Rubrique True Spec Golf Avril 2018 – Golf Club Genève Cologny

Hello, everyone, and thank you for joining us. We’ll be talking golf. You can see from your pictures. The temperature is ideal for talking about the little white ball. We’re at the Geneva Golf Club in Cologny. For our monthly programme, True Spec Golf. As is the case each month, we have the pleasure of being here with David Maus, and later on with Sacha Kalinetchenko. Of course, we’ll be talking about fitting Hello, David. Hello, Michel. Thank you very much for having us here. It’s a pleasure. As we were saying the last ime, a True Spec club can shift. The base, the HQ is at Le Grand Saconnex, here in Geneva. Exactly. It’s inside. The last time, we were at Bonmont. Our summer base. And this time, it’s the mobile unit that interests us. It’s the ability, isn’t it, David, of going wherever you want plus there’s the pleasure of not being far from home, of being in Cologny. Exactly So… here’s our buggy our lorry, which we can use to carry out fittings, offer all our customers the same service that we would offer… exactly the same as the productions exactly the same Here’s the loft-and-lie machine and the electronic ball, just as it would be on the range on at Bonmont. Here we have all the 3-Wood shafts. Here, at the back, you have all the hybrid shafts. It’s what we see on our wall, on the ranges, and here, we have all our iron shafts. We also have the wedge shafts, which are under here in another drawer. You get the impression of being in a jewellery shop. All our little jewels are on show. Exactly, yes this unit has really been made to measure in the USA, all True Spec shafts in the USA or here, they also have the lorry, the swing weight, the frequency machine, the line for measuring shaft length, and everything. So we can offer the same 100% personalisation service as we would offer on a range, the advantage here being that we can go to all the golf clubs! Forgive me, David but just as a reminder, some people may be surprised, and say to themselves well, if we need to take this mobile unit to Germany tomorrow, but we ought to say that there’s a lorry that’s just a few steps away. Absolutely, yes, because that’s reassuring, everything goes inside, So,with all that,we have a lorry that has a box like for horses, and in it we place the unit, which allows us, as you’ve said, to go everywhere, everywhere in Europe: Switzerland, Italy… we’ve been to France, to England, to Spain as far as Sotogrande. Meaning that this unit, which has been here for two days, as a reminder, since yesterday it was reserved to be here, and it was for club members, and after that, well, we’re off to Zurich, that’s the next stage, we’ll go and do a few fitting sessions there, so, two or three golf clubs, then we’re off, mostly in Switzerland this year, we also have a few dates planned in France, we’re going to stay and stay fairly close to Switzerland this year, so that we can really offer our service to all the players, since we are also a partner of the Swiss PGA, which creates a bit of… a link That’s a fairly full picture. We’re off, David you can stay with us, we’ll be off soon to find your colleague who is nonetheless your friend, and he is the fitting master, we can put it like that! He’s the master fitter! We have Alexis Valenzuela. Alexis Valenzuela, we must say this, he’s Albane’s brother, quite simply, which explains that magnificent swing, right, then we shall be with Sacha, who’s working away Sacha Kalenitchenko and with him is Alberto Valenzuela, Alexis and Albane’s dad, whom we’ll see later, in a few moments All well, Sacha? Yes, what can we see on the machine? For Alexis, we’ll try to improve his angle of attack a little. These few data on the spin of the ball… he gives the ball a little too much spin, so we’ll try to find a shaft for trajectories that are a little more penetrating and that add a little distance and control That’s really a bit of work, we’ll have to change regularly every X balls we try something else based on what we’ve obtained. Exactly.faire Hit about three or four balls with each combo, then change the shaf or the head, or quite a few things to find exactly what suits him. So, Alberto Valenzuela, as we know, you’re Alexis and Albane’s dad, as well as their coach, yes, yes… Very, very good players, What motivates you? We can imagine that, of course you are part of that choice, what motivates you today, for example, for Alexis, to have him choose this fitting session? I am not in any way a great technician, not at all, but it’s clear that nowadays, you need good clubs, the right shafts, and it’s true that True Spec have technology hat is currently the most advanced in the market, so it’s because of them hat we manage to find the best club and it is the case that Alexis has grown quite a bit during the winter, so the club that he had last summer was not really right for him, and we need to really invest in equipment, because equipment that makes a big difference nowadays and if you don’t have the right equipment, well, you’re at a disadvantage relative to others. I know that you have been a very, very good play, and that you have remained an amateur, you were perhaps not in the time, in the generation… of course, fitting, in your time, let’s put it like that, now to see all this new technology, does it make you want to try, do you say to yourself, I might have needed it too, at the time Well… it’s never too late to catch up. It’s never too late, but if you like, what happens, at the time, no-one ran fitting sessions, so we all had more or less the same clubs, so there was not a lot of disadvantage Nowadays, if you don’t have the right clubs and some has good clubs, better clubs, better equipment, he’ll beat you, so it’s just a matter of trying to catch up with the competition In my time, it was not at all a parameter that was very important, I played with what I had, but everyone had the same equipment, so it’s very different. We’ll take a look for a couple of minutes,well, maybe 30 seconds with Alexis, I must ask you the question: Albane whom we know well, she is the best female Swiss player, she’s in the USA, she’s not yet moved to fitting but could it come? Yes, Albane’s been fully fitted out! She’s fitted out directly by industrialists, so she’s currently with Ping and Jooping, and he coach helps her a lot, of course, she changed her driver not long ago she did not have the right driver, and that helped her a lot in the major tournament in which she played recently, so, clearly, equipment is essential for laying the right foundation, I’d say that the right equipment to be able to compete. Thank you very much, Alberto, we turn now to Alexis, the upcoming generation of the Valenzuela family. Hello, Alexis, thank you very much for joining us What do you feel now about these changes? We’ve spoken about it, the shaft first, what makes you all of a sudden say to yourself, I could perhaps move to fitting? Well, I say to myself that, first of all, I need to know how I need to know how to find just the right club right club so that I feel comfortable on the course really find the right sensations. I had a few worries with my driver lately, so I thought that I should perhaps look around, see what other brands could offer me, so… I think that…True Spec can help me a lot with that So, in fact, it’s something that will be put in place for this season, you’re expecting a result,let’s call it an immediate one,you will be off I was about to say, this evening but then they need to be manufactured. Of, course, the club must be manufactured, but if I manage to find the right club I think I’ll keep it all year round then… I may have to find a better shaft because of my appearance, so all that’s on offer is great, it’s brilliant, so we’ll see what happens. Thank you very much, we’ll leave you to perhaps hit a few more balls, and why not leave with a few pictures, because it’s always a pleasure to see good swings! So, as a reminder, we were at Geneva Golf Club in Cologny, we were talking about fitting with the whole True Spec Golf team, whom we are delighted to meet each on this DIRECT NEWS channel. Thank you very much, David, for having been with us and for having welcomed us, and we look forward with great pleasure to seeing you and our friend Sacha next month to speak about the little white ball. Thank you, see you soon, ciao.

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