– Oh, let’s go, no! Dude, I hit the precipice! You didn’t get in!
– [John] I can’t get in. – Oh, he’s on the edge.
– [John] Oh, I’m in! I’m in! Oh, damn it! – He got knocked off. The Waterhole. Did you pick this? – [John] We’re goin’ to the
water hole and we’re rewarded with (mumbling). (John burping) Gosh. – Welcome to the Waterhole, wait a minute. – [John] You ready? – Oh, yeah. Okay. – [John] I’m ready. – [Jay] Ready up. – Hey, Jay’s host, he’s
got an advantage here. – [Jay] Oh, yeah, baby. – [John] Yeah, I am, oh. – [Jay] Customize your ball. – [John] Customize your ball. – Don’t mind if I do. – [John] Color wheel’s tipped– – You have no hats. You can get hats in the appearance tab. – [Jay] You have no hats. What is this music?
– [John] It’s all down hill from here. – Do we want this music? I don’t think I want this. – [Jay] I think I, yeah. – Options, settings. – [John] Is it gonna screw us? Is it gonna screw us?
– Graphic, sounds, music. Zero, ha ha. Take that.
– [Jay] I dig that. – Take that you blasted music. – [John] Oh, we’ll use film (mumbling). – [Jay] I’m live, I’m live. – Wow. – [Jay] Oh, it’s gone.
– No! How did you go down? – [Jay] I don’t know, lucked out. – How’d you do that? This is for eagle. – [Jay] That noise. – I need to zoom in a little. – [John] Yeah, b-dubs,
good job, b double o. Oh, dang it. – [Jay] Let’s go!
– Oh, no! – [Jay] Eagle, baby. – You got an eagle? (mumbling) – [Jay] Mm-hmm. – Wow. You know what the key is? Oh, I already found the key, baby. – [Jay] Oh, we both picked
pink, that’s really awkward. – No, I’m red.
– [Jay] Oh. – No! Okay, well, you just gotta get it, oh no. – [Jay] You bounced right over it. – I am pink. I tried to be red.
– [Jay] Looks pink to me. – [John] The bounce shot! – [Jay] Bouncer. – Get it, baby. Hurry up, one minute left. What’d I get a par? (players talking drowning each other out) – [John] I’m really chuffed. – [Jay] I’m hole one. – I got a par. – [Jay] Look at all these points. Oh, baby. Let’s go to the store. – [John] Yeah, makin’ money so you can get that condo buffed out. – Guys, it’s the old over and under. – [Jay] I want chocolate milk labels. – It’s the old over and under. Dude, I got secrets. I got secrets that I can’t tell you guys. Maybe I’ll tell you later. – [Jay] Oh, you can change
your ball on the fly? – Oh, you can?
– [Jay] Yeah. – Oh. You guys didn’t go full speed, did ya? – [Jay] You guys want 100? I did, but.
– Yeah. – [John] Wow, Jay, go in me, much. (laughing) – [Jay] It’s a normal Saturday. – The old over and under. Oh, blades. – [John] Hey, get it in, ah! – [Jay] Oh! – No!
– [John] Oh, a rim job. I’m sorry. – Got it.
– [Game Announcer] Nice in. – [John] Chuff.
– [Jay] Hurry up. – Did you guys get nice in? – [Jay] I got par, nice in. – Nice in.
– [Jay] We’re waiting on b double o. – [John] Oh, shut up. – Dude, what happened? – [Jay] Look at all these
points, every hole, geez. It’s a bit much. Why not pay out at the end? – Jay’s got that two stroke lead on me. I don’t know how I feel about that. – [Jay] Goin’ in like a Tiger Woods putt. That’s what they say about me to my– – Who do they tell that to? – [Jay] What’s up? (laughing) – [John] I’m really (mumbling). – No!
– [John] Dang it, man! – Jay?
– [Jay] I’m in the wheel. – Jay, have you played this before? – [Jay] I’m in the wheel, baby. No. Not like you, pleds. – I can’t turn. – [John] I’m really chuffed. – [Jay] That’s the wrong way to use it. – Oh, no. I can’t turn my camera. – [John] Right click, yeah. – I’m in the wheel. – [John] Right click, kid. – [Jay] They don’t call me
green thumb for nothing. – Can I shoot out in the wheel. Can I shoot while in the wheel? – [John] Yes.
– You can shoot while in the wheel, okay. – [Jay] No. – Jay, are you shootin’ for eagle again? – [Jay] Oh, I’m already in the hole, baby. – Seriously?
– [Jay] I got a birdie, I got a birdie. – You got a birdie? Oh no, I got 57 seconds left. – [John] Hurry up, kid, hurry up, kid. Hurry up, you little kid. – [Jay] Hurry up, geez, man, wow. – Watch this. – [Jay] I can’t see anything. – I got a five. John, B Dubs and I are tied. This is not good. I don’t accept. – [Jay] You guys are fallin’ behind here. – Oh, you just wait. – [John] Jay is like hey, you
guys wanna play Tower Unite? It looks really fun. I’ve never played it.
– [Jay] Yeah, I’ll install it. – [John] Practicing my whole life. – Are you analyzing the course
when it gives that overview? – [Jay] Yeah, in the power bar, mm-hmm. – Oh! – [John] I am chuffed! – Dude, that’s how you do it. You watch other people fail first. – [Jay] Yep, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Oh. – [Jay] Slow up, ball, slow up. – Slow down. Oh, dude, this is so easy. – [John] Oh! – [Jay] That was sexy, B Dubs. – So easy.
– [John] Chuffed. – No! Yes! – [Game Announcer] Great shot. – Par, Jay. Jay, get that bogey. The question is, how many
bogeys is it gonna be. Triple bogey? – [Jay] That was my first. That was my first bogey. – Oh, B Dub. – [Jay] Not your best. – [John] Would everybody shut up. As if I try or care. I’m saving it for the back
nine to really massacre you. – You didn’t realize
there were stakes on this? – [Jay] Don’t make me
turn this car around. – You didn’t realize the stakes? – [Jay] There is stakes, isn’t there? – There are stakes. – [Jay] There’s a filet mignon. – It’s on the line. Okay, interesting line. – [Jay] I’m salt. (laughing) – Dude, this is not easy. You could easily go out of bounds. – [Jay] Easily and I’m gonna
do it, don’t do it to me. – No! – [John] Dang it! Chuff. – [Jay] You rip your mic in half? (laughing) – Dude. – [Jay] Oh, bull. – I just threw the whole thing. – [John] Got chuffed! – Go over double bogey,
and I’m at the beginning. How do you do this? Oh, no. – [Jay] Use the spectator camera. – No. – [Jay] Oh, there we go, I fixed it. – [John] Just drizzle, please drizzle. – [Jay] Drizzle. Oh, Joe, I love it. – Oh. – [John] Beat him, oh dang it. – I love you, too, Jay. Oh, wait, that’s not what you said. Whoops. This is awkward. – [Jay] I love it, I
love you, too, though. – Love you, too.
– [John] Go out of bounds. – Triple bogey. bogey plus three. Oh, we both got triple bogeys. So, Jay’s only went in by a
sixth, to me an eight, John. Sorry about that. (Jay burping) – [Jay] Only six. – [John] Guys, if you’re
watchin’, just curious if you could leave in the
comments, I’m wondering what the word chuffed means. What does chuffed mean? ‘Cause I hear chuffed a lot. – You hear it a lot? – [John] Yeah. – That’s interesting. – [John] Everybody says chuffed. Everybody’s always chuffed. – Everybody says it, huh? – [John] Yeah. – Oh, look at that angle. Dude, you didn’t know, you didn’t know. You’re dealin’ with a geometry major. I did not major in geometry. – [Jay] Simple geometry. – I did not major. – [John] What a thing to major in. Ah, so what kind of
job ya gonna apply for? Oh, mainly figurin’ out
shapes, and mainly– – [Jay] The squat the hexagons. – [John] Mainly thinkin’ about shapes. – The cube goes into the square hole, while the sphere goes
into the circular hole. – [John] How did you know that? – [Jay] Genius. – I majored in– – [Jay] Look at you.
– Goodbye. Bye, bye. – [John] You screws wait for me. – I waved. – [Jay] Oh, baby. – You gotta wait. – [Jay] Thank you for the
trial and error right there, B Dubs. – [John] Chuffed. – Oh, man. – [Jay] That was a nice
bounce you had, though. – This is not good. Dude, do I got for it? I go for it. No guts, no glory? – [John] Get up there, boy! – [Jay] Brrr. – Guys? – [John] They’ll be no
ball to ball physics. What?
– Help me. No! – [Jay] Right in the hole, baby. – Seriously? – [John] Oh, you piece of garbage. Trash. Ah, Jay been practicin’ this. – Jay been practicin’. – [Jay] Check my hours, dog. – [John] Oh, my god.
– Can I hit you? – [John] I at least need
to beat the jump rinse. Get it in there! – You can’t beat jump rinse,
I majored in geometry. Double bogey. – [John] And that, my
friend, is a rhombus. (laughing) – That’s what they call a rhombus. Jay’s winning my eight strokes. – [Jay] We’re almost done
with the front nine, there. – Eleven strokes to B Dubs. – [Jay] Barrel drive through. – Jay, are you analyzing these holes? – [Jay] You gotta, man. If Arnold Palmer taught me
anything, it’s to mix iced tea and lemonade. – Huh. Whoops. – [Jay] I don’t know what
that has to do with golf, but. – Watch this. – [John] Yeah, I was gonna wait. Look at how long I sat there
and waited for the two of you. – Oh, that’s the key. I think you just ride– – [Jay] Oh, I’m back through the barrel! – I think you just ride this wall here. Whoops. Nope, that’s not it. Guys, watch this, watch this.
– [John] B Dubs will show ya. – [Jay] Mm-hmm, I’m watching. – Whoops, I was trying to ride the pair. – [Jay] Then I saw the barrel. – I tried to ride the rim. – [Jay] Oh, whoa, there’s a little dip. I’m comin’ back, baby! – And the rich get richer. – [John] I can’t believe. I’m sick about it. – So what? There’s a lip? – [Jay] Nice approach,
good job playing golf. – Double bogey, baby. – [Jay] Golf, golf. See all sorts of treasure over there. – Jay, Jay? – [John] I won! – [Jay] Callin’ it golp. – [John] This is golp. – [Jay] Why are they all flags from Mario? – [John] Okay, everybody
in the comments section, I know what you’re gonna say. (laughing) – Let’s just say it for ’em. – [John] Yeah, it’s a true
embarrassment that he says such a thing. – Oh, please make it. Yes! – [Jay] How hard you go? How hard you go, there, Joe? – About 70%. – [Jay] Thank you. – Oh, oh! This is my hole. This is my hole. How do I do this? – [Jay] I went a little hot, man. 70 might’ve been it. Get me down. – What’s the angle? – [Jay] Get me in. Get me in. – Yes! Please? No.
– [Jay] Look at you. – [John] What the heck, man! (laughing) – Okay. – [John] Everybody else
got to have a good day, and B Dubs gotta have a bad day. – Nice save. – [Jay] Thank you. – B Dubs, you got a par. – [John] (mumbling) dot com. Yeah, I did. – [Jay] Good job, Joe. – Thanks, Jay, good job, Jay. – [Jay] Thank you, Joe. – You’re winning by eight strokes. – [John] I have two friends
that need to burn for eternity. I hate ’em, I hate ’em, I hate ’em. – [Jay] Front nine is done. Let me just say, it was a
pleasure, the front nine. – I’m sure it was. – [John] I bet you
really enjoyed yourself. – Watch this.
– [Jay] This is a gentlemen’s game, guys. – Oh, no. I hit the wall. I hit the small moving wall. – [Jay] The silly moving wall. – What are the chance,
oh actually, it lined me up perfectly. B Dubs also hit that small moving wall. – [Jay] Can’t be mad about that. – It lined me up perfectly. You gonna like this. – [Jay] B Dubs didn’t say
anything about it, though. – You’re gonna like what I’m about to do. Oh, off the wall.
– [Jay] Oh, look at you. – No, please, yes. – [Game Announcer] Nice approach. – Birdie baby. – [John] Yeah! – Come back. – [Jay] I like how they
use the (mumbling) logo. – Oh, we all got birdies. – [John] Twitter, Twitter bird. – [Jay] That’s definitely not allowed. – Oh, you got an eagle. Instagram logo. (laughing) – [John] Hole in one! Here’s Facebook.
– [Jay] Facebook, nice. – [John] But, I’ll admit that
was takin’ the joke too far, ’cause it wasn’t really
funny, at that point. – [Jay] Oh, it’s funnier. – It was funny, but
just not at that point. Watch this. Yes, I made it through, baby! Oh, no, this is takin’ too long. I got the boost!
– [John] Makes that dangler. – I got a boost!
– [John] Oh, don’t touch me. – I got another boost. – [Jay] This is the Minecraft level, guys. – Oh, man. Oh, please, please go in. Yes! – [Game Announcer] Nice shot. – [Jay] What was that? – Birdie. – [John] No!
– It’s a comeback, baby. I’m only down by eight strokes. How can I change who I spectate? – [Jay] Click, I think. – Yeah, it’s click.
– [Jay] Oh, no! It’s too hard! Oh, it’s just right, just kidding. – It’s a funnel. – [Jay] Who said nice shot? Was that you guys? – No, it’s a guy. There’s a guy. Hello?
– [John] Nice shot. (laughing) – [Jay] Nice shot. – [John] Yes. Two, three, four. I’m gettin’ paid. Gonna get that new stainless
steel oven for my kitchen. Yeah, baby. – [Jay] Let’s go. – Hey. – [John] Take a swing at it. Pick it. – [Jay] I’m gonna upgrade to almond milk. – Wow. – [John] Hey. – Have we figured out the stakes? – [Jay] We eat filet, right? – Yeah, filet is good.
– [John] Medium rare. – Oh, no. (John laughing) I hit the pick ax. No, it’s a perfect line up. – [Jay] Yeah, the pick ax
can really ruin your camera, just a little heads up. – Dude, it’s the perfect
line up, actually. Nothing could’ve been better. Nothing could’ve been better than this. This is for eagle, and I will make it. – [Jay] They don’t even have
diamond pick axes, am I right? – Pick sacks. – [John] True, they don’t
have the pick sacks. – For birdie, baby.
– [Jay] Nice in. Nice in. – Give me the birdie! Yes! – [Jay] Oh, look at you, nice in. – Thank you. – [John] I’m triggered. Hold on ’til. – Dude, just chuff. Just chuff it in the hole. – [Jay] Chuff it in. – [John] I feel chuffed. – Do you have eyeballs? Jay, do you see those eyeballs. – [John] Yeah. Oh, very funny. – [Jay] On the ball? – Yeah, on the ball. – [Jay] Did you pay for googly eyes? (laughing) – [John] I got glasses on my character. – [Jay] Is that a hat? – [John] I’m chuffed. – Bring it around town. – [Jay] I thought Joe was burning you. I thought he was like, hey
man, do you even have eyes? It’s like (mumbling). I was like whoa, dude. – Are you using your eyes? – [Jay] Wow, geez. – Like, look where you’re shooting. – [John] Chuffed! – [Jay] We made the same mistake B Dubs. – [John] Oh, that’ the worst angle. – [Jay] We did 100%. – Oh, no! No, I made the worst mistake. (Jay gasping) Okay. – [John] Triggered. – [Jay] Hey! Twitter.
– For birdie. No! My geometry degree has failed me. – [Jay] Yeah, I’ve failed.
– [John] Oh, no, rhombus. – [Jay] That hole I slid behind there. – Wow, B Dubs with the birdie. That’s pretty good. – [Jay] Yeah, I’m losing the lead, boys. – [John] This comeback is real. – [Jay] I’m only up six
strokes, is that right? – Yeah, yeah. After the sixth bogey. So you got triple bogey. What’s after that? Quadruple, quintuple. – [Jay] Quintuple. – Six toople. – [Jay] Is it just six? Six bogey. – Is there a way to get an
overview of this blasted thing? – [Jay] What happened? It started and then it stopped. – WASD, adjust camera.
– [Jay] Who’s goin’ first, here? – Oh. That just, no, that’s not good. Dude, I don’t know if it’s
a hole right in front of us? – [Jay] I’ll be the guinea pig. – Teach us, Jay. Is the hole right in the middle? Oh, welcome back.
– [Jay] I went full blast and it’s bad, it’s bad. – Welcome back. I’m goin’ like 80%. Oh, that’s good, oh no! Dude, I hit the precipice! I hit the precipice. – [Jay] Oh, I almost went back. – [John] Dude, dang blasted stupid! (laughing) – Oh, man, please. – [Jay] That slow burn. – Oh, dude, I was right at the apex. – [Jay] That’s your
geometry masters comin’ out. – It was a masters, it
wasn’t a bachelors, it was a masters in geometry. – [Jay] Oh. – [John] I tell ya. – I’ll tell ya guys my secret. – [Jay] I like how in
bogey, they don’t give you any fun image. – Yeah. – [John] You don’t have a secret. – I got a secret. Dude, when you’re lined up
with the hole, you bring the camera down to where
the ball is almost lined up with the hole, so you don’t have to worry about left and right. Jay already knows this. – [Jay] Yeah. – B Dubs just– – [John] I got a par,
and you guys bogeyed. – [Jay] B Dubs, you’re
closin’ the gap, dude. Close the gap. – [John] We minin’, this is my game. – Time to spelunk. – [John] Talkin’ ’bout Minecraft. I love Minecraft. (laughing) – [Jay] Oh, let’s go. – Minecraft golf. – [Jay] Dude, this neon. I like this lighting in here. – Oh, no. – [Jay] This game… – Yes? – [Jay] This game looks a lot
better than Friends and Golf, whatever that’s called. – Friends and Golf. – [John] But they do have ball collision in Friends and Golf. – [Jay] Well, that’s an option to turn on, and you can do jumps. – Get me in that hole. – [John] Oh, you turned
ball collision off? – [Jay] I did, not actively. But I know it’s– – [John] Go, go, go,
you stupid, oh dang it! (laughing) – [Jay] Oh, no, you got
massacred that time. – You got robbed. You got precipiced. – [Jay] You were right on the apex, dude. – Yeah. – [John] Straw milk jug. – Zig zag and all. – [Jay] Zig zag and all,
whoa, this is wacky. (laughing) – [John] As a geometry
major, what shape is that? – [Jay] What is a zig
zag and all, exactly? – I don’t know. That’s like– – [Jay] Watch this shot. – Wow, how did it turn out for you? – [Jay] Great. – Great? – [Jay] Turned out great. – I’m gonna do the same
thing, but in a different way. – [Jay] Precipice. – Different precipice. There you go. That’s how you shoulda done it. Dude, this is the worst
angle I could be at. – [Jay] Yeah, this hole is wacky. – [John] It’s wacky. – Get in that hole! – [Jay] This is wacky. – Get in that hole. Thank you. Oh no, thank you. – [Game Announcer] Nice shot. – Birdie, baby. Closin’ that gap. – [John] Par! Par, you gotta birdie? – I got a birdie, baby. – [Jay] How’d you get a birdie? – Zig zag and all. – [Jay] You got that
because of zig zag and all. – Precipice, apex. – [John] I hate you. – [Jay] Just saying words. (laughing) Look at this level, this looks nice. – Quadrilateral. Rolling barrels. – [Jay] Just so you guys know,
this is the easiest level. – Oh. – [John] From all your practice? – What’s even happening here? – [Jay] I did it, I did it well. – Is that what you wanna do? – [Jay] Yeah, ’cause you
don’t wanna get, dude, there’s a slope down. You gotta hit that little, B Dubs! – Oh, that was close. – [Jay] Oh, just barely hit it, dude. – Okay. Say a prayer for me. – [Jay] Say a little prayer for me. – [John] Just barely? What’s wrong with you? – Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no! That was close, precipiced. – [Jay] Just barely. – [John] Precipiced, is that a religion? I’m a precipiced. (laughing) – [John] No! – Oh, no, please make it around. I got this, I got this, off that wall. Bank shot, baby. – [Jay] Oh, Joe. If you would’ve bridged the gap. – It doesn’t slope? – [Jay] Not this one. – I thought it sloped. – [John] It’s lit.
– Jay miss. – [Jay] I bogeyed, did you bogey? – I bogeyed. – [Jay] What is B Dubs? – B Dubs, do you have eyes? – [Jay] Dude, you have eyes. They’re the glasses from your character. – That’s what it is. It’s the lady glasses,
you just turned purple. – [Jay] You just changed to blue. – Purple. Purple. – [John] It’s supposed to be blue. That’s a nice hot triple
bogey, fresh off the presses. – [Jay] Dude, five. – I can still win, I can still win. – [Jay] I mean, five strokes. – Jay has to have– – [Jay] 18 could go bad. – Minecart journey, this
is B Dubs, all the way. – [Jay] Oh, this is B Dubs level, dude. We’re screwed, dude. – Oh, man. Hole in one. – [Jay] What are you doing? – [John] Oh, dang it! I was confident. – [Jay] Wait for the ride! – You gotta hitch a ride. – [Jay] Get me on! – No, that was my chance. – [John] Dang it, oh dang it!
– [Jay] Okay, bye B Dubs. – That was my chance. – [John] Screw off on this, man. – [Jay] In the Minecart. – You didn’t get in. – [John] I can’t get in. – Oh, he’s on the edge. – [John] Oh, I’m in, I’m in, I’m in. – He’s on the precipice! – [John] Don’t roll off! Dang it! – He got knocked off. – [John] Dang it, dude! – [Jay] Later, man. – Oh, here we go. – [John] Oh, I’m on the ledge again. – Whoa. – [Jay] Why does this take so long? – Whoa, whoa. – [Jay] Whoa it tosses ya. – I’m not in a Minecart. Jay, were you in a Minecart? – [Jay] Yeah, dude. – I’m flying. – [Jay] I saw you get popped. You got popped in. – Get in. No, this was my chance. Yes, no.
– [John] I was triggered. – [Jay] Yeah, baby. – [John] My ball is outside the Minecart. – [Jay] I got Twittered. – [John] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – [Jay] You’re trippin’ out? – Wow, Twitter it is. – [John] Whoa, whoa! – [Jay] I wanna spectate B Dubs. Oh, he’s here. – He’s here. – [John] I don’t know. – [Jay] Dude, you have
glasses on your ball. (laughing) – That was the problem. – [John] Can’t wait to see it. – They were the wrong prescription. He woulda won. – [John] Triggered. – 72 is pretty respectable. – [John] That’s a par. – So par is 57, Jay got par! – [Jay] Yeah, baby. – That’s pretty good. – [Jay] That’s pretty good, man. – Wow, B Dubs with a little bit over par. Me with a little bit over. – [Jay] Where do you see the
par for the whole course. Oh, up top, sorry! – Up top. Par for the course.
– [Jay] I see. Well, that was a pleasure. – That was a pleasure. – [Jay] Thanks for joining
me at the Waterhole. – Thanks, so, we’ll send
you your steaks pretty soon. (electronic music) – Don’t be eaten by sharks. Don’t get eaten by sharks. Dude, it’s hard to get
in this blimp anyway. Oh, no, they’re too heavy. They’re too heavy for the blimp, I think. (gun firing) Oh, we got him! Dude, you gotta be kiddin’ me! We’re flyin’. One. Oh!

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