Rosalio “Leo” Lopez MD MBA

My name is Dr. Leo Lopez and I’m a family doctor by training. I went to medical school at USC and then after that I went to do my residence in family medicine at the University of California Davis. I love taking care of families of different age ranges and so there was never any doubt that that’s what I wanted to do. If I hadn’t gone into medicine I probably would have become a businessman. Part of what I’ve always liked is the business side of medicine as well as the clinical, caring patient care, a component of medicine. And I am the chief medical officer for a PIH Health. I gravitated to what I do today primarily because my interest and understanding the business side of industry, as well as the clinical piece. Basically all business is run by understanding what business they’re in and if they do then they understand who their customers are. When I was practicing medicine and seeing patients I have really never looked at that as work. The most significant, most rewarding part of my life has always being able to work with people, to understand their issues, to hear about their families, their personal problems, and be able to, together, come up with practical solutions to their life issues. Frankly, one of the things that I think about every single day is “What are some of the bottlenecks? What are some of the inefficiencies? What are some of the weights, some of the hassle factors, the patient’s go through in coming to this organization that I can help make a difference?” And that is my way of continuing to “practice medicine.” At the end of the day, I go home feeling that I’ve accomplished something, that’s very very excited. I have two beautiful daughters, so I spend some quality time with them as much as I can. I travel with them and I play golf. Golf is sort of my hobby and what I do to just kind of clear my mind and relax. [Music] PIH Health is really one of the best-kept secrets in Southern California because we provide outstanding customer service, great care to our patients and we try to do it always in the most affordable way and do it in a way the patients feel that it is treating them as family. [Music]

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