Rules of Golf Explained: Ball Lost Or Out Of Bounds (New for 2019)
Rules of Golf Explained: Ball Lost Or Out Of Bounds (New for 2019)

We have all experienced losing a ball or hitting one out of bounds. When that happens, you are penalized one stroke and must re-establish your progression of playing from the tee… into the hole by going back and
playing again from where you last played. This is called playing under stroke and distance. If your previous stroke was from the tee,
tee it up again, from anywhere within that area. If your last stroke was made from the fairway… the rough… a bunker… or a penalty area… simply go back and drop a ball within one
club-length of, and not nearer the hole than… the spot where you last played. Stroke and distance is your only option for a ball that is out of bounds or lost… except when there is a Local Rule in effect that provides an alternative you can learn about in another video.

8 thoughts on “Rules of Golf Explained: Ball Lost Or Out Of Bounds (New for 2019)”

  1. Sloe Bone says:

    And with only 3 minutes to search for a ball instead of five, your score just went up. Cutting search time ensures that you will lose more golf balls and those things aren’t cheap. There’s no way around it, your score, your handicap and the cost to play are all going up on January first.

    Since the new search rule will send more golfers back to the tee, backing golf courses up worse than ever, why didn’t the committee also give us a new permanent rule for dropping a new ball back into play? It seems like a major oversight. Cutting search time, only works if you can continue your round without retracing your steps.

  2. Dan K says:

    This is the same as its always been accept for the new local rule where you can basically drop sideways from where it went out of bounds in the fairway with a 2 stroke penalty.

  3. Sloe Bone says:

    Dies anyone from the usga monitor these videos? I’d really like to know what this change is supposed to accomplish.

  4. Otto Schless says:

    Where is the updated rule. Still the same to me. Knowing the rules is what takes so long not changing them. Don't forget your marker has to oversee your actions.

  5. t t says:

    00:40 She is bending her knees. It's OK?

  6. RiverRuns NC says:

    So if I'm hitting from the fairway, I can no longer drop in the line where I believe the ball went in.. I have to take a drop from the last spot played? Also can we still play provisionals from the tee box?

  7. Westbay Willie says:

    This video is crap. Stop watching now before you confuse yourself. So many things that explains here and the rule change for 2019 is not even mentioned.

  8. Evan Nicholson says:


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