Royal Westmoreland Golf Resort Barbados
Royal Westmoreland Golf Resort Barbados

Royal Westmoreland
Considered to be one of the top courses in the Caribbean and thatís because of the challenging
winds. Iím here at the Royal Westmoreland in the Parish of St James in beautiful Barbados.
Royal Westmoreland; Well, itís Robert Trent Jones design. It was designed in the early
1990ís so weíre almost at 20 years so itís a really nice golf course. We are a member
based golf operation. We have about 300, give or take. Most of that is home owners. We have
50 corporate members. We have 50 local members and then we have some social members. Just
a little over 300 members in total. We do also rent out our villas and then also, some
of our members rent out their homes as well so we do have some villa, rancher and guests
that come and then we have a small period for visitor golfers between 10 and 11, Sunday
through Friday. Weíre known for our par 3ís. Number 3, short
iron to 45 degree angle pin. Quite a challenging short shot, then we have number 7, a little
bit further. Again, with some gully and in front of the green so with that angle, a 45
degree angle, the areaís difficult. Number 12, a large gully again in front, even further
back playing the gold tee about 200 yards and I would say, I think our most difficult;
number 15 at 217 yards with a gully to the front and to the right so I would say our
signature holes are definitely our par 3s, for sure.
Is there a challenge that really pays off with a little handicap?
Oh, I think so. I mean, as I say, certainly playing off the gold tee with the amount of
breeze that you will hear from the mic Iím sure, thereís lots of that. Thereís a lot
of typography change so elevation and picking the right golf club is a challenge. We have
a lot of gullies as I mentioned before so thatís a distraction, unfortunately, but
yes, itís not completely a simple golf course to play. Thereís some thought process in
every shot. It really is a second shot golf course, to be honest, soÖ
So for the person who is a high handicapper? Oh well, certainly again playing the right
tee, obviously the gold tee wouldnít be for them. The white tee, even though thereís
lots of distraction and lots of gullyís, with a shorter tee off the white, we do have
some bail out areas so for the golfer that might not have a low handicap but still has
a little bit of an idea, you can play away from the trouble and I would certainly recommend
that. Obviously, if you hit it in the hazard or the gulls, it adds up rather quickly but
we do have that. We do have varies that you can play away and play a smarter style of
golf. Three great things; as I say, the golf course
and its views with the flowers and the views of the ocean are really, really nice. Obviously,
we have some monkeys there, quite troubling on the course although theyíre fun to see
and then obviously, hopefully our friendly staff will make it a place that you will wish
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