not to hit him Dai! Don’t hit him Syed, tell them, please Let him go Syed, we’ve already
squashed him to a pulp Move aside You repeat this once more
you won’t be able to inhale or exhale! Let’s go Arunachalam…get up Don’t push me I reached first! ‘Go to hell
So long, farewell’ Trying to cheat me? Let go of my ear
Aww! It’s hurting me Temple offering will be ready
Let’s go and collect the ‘pongal’ Wait for me Marathon runner…wait Come soon Wait for me We won’t get ‘pongal’
if we are late, quick Are you coming? Sis…? Sis!? Why are you pretending
you don’t know this? I love you with
my heart and soul Did you think
this way all along? I never felt the same way I spoke because you spoke Did you think I’ll respond
or reciprocate like that? Don’t befriend me
in this way anymore In our 12th grade, when Rajendaran
the egg-shop guy followed you… …who thrashed him for you? I did it for you Even now, why
am I in this college? For you If you even dream of loving
anyone else, I’ll burn the 2 of you If you talk to me
in a temple… …I’m bare feet and so
I cannot slipper you?! You’re my classmate, or else
you’d be minced meat…move! – Meenakshi
– Let’s go Meenakshi, wait If our village folks hear
about this, they won’t talk They’ll thrash you
black and blue…clear off! Let’s go If he had the guts, he should have
hit me, why target Arunachalam? Let him get out of college
See what I do to- Hey there! Where’s classroom
of 1st year chemistry? Straight, left, upstairs Whom do you want to see? I’ll let you know
after the deed! Sir? Whom do you want? I want to talk to Syed – Who are you?
– Relative of course Syed, someone’s come for you Who are you?
What do you want? I need to urgently pee
Ask him where the toilet is I don’t know you Come along, we can
talk as we go to the loo Why did you
close the door, huh? To close your chapter! Awww! It seems you warned my men
they won’t be alive to inhale! Enjoy the same fate
for yourself now! You shouldn’t control piss and
you must show you’re pissed off Beware of your behavior Crap! Joseph’s back – When?
– Just now Saw him in the room When did you come? I told you to keep me posted
Not a word from you How are your folks back home? Is your mother
keeping good health? What happened? My mother… …passed away What are you saying? How did it happen? – I’m leaving now
– Where to? I’ll go back My mother was the only one
who struggled to make me study When she herself is no more
why should I study? – I’m leaving
– Don’t be silly My parents will take
good care of you If they had another son, won’t they
ensure he gets a good education? My mother’s gone I’m there for you You mother’s wish for you
should come true Don’t cry Joseph? Please don’t cry Stop crying please Where is Sakthi? He usually sleeps
on the terrace Syed, come You also join us Holy crap! You said
he was asleep here Scumbag! He must have
blabbered half asleep Thrash them You shut up I don’t need to hear
any explanation from you After the way you stooped down
to get rowdies to thrash our students… …I’ll be the cause for nurturing
a rotten apple, if I don’t expel you Take him off our school record Okay, sir Instead of informing the warden
you’ve behaved like rowdies too! What if something untoward had
happened…who’ll face your parents? Besides answering parents, name of
our college gets messed up, right? Sir, immediately vacate
these 2 boys from our hostel We came here to study
because of hostel attached You should have thought of this
before you took law into your hands You can be a day scholar Or else you can also
leave this college My heart is heavy at the thought of
leaving you after being so close We can even stay away
from our own parents But this separation
is too much to bear! I feel I can’t even breathe I’m choked up I’m so glad to be a friend… …of a friend who knows
the value of another friend My dear friend! You should do well in life Dialog was for her? Lunatic! I couldn’t bear it That’s why I dumped
all my thoughts on Silukku Where will you
dump yourself tonight? Care of pavement! Why be on the road when
we can stay with our friend? We’ll stay in our friend’s house,
eat, sleep and study from there Who is that wonderful friend? You, of course!! If they can make out with a poster
of Silikku, imagine my sister’s plight! “If youth wilts,
scent on the incline” “If you indulge,
inhibitions will decline” “Why hesitate?
Delay please negate” God forbid! “To caress softly, enraptured
You too, my silken rose petal red” “Desires melt
when hugs perfect” “Mind went crazy seeing you
Desire flows within me anew” “Shall I kiss you nonstop?
Will you reciprocate or not?” “What does my body desire?
For that smoldering fire” This is not heading
the right way for me – Where are you running off to?
– Why won’t it work out? I have a sister
just like me at home Then you’re right! His face is bad enough
How can we see a photocopy? Wait…his sister is
like our sister too You think so? You think you can
take me for a ride? Don’t get mad All you want is
a place to stay, right? You’re right, friend Just utter the word ‘Arunachalam’ and
doors barred or locked in Pullankurichi… …will open wide for you! You should not tell a soul
you’re Arunachalam’s friend If anyone gets to know? Then you’ll be
‘c/o pavement’! Who is Arunachalam? Quick on the uptake! Between 31st and 1st of every month,
you must wake up your landlord… …and pay the rent to Chettiyar
at the stroke of 12 midnight We won’t delay
even a minute (whooping cough) Don’t be scared Let’s scoot Wait That’s just our Chettiyar coughing This is a repeated occurrence If you don’t hear him cough
you must inform me immediately Why? I must inform
some people, no? That’s all?
Not a minute will we delay Haven’t they really lived
in royal style those days? – We’ll follow suit
– You think so? 1 minute, only because
Arunachalam begged me… …I agreed to get
this place for you Otherwise, for your act of
temerity the other day…! Temerity…? Joseph, what is
this boy referring to? How innocent! I ‘tamed’ the bull
and you got the pats on your back! Really?
Ahaaa! – He let the cat out of the bag
– So you didn’t tame the bull? No, he’s the brave-heart! I went to get hay for the bull
and he preened away to glory ‘Thought we’ll at least
be better off with a dhoti’ I should have shown
your true colors that day! You’re one of us now, so keep
your monkey tricks under wrap Don’t dare disobey me ‘What brave faces
to tame the bull!’ Is this the way to get
false applause? Forget it You win some
You lose some We removed
the bull’s dhoti He stripped me
of my underwear! Not we, but I I think it’s Burma teak Don’t change the subject That boy was better
He’s like a dog with a bone I’d hang myself rather than
pull a fast one and show off! Let’s bathe and get along
with our daily routine She and her silly bets! – Awwwwwwww!
– Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Alamelu…maybe she
isn’t waiting up for me? Alamelu…? Alamelu from the Tamil film
with that same name? Don’t act smart with me Who asked you to jump into
our pond when girls are bathing? Who asked you to come out
when guys are bathing? I like that!
What gall?! You’re in our pond and answering
my question with a question! Move…I must bathe
and leave soon Move aside Seems very hot Whaaat? I meant the water! Better be water Looks as clear as marble Whaaat? I meant the water again!! How long will you
scrub yourself? Water has become yellow
with your turmeric paste I’m done, you can
help yourself to the rest Hey! Crap…! ‘On top of our chemistry, I think
even the geography will work out!’ ‘Must enquire if any house
is available nearby for rent’ Hey Saravana!
Is this your house? You never told me
Looks soooper Won’t you invite
your guest inside? My cycle…pot…to get
water…chain got undone! Thank God!
My girl didn’t see this Maybe he forgot He has forgotten
How humiliating! They are slowly becoming
real pains in the wrong place! Mustn’t let her study
sitting on the steps Aiyaiyo! Maaa…! For me? – Sonny?
– Sir…? Are you new
to this village? My name is Joseph
I’m from Dindigul I’m studying in Pullankurichi college
and staying at Manicka Chettiyar’s place You can stay, study, fine
But move, you’re not transparent! Only once a week
they telecast film songs He has come all the way
from Dindigul to block my view “Turmeric powder, while anointing
you touched my heart too, enchanting” Jesus save me Look how I drive you away Looks like he won’t
let me sleep in peace! Wretched broom! ‘Who is hitting me
with a broom stick?’ See you Hello, why are you standing
in front of the girls’ room? I want to see Meenakshi The 1st years have gone for NSS camp
to the Shiva temple in Nemam Runs in the family?! Nothing, I came to pray! Lord Shiva, please help me Hello…Sakthi? What brings you here? Your cycle seems to haunt
Meenakshi’s house?! Cycle’s chain gets undone
right in front of her house I’ve told her father to put up
a puncture shop in front of her house Stop pulling my legs
Do you know what happened? Devayanai…? I don’t want to interrupt
your important chat, I’ll leave I came to talk to you – Then I’ll leave
– Good Wait What’s the matter? Really the chain came undone
I had no clue that was your house I swear I didn’t come
to flirt with you – Hey! You leave
– I thought as much What did you say? I didn’t come
to flirt with you Why not?
Don’t you like me? I like you but if you put the broomstick
aside, I’d heave a huge sigh of relief! Go this side, but keep
ringing the bell Why? Just listen to me Sit properly
without shaking That was a pothole Hold tight then ‘I like you
Do you like me?’ What are you giggling for? Nothing – What’s in your hand?
– Nothing Why has she stopped? – Tell me
– Really nothing – Give it to me
– No, don’t insist Will you give it
to me or not? Love letter, huh? No He gave it to you, right? Trapped! I had a hunch, when you
changed the route And on top of it, I should
announce my arrival…move Wait and watch
what I do to him Please don’t Follow me Is she also
‘hitting’ on me? (mumbling equations) What? Buying trouble with love, huh? You should stay, study
and go your way quietly You don’t know this village That’s why
Come along Come with me She’s jealous
Green eyed monster! She doesn’t like us talking
and spending time together Don’t get her wrong What are you still
chitchatting there for? Basket fell down You don’t end up
as a ‘basket case’! Look how mad she is! Doesn’t matter
if she doesn’t like it I like only you “With baskets stacked together,
hey girl, going to Koodalur” “Can I walk with you?
Why don’t you take me too?” “Is it right on your part
to walk alone, sweetheart?” “I’ve followed you
7 days through” “Just call me, I’m waiting
I’ll be on a stronger footing” “If you say ‘no’ and reject me
I’ll go to pieces heartbrokenly” “If you ask this girl so demure
carrying baskets to Koodalur” “To walk along with you happily
will our village-folks agree?” “Is this the time, love
to go hand in glove?” “Will incense burner polished
get rusty and tarnished?” “Instead of saying bye,
I’m coming with you, ain’t I?” “Without you asking me
am I not giving generously?” “Like stones mixed with cooked rice
undigested, you’re in my heart’s crevice” “It’s enough if like soap-nut powder
you inflame my eyes, not a bother” “My life you simply massacre” “Words I measure, I don’t jabber
Why plait and twist me altogether?” “You make me go bonkers in an instant
You make my shirt’s floral design fragrant” “Not only set me on a wrong route
you add fuel to my fire, to boot” “With baskets tied together,
hey miss, marching to Koodalur” “Want me to take you with me
how will our village-folks agree?” “Go where you want, lassie
but don’t abandon me” “That will do, missy” “If lotus forsakes its pond
it will droop on the ground” “Even if out of sight, fresh forever
only memories remain as souvenir” “Only if rubbed and buffed gold will shine
Looking at you oftentimes, joy divine” “If you walk away ignoring me
no rebirth, my life eclipsed entirely” “With baskets piled on top,
off to Koodalur, hey girl, stop!” “If you want to walk along with me
how will our village-folks agree?” “Is it right on your part
to walk alone, sweetheart?” “I’ve followed you
7 days through” “Instead of saying bye,
I’m coming as your wife, ain’t I?” “Without you asking me
am I not gifting lavishly?” You’ll get it from me
if I get hold of you Phone is ringing non-stop
Where did you disappear? I’m just picking it up ‘If called to sow the seeds
land up for the harvest!’ ‘Hello! I’m Subramaniam
calling from Sevvur’ Yes, tell me ‘Both parties are here for
the ‘Panchayat’ arbitration’ ‘We are waiting for
our Panchayat leader’ We are on our way ‘Okay, thank you’ Who was that
on the phone? – The Sevvur folks
– What did they want? They wanted to know
if we had left – Start the car
– Okay, bro – Sir…sir!
– What, da? Sir…tomato…poin- Take the sacks of tomato
to the market in Ponnamaravathi Start the car Sir…listen to me! Shall we go for a movie? Alone? No, the 2 of us! If you react like this,
what will you for a kiss?! Kiss?
I’m leaving Meenakshi Why did you stop? Did you change your mind? Look, it’s my dad’s
elder brother’s car If they see us together
we are both dead! What will we do? You leave
I’ll take care of it I am very scared Don’t worry
You just go, trust me – What, dear?
– Uncle…? – Why are you so late?
– Class got over just now Okay, go home soon
They’ll be worried at home Dai! Turn the mirror Stop the car INTERMISSION We just witnessed
something scandalous Is this why you
send her to college? I said this ages ago that
she needn’t study anymore Did she listen? Did you listen to me? Already our village-folks
add 2+2 and claim it is 5! Thank God only my brother
saw them together What if someone else
had seen them? This would have
spread like wild fire You yourselves are making
a mountain of a molehill She’s the first in our village
to attend this college If something untoward happens
we’ll bear the brunt of this disgrace Will all that we see
and hear become true? She told me herself
she saw uncle on the way She was discussing
some lesson with that boy I interrogated her
from A to Z Will a child from our family
make such a blunder? Please bring me
some water To be on the safe side
shall we warn that boy? Forget it Your sister-in-law is so sure
we are over reacting I’ll take leave See you She was wrong
My eyes won’t lie Am I blind or what? If you see them together next time
finish them off then and there Okay, bro Come, da Why did you bring me here? To pray It’s getting late
They’ll start the movie This Saturday is special for
Lord Shiva and I totally forgot My father will check with
the priest if I visited the temple – I’ll mark my attendance to God
– I feel like strangling you Awwwww! Come on Whatever you do is always
with the best of intentions! Definitely, this is
such a powerful deity Let’s go pray to
Lord Vinayaka ‘Meditate on Lord Vishnu
Omnipresent, white robed’ ‘He is four-armed,
benevolent faced…’ ‘…shining like the moon,
He will remove all obstacles’ Concentrate on God Oh Ganapathi
Son of Paramasiva Brother of Subramanya
Holder of bachelor degree Open your eyes and lead us
towards the right path Give everyone gladness and
good sense, especially him He’s referring to you Where is he? – Hey, you there
– Aiyaiyo! – Arunachalam
– Bad penny, huh! I’m leaving Meenakshi
Don’t run We’ll meet tomorrow You brainless nitwit
What’s going on? Can’t you see?
I’m in love Love?! Love as in not a question
But as confirmation Her family is full of
ruthless killers! If they hear of this, they’ll chop
and pickle me into pieces Will anyone dare harm you
when I am here? That’s exactly why they will! What are you saying, bro? No bro and all…enough I don’t want to have
anything to do with you He likes inviting
trouble always Let’s go to the theater
They’ll start the picture They’ll put a garland around
my picture and declare me dead! Who will garland your picture? I’ll do it for you
Is anyone troubling you? Nothing of that sort I heard you talking
about some garland? I meant offering of
a garland for the Lord – For Lord Anjaneya?
– Yes, bro Good for you, go for it He seems to be
deep into vows Like father like son Thank God, they didn’t go for me Give it quickly, sir All the answers are in my fingertips
and may get knocked down! Have they changed
the question paper? Red mark only! No other go but to copy
from the boy next to me Moron! Expelling air
from all sides of his body This one’s ink is flowing!
I’ll copy from him Chhhhh! Pass me your paper, please He’s ignoring me royally – Sir…?
– I’m dead What? Sir! Can I have
an additional sheet? Thank God Maybe he’s writing it for me Let’s wait and see After studying through the night
he’s sleeping in the exam hall Blockhead Don’t copy If you get caught
you’ll be suspended for 3 years ‘May God bless you!’ ‘I’m forever indebted to him’ ‘My pen can take rest now
I just have to submit the paper’ ‘Oi Arunanchalam!’ ‘You helped them meet again yesterday
claiming it’s a special day for Lord Shiva’ ‘What are you gaping at?’ ‘I am Syed’ ‘Do you want to be
thrashed to a pulp?’ ‘Meenakshi is not mine
because of you’ ‘After kicking me out of college
you’re sincerely writing the exam, huh?’ ‘And that too, not
using your own brain!’ ‘Come outside
I’ll ensure you’re finger-less!’ ‘If I see you play Cupid for them…’ ‘…it’ll be your funeral even
if the day is most auspicious’ Aren’t you writing? You already
wrote on my behalf Keep it that way You are submitting
the paper so early? Haven’t you studied well? I studied, sir
Now I’ll take my leave He must have read
only the question paper This is the end of
my education Hey bro! You seem to have done well
Will you score 100? Leave it, you can always
write the rest next semester It seems there is a festival
at the Vishnu temple – You never told me?
– Did that girl tell you? You are a real brain box!
Let’s go and pray I’ll thrash you
with my slipper – Did you see my black shirt?
– Are you going to Sabarimala temple? Idiot! I have joined
Periyar’s party To avoid your company
I’ve become an atheist Rather than getting bruised
black and blue by random strangers …I prefer getting thrashed by
my father for not praying Leave me alone!
There is no God Anyone who believes
in God is a foolish jackass Anyone who takes you
to the temple is a bigger jackass Why are you saying all this? I haven’t started, if I did
you’d hang yourself from the ceiling – Arunachalam
– I’m not Arunachalam – How else do I call you?
– Don’t even call me Because of me, a theist
has become an atheist! So sad Ooops! What’s that sound!? Is anyone at home? No one is at home
I’m in the well In the well?
Who can that be? Please peep inside Aiyo!
Who is it? Oh! It’s you
Are you bathing? Yes! Please pass the soap!! Even if there aren’t any steps
you always jump into any well Stop mocking me Because the bucket fell in,
I got in clutching the rope to retrieve it But the rope snapped and I fell When the rope can’t hold a bucket
how can it take your weight? Where are you from? First get me out of here I’ll give you all the details
when I come up Hey, no…not your half-sari!
It will be much too short High hopes! Looks like
you’ll ask for my skirt string too Wait A little more Is the ladder strong? Ask me now! You should have thought
of it when you trusted that old rope! First climb out Please hold it It’s tied securely Careful Give me your hand Thank God you came Otherwise I might have
died of hunger and thirst You were like a frog in the well
You wouldn’t have been thirsty! Why are you here? My grandma made fritters I brought it
without her knowledge Oh! So you frittered it away to me Leave me Please! – Let go
– Fertile imagination Will you take care
of me till the end? Not till the end As long as I’m alive I knew you were
angling for this! One track mind! Hey Swarna…wait I’m coming See you? Come home I’ll come but
I’ll leave soon Hey Pond’s powder Aunt, come If it gets late I’ll ask
my brother to drop you That’s not necessary Do you recognize me? I picked up
your handkerchief Pond’s powder This is Sakthi’s mother Greetings, ma He went home early
just to see you He told me to
get off at Pullankurichi This dimwit told me
to get down here Do you know
where he lives? Yes, I do My brother helped him
find the house Oh! I see Come, ma
I’ll take you there Do you study together? Yes He never told me
this was a co-ed college Rascal!
Just like his father Does he attend
college regularly? Though college starts only at 10:30
he’s there at the stroke of 7 7:00 p.m? Usually even during a thunder storm
he wakes up only at 9 in the morning I’ll scald your tongue How much longer, dear? We are almost there You have been saying so
for a long time now We are almost there, ma This is the street, ma And then? – You left that out
– What? Devotion Ahhh! Your son should have
been born as a brahmin He’ll eat even an elephant! I meant as a temple priest! On all auspicious days, he visits
the temple ahead of the priest Such pure devotion Isn’t that so? Did you hear that? Is she talking about our boy?
Is there another Sakthi in your class? Shut up
Look how jealous he is My dear Goddess At last you blessed
my son with brains This is the house You’re such a sweet girl
You made me feel good This chap’s bad influence
my son went into wrong ways As if otherwise
he’d be a collector You are his classmates
He will prosper in life for sure We’ll take your leave, ma He’ll prosper for sure
Looks like he will, with this girl! – Hey Sakthi!
– Hey IAS collector!! Nice yarn you spun Sakthi!
Joseph dear Maaa…you just arrived? How are you? I am fine, ma I last saw you during Diwali
You have lost weight Not at all, ma Boss, how are you? Keep it carefully
in the corner Just a moment, ma Please sit Is the house comfortable? Yes, ma Do you cook
your own food? Yes, that’s not a problem Somehow you managed to
escape the hostel food Yes, ma How long do I wait
at the bus stand for you?! Where did you get off? This stupid fellow told me
to get off at your college What happened to
your reasoning power? Why harp on it?
She’s here now How is father? That man is obsessed
with his groundnut mill A new mill has come up for sale
To register it in his name… …I came here to see you
and take him along with me Eat What are you searching for? Don’t be lazy
Bring that bag Partial! You’ll always make me
do the odd jobs and not your son Can’t you ask him to get it? Just bring it You are never happy
unless you boss me around Father bought clothes for you
when he heard I was coming here Do you like it? I do – Hey Joseph
– Nothing, dust in my eyes Don’t cry
Hey! Look at him What happened? Joseph, don’t cry – Why are you getting so emotional?
– My father has bought you clothes Nothing, ma See if you like it Quickly, aunt Don’t rush me Hey Sakthi
Where is that girl’s house? Next street
6th house In front of that house
is a jasmine canopy Flowers have bloomed in plenty
It’s the flowering season I don’t know anything Yes ma, he knows nothing He’s as innocent as his father He’s giving you all the details about
the house except the mason’s name! And you call him ‘innocent’ He’s stuffing rice into my nose – When will the bus come?
– It’s almost time Joseph, don’t worry Come home
after your studies Okay, ma There are many eligible girls
in our village, Sakthi We’ll fix the best one
as Joseph’s bride That’s a good idea Are you okay with it? Yes, ma Gawd! He’s feeling shy The bus has come Get all the stuff Take care of your health, Joseph Okay, ma See you, Joseph Come home
for the holidays See you Sakthi I must tell you
something important When will you be back? – What’s up, da?
– Come back and we’ll talk ‘There are many eligible girls
in our village, Sakthi’ ‘We’ll fix the best one
as Joseph’s bride’ ‘Are you okay with it?’ ‘I like only you’ ‘Will you take care
of me till the end?’ “Fragrance means this flower
Let’s go to ‘love-nation’ together” You’re on a singing spree? Ever since you got back, our mother
has been praising you sky-high! Hope you didn’t end up
falling in love there No…yes, father Yes or no? No, father Your head seems to
nod with ambiguity? I don’t think you’ll turn
into a good leaf, ever! So hot (humming) (giggle) Hey! “Why did you even see me?” “To bloom in this heart gently” “Like summer rain you refreshed me
Speechless I am, rapturously” “No need to spell out your eagerness
I know of your love, before you express” “Sweeping this lily off her feet amorous
you are indeed incurably mischievous” “What’s special about me? “Why this partiality?” “Like the fair mulberry flower I wandered
You made me blush like the hibiscus red” “Like a hopscotch marker, I was (im)passive
You made me ‘gilli danda’ stick so active” “My lifestyle a simple line
Now a work of art sublime” “I was a coward bull so scared
I became a temple bull well-cared” “I bloomed like aloe vera flower
in a cluster altogether” “Why did you glance at me?” “To bloom in this heart gradually” “Like monsoon rain you revived me
Tongue-tied I am, delightedly” “Wire can become a flexible cord too
Matchstick will flare as torch seeing you” “Salt water too is flavorsome
Hearing you, calf as lion will transform” “For what joy, did you lock me?” “We can cross limits happily
excuse being the key” “Without being my spouse
shouldn’t scold me profuse” “Why did you see me?” “To blossom in this heart tenderly” “Like a cloudburst you renewed me
Dumbstruck I am, dotingly” “No need to spell out your readiness
I know of your love, before you profess” “Sweeping this lotus off her feet amorous
you are unabashedly mischievous” Who are you waving to? Eat your food
Bus will be here anytime This seems to be
heading for a disaster! As long as bad news doesn’t
reach our door step, I’m glad! You can leave, right! – Only 4 teeth
– Yes, bro We maintain a high standard
Not even 1 decayed tooth Where are you from? Neighboring village, Arangal But I have never
seen you before We are traders Can we always be in the village?
We keep visiting all the markets I’m very thirsty Can I get some water? Bring some water to drink Tell us your rate
We’ll conclude the deal I don’t intend selling
my cows to you Why are you suddenly refusing? Hey Karuppaiya!
Fasten a muzzle for the calf It is sticking its mouth
into unwanted places What did you say, sonny? Don’t you know
how to talk to elders? It’s alright, sir
We’ll look elsewhere Get lost Boss, yesterday you were
prepared to sell the cow These men don’t look
like they want to buy cows Do you think my son would’ve
reached his college by now? He should have ‘Sorry, Sakthi’ ‘I wanted to tell you something
when you were leaving with mother, right?’ ‘But it took an unexpected turn’ Swarna…? Close the door Swarna? Let’s leave immediately
We’ll run away from here We shouldn’t
be here any longer What happened? My folks have
fixed my marriage They’ve decided to get me
married to my first cousin I didn’t know what to do
So I ran away Hey, idio- Decked up with
so much jewelry- Alone at night, what if
someone had seen you? Are you mad?
Leave now We’ll discuss
everything later No, I won’t go Hey Swarnu! I have come here
with full faith in you You are everything for me Please understand, Swarnu! I will complete
my studies this year After that I’ll do
whatever you say Please listen to me, Swarnu That won’t be possible
They won’t let me wait By now everyone at home
will know I’ve run away They will be
searching for me Let’s go Hey! It’s all a mess now Is this why
you flirted with me? If you don’t come away with me
you’ll see my dead body tomorrow Is that okay? Hey…! “Even for a second to separate
my heart hesitates, desperate” “I was born to follow
forever as your shadow” “As your companion I’ll be
for many births till eternity” ‘I didn’t know what else to do’ ‘That’s why I took this decision’ ‘Be careful’ ‘She’s the daughter of
the Panchayat leader of this village’ ‘Please forgive me’ Where are they? Who? Don’t pretend to be innocent! Why are you beating that boy up
without proper enquiry? One minute They didn’t beat me up I did Sonny, come Who is he? Where is he from? I don’t know I won’t hurt either of you
I want my daughter back You were roommates, right? That’s why my men went up
to your house to survey and spy Tell me Why do you keep asking me? He won’t blurt it out
if we soft pedal You don’t?
But I know Bloody son of a mongrel!
If ever I lay my hands on him… I will chop him
to micro pieces! Come on It caught fire, right? Smokes, no? I’ll tear up
your intestines You seem to be going
somewhere in a hurry Attend to whatever
needs to be done If you beat me up, as if
you’ll get back what you lost! Get going Every goddamn fellow on
the road is having a dig at us! This car adds
to our troubles Bro, wait
I’ll get it started now Wait a minute Bro…? How long does it take
to bring food for me? I am starving! Hey you?!
Why are you here? You targeted
my own house! Why couldn’t you find
a girl in some other family? Petrified they’ll chop me
I’m holed up in the terrace I was kind enough
to find a house for you? Serves me right You will lose your respect
Don’t stand in front of me Leave now Leave right now I told you to get lost! Where do you
want me to go? What wrong did he do? He protected the girl
who trusted him Anyone in his shoes
will react the same way Hiding like a scaredy-cat! If you have a problem, you got
your family to defend you We are his only kith and kin You are pushing me
by the scruff of my neck Tell me you won’t grieve
if something happens to them Then I’ll leave Bro, in any crisis, I always
think of saving myself first Only now I realize
I can also save someone Come what may
let’s find him Bad luck is at our door step We must make
the right move Use all your resources Before dawn my daughter
must be brought back home Let’s go Bro, he isn’t here Not here either He came here to study but look
what he’s done to our girl If I get hold of him
I’ll slit his adam’s apple What can you do? Whether my sister’s son lives
or dies, I’m not bothered If I find him I’ll kill him myself
and bring your girl back home Trust me Come on Oh Jesus! Joseph Uncle Come out Be careful Come out
Don’t be afraid Uncle!
What happened? Don’t worry, dear nephew I talked to them and somehow
managed to send them away But anyhow be careful Sonny, they are back
They didn’t believe me I know how to- – Listen to me
– Take your hand off Let me- What are you doing now?
Take this girl and leave Do as I say
You shouldn’t be here Leave now Take care, uncle 1 minute, wait Take this I don’t want money, uncle – Keep it
– No, uncle Take it
I’m like your father Leave this place You are the only one left
in my sister’s family Go somewhere
and be happy Listen to me Let’s take his blessings Jesus, protect these children She is from an affluent family Trusting you totally
she has run away from home Look after her well Take her away Take care, uncle Hurry I beg you, hurry Leave now Uncle…? Hurry…go You take care, uncle I’ll be okay Let’s see who’ll oppose me Who are you guys?
What do you want? We are from Pullankurichi
Did Joseph come here? If you keep asking
the same question …will my answer
be any different? To how many people
will I keep answering?! If you want, come in
and check for yourself It’s not that, bro If you stay here any longer
I’ll call the police Get lost Pain in the neck! What you say is true, boss Joseph and I studied together
till 12th grade in Dudley school, Dindigul After school, I took over
managing this shop Only now I know he’s studying
in Pullankurichi college Here, ma Why is every road
a dead end? No one seems to have
any idea where he is What do we do now? Those who want to get down at
Vada road, Vadipatti, Madurampatti We must find Joseph
before the others do Boss you refused
to drink tea Do you want any other
hot or cool drink? No, thank you If you see our friend
tell him we were here Of course I will, boss There is a guy in Trichy
by name Easwaran They were thick friends in school Maybe you should
look him up Here’s the address Thank you Godspeed Let’s try our luck there So many strangers
are coming to the shop? Love problem, huh? The same sob-story Last week when I helped some lovers
they broke my hand like it was firewood I still haven’t removed my bandage
Now they’ll try to chop my right hand! For them to coochie-coo
the police men strip me! One bitten twice shy That’s why, I’ve sent them
on a wild goose chase! ‘Trichy
60 Km’ ‘Madurai’ Madurai-Periyar
passengers get down ‘Dindugul’ Wait Get down Joseph You wretched girl! You made us
the laughing stock Mother!
Shut up Don’t alert the whole world Make sure she bathes
and changes her sari Go Where were they? Someone from Ponnamarvathi
saw them in Madurai His classmate Syed Syed brought you here
So you are safe He told me
you were classmates Yes, sir Don’t worry After you have a baby
all will be well I’ll take leave now Let’s go What now? Shouldn’t we
listen to our elders? Do what? They said if we have a baby
everything will be alright So? “Dried up as river Cauvery?
Spray you floral shower on me” “Your love in me smolders
Refresh me with your golden showers” “Speaking from the corner of your eyes
you’ve dumbfounded me to mesmerize” “Our love, who can fence?
Ask your boon, no offence” “Seeing your seed of love, I came
to harvest, igniting our irradiant flame” Someone’s at the door Who is disturbing us
at this time of night? – Pleaaaase!
– What timing!! Okay…go – What happened?
– Nothing Uncle, please He isn’t to be blamed
He is innocent Uncle I was the one
who loved him Uncle, listen to me Swarna, let me handle it – Don’t do anything to him
– I understand your anger Let me talk Uncle, don’t hurt him please Swarna, wait
Don’t get flustered Everything will be
fine, let me- I’ll talk Let go of me Let go of her Someone please help Swarna Hey! Take her away Shall we send for our sister
and ask her to bring the groom? Do you want him
to feast on leftovers?! The village that gossiped
about the girl who ran away… …should now talk of how
the offender is punished What was that? You go that way Why did you call me so urgently? What? Let’s break up, Sakthi They won’t let us live Let’s not take this any further Why? Just listen to me But answer me They brought back Swarna What about Joseph? They killed Joseph They burnt him They intend killing
Swarna also That’s why
they brought her back Who is there?
Open the door We are doomed We are now
caught red handed Entire village will
get to know of us They’ll kill us also Who is out there? If we had chopped them
to pieces that very same day… …this disgraceful incident
would not have happened Burn these 2
like you burnt that guy Mother, take this Go to Kallal and stay
in your daughter’s house I’ll come in person
and bring you back As soon as she was born, I knew
it was a full stop to our lineage Do this to uphold
our family’s reputation Let’s go and save Swarna first Let’s go, Sakthi You go and see Swarna Listen to me
Let’s go Just do what I say Try hitting me Burn him Those who don’t know love’s value
or unable to find true love will oppose it If it was wrong for Joseph to
love it is wrong for him to live Burn him Hey! What are you doing? Break the roof
and get inside Uncle!
Open the door Break the door on top – Brother-in-law
– Uncle…? Open the door Why are you dillydallying?
Get inside the house Uncle Please open the door What’s happening inside? Quick Open the door What’s happening there? He hasn’t opened
the door yet, father Move Move aside Brother…?
Open the door We’ll sort it out
Whatever it is Bro…? Please listen to us Open the door Please open the door My brother…? She has chopped
my brother into pieces! Brother! Cousin…! Swarna…? Give it to me Subtitled by rekhs

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