Regrip Your Golf Clubs, Improve Your Game
Regrip Your Golf Clubs, Improve Your Game

Kyle: One of the most important yet over looked
pieces in a golf bag would be the golf grip. We’re lucky enough today to have the CEO and
President of Lamkin Golf Grips, Bob Lamkin. Bob, good to see you. Bob Lamkin: Kyle, thanks for having me. Kyle: Tell us a little bit about golf grips
and why golfers over look them so much. Bob Lamkin: Well, it’s interesting because
golfer have had such great technology over the years with the way golf clubs have developed.
But the grip seems to be lagging a bit behind in the importance of playing consistently
in the game. Kyle: They say the most important part of
your club is this because that’s where you hang it onto the golf club and yet you look
at golfer’s grips and they’re just worn and they’re tattered. Bob Lamkin: Right. Most of the golfers they
go out and they want to buy the new high tech and the latest and greatest. And that’s all
great. But the golf grip is the only connection to the golf club. So if it’s actually worn
or improperly sized, you’re not going to get the full impact of the new product that you
just bought. Kyle: And if you’re using a worn golf grip,
how does that affect your golf game, how many strokes are you losing in your golf game? Bob Lamkin: It increases the tension in the
golf swing, in your forearms and your hands. And what that does it inhibits you from swinging
freely. What happens is when the grip gets worn, you start choking here. Whenever you
see this or see the whites in your fingers. What it does is it keeps you from actually
turning, right? And because what you what you want to be able to do… it’s like a tennis
racket whip… Kyle: Yeah. Bob Lamkin: … you want to let it go… Kyle: Absolutely. Bob Lamkin: So with a light grip pressure,
it allows you to get back and it allows you to generate the swing speed. Kyle: And instead they’re white knuckling
because… Bob Lamkin: They’re white knuckling… And
the club is only going to here, right? But if you want to be from your elbows down, you
want to have this thing where it’s just nice and whippy in your hands. But you don’t want
to feel like you’re losing the grip. Kyle: How often should someone change their
golf grips? Bob Lamkin: I always say if you’re playing
once a week, and you’re practicing once a week, you should change your clubs once a
year. Because a round of golf is… you’re using all the clubs in your bag and whatnot.
But if you’re practicing, there’s a full bucket of balls right there, right? Kyle: Yeah. Bob Lamkin: So you’re going through your bag
that’s like playing a round of golf. Kyle: Of course, yeah.
Bob Lamkin: So… Kyle: So, once a year you recommend. Bob Lamkin: Right, once a year. And during
the course of the year, you should do maintenance of your grips. Simple soap and water will
work with this. Getting your clubs re-gripped is a matter of just going into your local
pro shop or to your retailer. They can do them in 15, 20, 30 minutes. It’s a very easy,
low cost fix to improve the consistency in your game.

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