Review: Mizuno JPX 919 irons
Review: Mizuno JPX 919 irons

(Jon Levy) Jon here with a good friend of ours, Chris Voshall of Mizuno. So Chris, we’ve got some new product, what are we looking at today? (Chris Voshall) We’re so excited to show off the JPX 919 line. JPX 900 line was awesome for us but we’ve got three new sets of irons here that we couldn’t be more excited about. (Levy) Let’s talk about them. First we have the Tour iron. (Voshall) This is the JPX 919 Tour, this club really did a lot of things for the JPX brand for us with the 900 because it really helped push the JPX name down in the better players category as well. The Tour adoption for this type of club has been phenomenal. With this one, the enhancements from the previous version, it now has HD4G Process. What HD does, is going to enhance the feel that much more, it’s going to give you truer, longer vibrations, more of a blade-like feel. In addition, the weighting is slightly different. We pushed some more mass out towards the toe, which is really going to centralize the sweet spot, give you a better feel, more control over the ball. And in addition to that, we did the thing that all better players like, we thinned out the top line. (Levy) Great look there. So the Forged? (Voshall) The Forged. This is our club where we joke if we could make one club for everybody, this is the club that checks all the different boxes. It’s our Grain Flow Forged HD Process with the Boron material. That Boron is a little bit stronger, that stronger material allows us to go thinner on the face to increase the COR and as opposed to the 900 Forged where we actually milled from this side, we actually milled from this direction, which allowed us to increase the rebound area to give you better ball speeds all across the face, higher launch, better ball speed, more distance, more feel. (Levy) We were talking about it earlier, even though it’s milled through the sole, you can’t really see it. (Voshall) Right, that’s one of the big things we always like to try to do, we like to put technology in it but we try to hide it from you. Yes, it’s there, you get the benefit but by milling through the sole, we went through here but at the same time, we went and covered that up. So you’d have no idea that this had a big ole hole through the sole. (Levy) Absolutely. It’s a great looking club. The last one here, Hot Metal. (Voshall) Yes, Hot Metal. It’s really cool for Mizuno because this is a club, JPX 900 Hot Metal was a club that really helped change our perception in the industry because it was a real distance golf club. It can go up against the best of them in terms of distance and that’s from our Chromoly material that we’re using. Chromoly allows us to go extremely thin on the face, really do some interesting things geometry-wise by actually putting the geometry of a cup face with really thin transition areas all the way around in a one-piece Chromoly club. So what that’s going to do is give you incredible ball speed, but at the same time because fitting and getting it right for you are so important, it’s not nearly as hard as so many of those distance clubs. This Chromoly material allows you to bend it and get custom fit for you. (Levy) So softer but still the distance but really a lot more forgiveness. (Voshall) Absolutely. Distance, forgiveness and customizability. It’s all the things you want in a golf club. (Levy) Chris thank you. Mizuno fans out there, you’ve got some new product to look forward to.

3 thoughts on “Review: Mizuno JPX 919 irons”

  1. Michael Brohl says:

    I'm sure the new irons are great as always but if you make a video with a Mizuno representative it is not a review. It is an infomercial.

  2. TDGarage says:

    Ordered the forged 919 from Golftec 2 weeks ago and still don’t have them. I’m about to cancel my order tomorrow.

  3. Albert Hornsby says:

    I ordered the Forged today can’t wait to get them

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