RT Podcast: Ep. 464 – Gus Finally Loses It
RT Podcast: Ep. 464 – Gus Finally Loses It

100 thoughts on “RT Podcast: Ep. 464 – Gus Finally Loses It”

  1. Landofbosses says:

    Snooze will text you when they have a table for you Brandon.

  2. Cake Puds says:

    Ugh why haven't they barred Brandon yet. He ruins the flow, breaks the chill and is generally uncomfortable/cringy to watch

  3. PwnerJenkins says:

    I actually really like brandon , i know some people dont like them but this has to be an inside joke

  4. ILuvKonata says:

    The last couple years, I actually have had to use a pseudonym instead of my real name because a relative on my dad's side of the family moved down the road. And even though mail with my name on it has come to this one address I've lived at my entire life, I had a few mails go to his house instead with this address scribbled out, just because of our last name.

    Post people are weird sometimes.

  5. Paden Forge says:

    didnt saved by the bell come from boxing signalling the end of a round?

  6. K2Hunter says:

    Meg looks different

  7. Jt Hogan says:

    For once I agree with Brandon. If the establishment is not advertised as being mainly a bar, do not hang around to just drink and not eat.

  8. Nuclear Drift says:

    Medium Rare steak or nothing.

  9. Andrew Buren says:

    i dont see why people hate brandon so much lolo

  10. Hickspy says:

    Regarding Wisdom Teeth and evolution. My dentist explained it to me (because mine never appeared either) that cavemen grew extra back teeth because their food was often harder/grittier and thus harder to chew to a digestible level. Now that the number of teeth we have has mostly nothing to do with survival, ehh whatever.

  11. Sir_Xurr says:

    Is it just me or does Barb look kinda drunk XD

  12. Sir_Xurr says:


  13. MarshalMarsh says:

    The secret is that twix bars are made huge and are sent through Wonkavision to stores around the world.

  14. John Smith says:

    They need to have a 1 million dollar guarantee and I'll do it for amazon

  15. BlueShift815 says:

    You absolute useless people complain week on week about how terrible Apple products have become, and still you fork out a GRAND for their newest handset. I've no respect for that

  16. Jane St. Valentine says:

    Didn't Gus already lose it in RT Extra Life 2015?

  17. Nuclear Drift says:

    What is the app that gus was talking about for the airplanes?

  18. TomPvP says:

    am i imagining this? this episode is really de-synched.

  19. Dudeboy says:

    Brandon haters pls gtfo. The fact he's an idiot and watching others trying to interpret his madness is what makes him great.

  20. William Schaeffer says:

    i need more becca in my life

  21. Jesse Shields says:

    Does anyone know the name of the app that Gus is talking about at 1:24:00?

  22. Patrickthebrony _ says:

    I didn't get my 12-year molars until I was 15

  23. Judg3m3nt says:

    I love Brandon on this show. I have no idea why people hate on him so much. I feel like he is understood far more often than Gavin but everyone has a meme about Gavin getting misunderstood.

  24. Peter Richards says:

    I hate brandon. Idk why? can someone explain?

  25. Ryan Kassatly says:

    I'm from mass, and almond joy sucks

  26. SuperMaxxii says:

    Brandon: "Cause It's (Apple) not an information company, that's why company's like google or any company that makes their money selling your information"

    If you think Apple isn't cataloguing your every move via photo's, video's and APP purchases, you are sadly mistaken.
    Every. Single. Company. Is now selling information.
    I sound like a conspiracy theorist but customer data is the most important and most valuable asset to any company ever.

    The more they have, the more money they make.

  27. TheSnuggleFairy says:

    https://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/saved-by-the-bell.html TL;DR… it's from boxing.

  28. Joseph Sawczyn says:

    starbursts, twix, caramel, chocolate with nuts in it

  29. Joey Ford says:

    is it sad i watched this podcast while sitting in a library?

  30. ShocX Gaming says:

    Gus was already so wise he didn't need the extra wisdom. lol

  31. Alex C says:

    Brandon is your annoying family member that wants to contribute to conversations but is so incapable and annoying that you quickly just want to change the subject.

  32. TheKijib says:

    YASSSSSSSSSSS Brandon ep

  33. J says:

    Anybody know what glasses gus has?

  34. CelestialFalkon says:

    they had the chance to do the spongebob thing where it goes…"bun down, patty, ketchup, mustard,…" etc. would have loved that XD

  35. Christian Nieto says:

    aha my yahoo email is my dump email for when i sign up for dating sites

  36. shawn boyce says:

    the only videos i watch from Rooster Teeth is the podcast don't see myself Subscribe to you for much longer sadly

  37. Salem Deluxe says:

    Pink starburst is the worst starburst, come at me

  38. FakeBing says:

    Seriously impressed when they mentioned CRISPR lmao

  39. McPhunque * says:

    "You can't survive a stall." I'm not a commercial pilot, but I do stalls with my instructor all the time. We even pull a stunt called a "back stall loop". Still alive.

  40. Cody Smock says:

    Jesus Christ, some serious aviation misconceptions by this dude. Lol

  41. Cornelius Margony says:

    next gt live they should make the huge kit-kat.

  42. Josh Lucas says:

    youtube should start putting timestamps next to comments

  43. chriscpooh says:

    Apple sells your information.

  44. OmicronMite says:

    whats that plane app called??

  45. Tolerant Madman says:

    When I click on a podcast and Brandon is on it I honestly would rather kill myself rather than watch it.

  46. SilencedAlien says:

    I'm glad I usually don't read the comments on these videos, I actually like Brandon. Sure he's a bit slow, but that makes it quite entertaining.

  47. MikeL816 says:

    When I saw the title, I for sure was expecting angry Gus, not laughing Gus

  48. Kool Pandaz says:

    Why don't they post the link dump for Youtube? :/

  49. Wayward Saul says:

    I'm pretty sure coffins(modern coffins at least) can't withstand the weight of being buried and collapse shortly after the fact.

  50. Azn Dynomite says:

    Does Brandon ever get tired if being wrong?

  51. Stare Wyatt says:

    Woo!◝(•o• )ง

  52. AnOriginalZero says:

    1:12:08 Did anybody else think that the matrix broke for a moment and there were two Gus's?

  53. nightshade616 says:

    Man Becca would be hitting soooooooooooooo many klaxons today. Saved by the bell comes from Boxing. The bell on your grave thing is apocryphal.

  54. Sergio Melendez says:

    If anyone at Rooster Teeth had to be a conspiracy theorist, it would be Brandon.

  55. zzAcervatezz says:

    my first xbox gamer tag was bloodypanda

  56. ERik says:

    a huge reason i watch this is cause gus he's been gone alot. I would like an interview style podcast hosted by gus similar to the Joe Rogan experience. sorry Burnie u know u want that gig. lol #GSE

  57. War Phoenix says:

    ICQ sound like Nazis, assigning people numbers instead of usernames

  58. CatChaFreeMan says:

    She means dead ringer

  59. ぁぁ says:


  60. duelingpikachu says:

    you guys r dicks to brandon

  61. Takablike says:

    Becca is something else, so hot!

  62. I need a new name says:

    Yay Becca and Barbara

  63. Keith Newberry says:

    Anyone else notice Barbara checking herself out in the monitors?

    "Yeah I look hot"

  64. ZBot316 says:

    Remember. In this podcast, we found the thing that broke Gus: Brandon's teeth.

  65. Pepe Sylvia says:

    Man i remember when the podcast used to be good, now its nothing but nobodies and gus

  66. Furness Prime says:

    Chris smashed Gus by getting TNG right.

  67. John Herrera says:

    You guys think Brandon sees these

  68. IcepickXIII says:

    Kirby Lane is a beast breakfast/brunch place in Austin. Always busy and a bit pricey, but I'd say it's worth the wait and the price.

  69. Apai says:

    Can we just..admire Barbara’s beauty today?

  70. Ryan not Brian says:

    When gus showed his underwear 😫😫😫💦💦💦

  71. Toatony says:

    Brandon is still on the podcast? Come on now, guys… Come on.

  72. The Immortal Sun-kun says:

    1:03:22 That’s what she said.

  73. Zed Chuva says:

    How long after this, did Apple admit to slowing down older phones?

  74. Luis El Wicho Ramirez says:

    This podcast showed exactly why i dislike Brandon. He never knows what to say and can't explain anything. He takes 30 minutes to explain why he's not scared pf zombies and then says zombies are scary. What the hell, man.

  75. Cooper says:

    Echidna? A bird? What, what the f**k

  76. Vini Boo says:

    Is it just me, or did Brandon already become irritading in under 2 minutes.

  77. Firefighter Moto says:

    Brandon, a bar is a counter that has alcohol behind it and bars do sell food so in hindsight the people don't have to hurry up with there drink. looks like your pansy ass is gonna have to wait.

  78. : says:

    Little did they know Apple is ripping people off with slow phones deliberately

  79. Jurassic Lion says:

    I love Becca’s hair / overall look.

  80. 6Kine6tic6 ; says:

    They forgot the sauce.

  81. Maurice Philipps says:

    There's a lot of doubt about that being the etymology for "saved by the bell", it's far more likely that it comes from boxing.

  82. Zachary Green says:

    "I have a very mature mouth" Hehehe….hehehehe…..Hahahaha…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA HA HA HA HAAAAAA

  83. Tony Lloyd says:


  84. J.A. Matlock says:

    "A plane is not a flying machine…" – Brandon Farmahini, 2017

  85. RhaennFalls says:

    I just listened to this on spotify today… had to come here to see Brandon's teeth ':D

  86. Tair Nuriev says:

    Watching this in 2018…yeaaaaa the conspiracy regarding the iphones getting slowed down.. thats is a real thing

  87. delcidkidv says:

    I have a flip phone so I delete my messages like every other day.

  88. Michael Castro says:

    If only someone would create a remix of all the best Gus: “Let me read this real quick.” Moments.

  89. Dylan Coulston says:

    It's 11.50pm at night here in New Zealand. 🤔

  90. wastedPhoenix says:

    Precious close up moments – chronologically timestamps

  91. parkerandrecreation says:

    Brandon needs to take a biology class….or 5…

  92. Blue inside. says:

    Brandon is kind of right in the zombie thing. Kinda just feel like you guys want your perfect podcast personalities for every episode. Brandon's alright.

  93. AlisterCountel says:

    I’ve always listened to the audio podcast. Becca managed to get me to check it out on YouTube JUST for that moment right before Gus leaves

  94. Andy says:

    Brandon on the podcast….SKIP

  95. Jade Nash says:

    Barb looks so good omg

  96. DkS The Wanderer -Rebann- says:

    Jesus all that hate towards Brandon is intense.

  97. The Xenex Virus says:

    Why do people hate Brandon? He's a great guy. Alot of unusual questions but a great guy.

  98. wicked_swami says:

    "My stomach hurts" Famous last words

  99. Justin Morgan says:

    God Brandon is such an idiot and never knows what he’s talking about it’s annoying

  100. Kino Sevilla says:

    This is such a late comment, given that I’m trying to catch up with all the videos, but

    Fun fact! Polydactyl (more than 5 fingers) is thought to be dominant in inheritance, which makes the prevalence of 5 fingers interesting 😀

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