Rod Spittle Easy Putting Tip
Rod Spittle Easy Putting Tip

Hi. Good morning. This is Rod Spittle of the
PGA Champions Tour. We’re here, this week, in Tucson. And I’ve got a couple little putting
tips that may help some of the folks at home. The drill that I use all the time in my practice
is a little thing with putts that are 2, 4, and 6 feet from the hole. I try to find a
straight putt, usually uphill. And real simple — just try to knock them all in the hole.
In addition to working on my stroke, it also reinforces the fact that I get to see the
ball go in the hole three times. And one other thing that I’ve done on top of that — And
everybody’s got their ways that they like to mark the ball. top to narrow that focus
just a little bit more. And I’ve done my homework in the putting studio to know that it helps
keep my head just a little more still for a fraction of a second. And, again, just the
same, simple drill. 9Come and hit three putts. It’s always great to see the ball go in the
hole. I’ve got my red dot on there to keep my eyes just a little quieter. And there we
go. 3 for 3. Again, as everybody knows, there’s lots of great putters in the marketplace,
and one of the most drastic changes, I think, that’s probably come along in the last 4 or
5 years — Again, it’s kind of ironic. Here we are in Tucson this week, which has great
history. Obviously, the regular tour played here for a long time. You know, probably the
most drastic change in clubs, the last one, is with the putters, because most players
are still playing with a blade that’s 4 or 4 1/2 inches wide. It’s just kind of like
tennis rackets. You know, versus 20 years ago, tennis rackets today are 50% bigger than
they were not too long ago, and the reason for that is to build — You know, is to have
a piece of equipment that’s as stable as possible coming back to make impact with either a tennis
ball, obviously, or a golf ball. The folks at Cure have done the exact same thing. They
have blades that are 5, 5 1/2, and 6 inches wide to spread out the mass of that putter.
The moment of inertia, which is just a fancy term for how much twisting the putter goes
through, is 4 or 5 times more stable than a regular putter. So, I’ve used this one for
almost two years now. It’s helped me immensely out here. And, again, if folks at home are
looking for a change and something new to try, I would strongly encourage them to look
at a Cure Putter.>>Learn more at And as a special offer for “Golf Life” viewers,
save $25 on any putter when you enter code “GOLFLIFE25” at checkout.

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