#RebelsGive Golf Cart Karaoke
#RebelsGive Golf Cart Karaoke

I’m so excited! Rebel Homecoming is right
around the corner, and what kicks off Rebel Homecoming? Well Rebels Give, of
course. Hey! How are you? How about you hop on. I’m going around talking about Rebels
Give and I know you are one of those people that participated in last year’s. Yeah, someone last year that was working at the booths challenged me to donate
one dollar to each college, but I raised it up a notch and gave $5.00 to each
college. That’s over two hundred and seventy-five dollars. That is fantastic.
Makes me want to celebrate. How about we listen to some music? “Hey, look ma I made it. Everything’s coming up aces, aces.” If it’s a dream don’t wake me, don’t wake me. I said hey look ma I made it.” Oh my gosh, those look like some members of our marching band. Do you think they
need a ride to class? Do you guys want a ride? Hop on. Actually, we’re going around
getting people excited about Rebels Give, which is a 1,957-minute-long event to
raise money for UNLV. Oh sweet. Uh Who all can give to RebelsGive? Anyone. What can people donate to? They can donate to anything on campus. We have so many funds available on campus that you can genuinely give to what you’re
passionate about. Why does it last one thousand nine hundred fifty seven minutes though? In honor of UNLV’s founding year, 1957. 1957… that makes
me think of an artist that was pretty popular around then. You guys might be
familiar with Viva Las Vegas being members of the band. So I think we should jam out to some Viva. [Music plays] Oh so good. But we’ve arrived to our
destination. Well thank you so much and I hope to see you at all the Rebels Give
events. All right well this has been so much fun talking about Rebels Give with
you today, Liz, and just hanging out on campus driving around. Mark your
calendars November 7th and 8th: Rebels Give. For more information or to donate
visit rebelsgive.UNLV.edu. See you at the kickoff! you

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