Resistance Band Soccer Training Drills | Catalan Soccer
Resistance Band Soccer Training Drills | Catalan Soccer

Hi everyone, Catalan Ben here from and today we are going to be talking about resistance
bands how they can aid your training help you recover from injuries and
increase your strength and speed now resistance bands like these come in
different grids they usually start from extra light and then go through to light
medium heavy and extra heavy depending on what you’re working on and why you’re
using the band’s depends on which grid of band you will need and how much
resistance that band offers for example this is a heavy band this offers a high
level of resistance it great for building speed and strength as well as
endurance if you’re recovering from an injury you would tend to use an extra
light or light bands that offers a low level of resistance to prevent causing
any further damage but once you’re back to full fitness and if you’re trying to
build your speed the heavy band is always better
whenever you’re learning new resistance drills to work with always start with
the lightest bands that you can start with extra light and gradually build
your way up to those high resistance bands or you don’t want to do is start a
very heavy resistance and cause yourself damage now a question that a lot of
people ask is do resistance bands actually work and do they actually
benefit the speed of your feet and the speed and power that you could produce
the answer is definitely yes however like any weight training or resistance
training it takes a long time to develop the attributes that you’re looking for
is not a quick fix and it doesn’t mean you can just get these bands out use
them three or four times and you’ll suddenly be faster so liken it to weight
training in the gym you have to go up do it on a regular basis you have to do a
high repetition of it you’ve got to make sure that you gradually increase the
resistance over a long period of time so resistance bands definitely do work but
you’ve got to put in the hard work too a lot of these practices are football
specific but they can help for general fitness too but we’re looking today at
how to improve the speed of your feet to improve your ball mastery and your
coordination as well as your straight line sprint speed so let’s get into it so there you have it some excellent
practices to help you increase the speed of your feet and increase your speed at
the ball as well as that speed in a straight line get home get practicing
and get your buns out as often as you can
they’re great for using in a warm-up they’re great for a cool down session as
well and the main thing that these resistance bands can help is the
strength in your legs to translate into physical power and speed and remember
just because you have an injury or you’re recovering from an injury it
doesn’t mean you can’t use the band’s use the extra light and light bands and
they will help you to not only build strength and stability in those injured
muscles or injured ligaments but that will also speed up your recovery and
make sure that when you are back to full fitness you are stronger than you were
before your injury took place if you want to get your own set of resistance
bands just check out the Amazon link down below not only they’re very
affordable but they are worth their value if you use them correctly and you
use them as often as you possibly can thanks for watching don’t forget to
subscribe to our channel for more great content coming soon and for the best
coaches classes and camps check out catalan
see you next time

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  1. Catalan Soccer says:

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    How many reps do you do if each exercise

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    How many reps per side?
    How many sets of each exercise?
    Thank you!

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    Nice vid, thanks! Can I do this with my u10 kids as well?

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    What if you are 13 what band do I use

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    Pls could u add sets and reps

  9. Atomic Zendzy says:

    Pls could u add sets and reps

  10. Atomic Zendzy says:

    Pls could u add sets and reps

  11. Atomic Zendzy says:

    Pls could u add sets and reps

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    Great video bro, i just have one question Will this increase my speed and explosiveness in a Month? Or more. Thanks

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    How many times a week should you train with bands?

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