REL ACE 3GEN Golf Grips

Hi. I’m Bob Lamkin, CEO of Lamkin Grips. This
is the totally new R.E.L. ACE 3GEN, now engineered with Lamkin’s super tacky advanced cohesive
elastic. The new R.E.L. is made with an enhanced ACE 3GEN material, featuring anti-static additives
to ensure longer lasting surface tack. With the light surface pattern and incredible tackiness,
the R.E.L ACE 3GEN grip maximizes surface contact with the golfer’s hands and encourages
the proper grip pressure needed to maintain control throughout the swing. The patented
3GEN technology also offers an unrivaled level of vibration dampening, protecting the player’s
hands and arms from jarring shockwaves without dulling critical shot feedback. The new R.E.L ACE 3GEN is available in the
industry’s brightest assortment of colors and sizes. It is a great feeling, super tacky
grip ideal for a wide range of golfers. I know you’re going to love this grip.

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