Road Trip Europe Episode 9

It’s always like a feast for me when I get to grill with a good quality grill. Hi from Camping Fuengirola. Now we’re all set up, ate our breakfast and the sun is shining. But hey, let’s go check Fuengirola out. they say those are long lasting. So many colors. Well we didn’t yet get to see Fuengirola more than to borrow my dads car. The girls wanted to go straight away to Plaza Mayor, an outlet mall near to Malagas airport. The whole day went to shopping. But now we’re here to eat some tapas with Sanna. …Oh a fork, thanks. In Haro we got really into tapas. Well, actually we have ate them many times before. But hey, we have Jamon Iberico here. What I have here is a Campo Viejo Crianza from Rioja. I like it a lot with tapas and Jamon. Yea, now we’ll eat these, the girls are at my parents house. They stay there for the time we are here in Fuengirola. A little more space in this car never hurts. Later we’ll go to a restaurant called Casa Roberto. It’s in the center of Fuengirola, and its a golf themed restaurant. And the whole family is coming, my parents, my older sister and her husband are coming there. So we’ll all go there together. Tomorrow we’ll cycle to the beach with Sanna. After that we’ll go to my parents house to grill. They have a big charcoal grill that I’m so excited to use. I’ll get to grill some big chuleton steaks. and maybe some starters. So that’s tomorrow. Bye. These always make that sound. Well maybe it does click a little. Bad a** This was allowed, it is a tradition here. Good morning, lets drink our coffee in pease and lets cycle to fuengirola beach after that. It’s already 20 degrees now so it’s going to be a great day. What should i wear? Just something so we can go. Hi. Today we’re here in Fuengirola at my parents house grilling and spending some time. Today we’re making Langostino Crudos in a paella pan. Then we have some local bull chuleton steak. We get to enjoy those today. But lets start with the Langostino Crudos. put some oil in the pan. Swirl it around so it coats the pan. This pan is already greased so it doesen’t need that much. Let the paella pan warm up a little . Then we have these. So these are langostinos straight from the sea. Throw them in the pan. Level them up, so they cook evenly. Level each one so they’re all against the pan. Now you can leave them to get some color for a second. Mean wile you can take a sip of red wine. Okay, so now we have flipped all the prawns on their other side. pour a little white wine there, for some flavor. Like that. some garlic. And then.. squeeze the juice of a lemon on top. Yea, now just let it sit there for a while, so they boil ready. This was how to get a great starter. It also made a good stock. Okay, so now that they’re done, we can put them in a plate. They’re ready to be served. But soon we’ll continue with the steaks, Now that we’ve eaten the extremely delicious langostinos, lets fix up the embers a little. It’s always life a feast to me when i get to grill with a quality grill. It’s nice to grill with a gas grill, but charcoal grill takes the cake. Spread them around a little. Then lets start grilling the steaks. They’re huge chuletons. We’ll get to start them. Okay so, here we have these large steaks. And I forgot that we have pork ribs as well. We’re not going to make it the longer way this time. So no sous vide this time. Sanna wanted some ribs so, now lets just put it in the grill. Anyways we’ll make sure these steaks are perfect. So start by putting salt on them. You could’ve done this a lot earlier, because these are so large. These won’t dry out from that. Quick black pepper. Then just… get your tongs ready to grill. Put the steaks in the grill. Not everyone likes to eat the heads, but I think they’re so soft and tender you totally can.

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