#RebelsGive Golf Cart Karaoke: Extended Version
#RebelsGive Golf Cart Karaoke: Extended Version

I’m so excited! We’re about halfway
through the fall semester and that can only mean one thing.
Rebel Homecoming is right around the corner, and what kicks off Rebel Homecoming? Well Rebels Give, of course. And last year we had so much success
that I’m pretty fired up about this year and I want to see if there’s some other
people around campus just as excited as me. Oh, hey look, here’s one right now. Hey Liz, how are you? How about you hop on. I’m going around talking about Rebels
Give, getting people excited and I know you are one of those people that
participated in last year’s. So I think someone challenged you, is that right? Can you tell me a little bit more about that? As a matter of fact, yeah. Someone last year that was working at the booths challenged me to donate $1 to each
college, but I raised it up a notch and gave $5 to each college. That’s over $275. That is fantastic. It makes me want to celebrate. How about we listen to some music? [“Hey Look Ma, I Made It” by Panic! At the Disco] Man, do I love that song. I also love
Rebels Give, which is happening this year on November 7th and 8th. Oh my gosh, those look like some members of our marching band. Do you think they need a ride to
class? Do you guys want a ride? Hop on. Actually, we’re going around getting
people excited about Rebels Give, which is a 1,957-minute-long event to raise
money for UNLV. Oh sweet. Who all can give to Rebels Give?. Anyone. What can people donate to? They can donate to anything on campus. We have so many funds available on campus that you can genuinely give to what you’re
passionate about. Why does it last 1,957 minutes, though? In honor of UNLV’s founding year, 1957. 1957? That makes me think of an artist that was pretty popular around then… kind of helps make
this city a big deal. Guys, you might be familiar with Viva Las Vegas being
members of the band. I know you play it. All right, so I think we should jam out
to some Viva. [“Viva Las Vegas” by Elvis Presley] Oh, so good. But we’ve arrived to our
destination. There’s the Fine Arts Building and I know you all have to get
to class. Well thank you so much and I hope to see you at all the Rebels Give
events. Yeah, of course. Thank you. Thanks for the ride! Bye! Oh, hey! It’s Dr. Heavey. I know he’s excited about Rebels Give. Do you want to hop on? Sure, I’m just on my way to my next meeting. Perfect. Well we’re driving around campus sharing our excitement for Rebels Give this year happening on November 7th and 8th. Oh, I love Rebels Give, I remember that last year. Remind me how much money we raised? We raised over $900,000 from over 2,100 donors. Dr. Heavey, quick question. Why does UNLV need donor support? Doesn’t the university get money from tuition? That’s a great question. We do get money from tuition, we also get money from the state, that helps us serve all of our students in our community but
to make UNLV really great and fulfill its potential we also need
support from our community and donors. Like it allows us to do things like
build an incredible Hospitality Hall that we just added to our campus a
little more than a year ago. Those are the things that help us really make this
university special… tuition, support from the state, but also support from our
donors is super important to our success. I know that Rebels Give is more than just donations, what else are we doing for Rebels Give this year? Great question. There’s so many ways to get involved that’s not just donating. So we have
several events happening on campus and even in the community. So the first one’s
gonna be on November 7th, we’re gonna be kicking things off with Rebels Give
kickoff on Pida Plaza at 9:30. Then right after that our Rebels Give activation
booths will open up on campus from 10:00 to 6:00. Then we’re gonna have a happy
hour at Lazy Dog Town Square featuring UNLV trivia hosted by Bo Jo, who’s a lot
of fun and also an alumni, yes. And that’s gonna be from 5:00 to 8:00. And then finally on November 7th, we’re gonna conclude with a Late Night Breakfast, which Dr. Heavey, I think you came to last year? I was there it was awesome. So much fun. We outgrew the DC and
actually, I had to move to the courtyard and that’ll be happening from 9:00 to
11:00. So several ways that everyone can get involved with the events happening
on campus, but all of this fun makes me think of a classic sing-along. I think we
should play it. How about a little “Bohemian Rhapsody”? [“Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen] What a great tune. And look at that, we’re
right at FDH in time for your next meeting. Well thanks for the ride and I’m
excited about Rebels Give, too, so I will for sure be there for those events.
Looking forward to it. We’ll see you at the kickoff! Alright, great to see you. Oh hey, look who it is. Mark and Gina from the Alumni Association… talking about Rebels Give. You guys want to hop on? So yeah we’re
just driving around campus sharing the good news of Rebels Give. Quick question actually, since you’re an alum and, I’m just a student, why do you think it’s so important for alumni to give back to UNLV? Well it’s critical for everyone to give back to UNLV to support all the different goals of UNLV, whether it’s the scholarship programs, the academic programs, or the buildings all over campus. And also giving back to UNLV helps increase the value of your degree, so the more people
support UNLV, the higher we climb in the rankings, and the more valuable all of our degrees become. So, how much do you think a person should expect to give for Rebels Give? The sky’s the limit and no gift is too small.
Really, whatever they can. So the more people support UNLV, their ability to help students and faculty and staff, and really the community as a whole, is
increased. You know, the best thing about this day of giving is we already have over 25
donors who have pledged to match all donations made during day of giving
November 7th and 8th. So whether it’s a $5 or $500 gift you’re doubling your
donation that day. That’s fantastic. It really gets me excited. It makes me think of one more song that I think we should sing. Will you guys join in with me? [“Best Day of my Life” by American Authors] That was so much fun and, look
perfect timing, we’ve made it to the law school. Alright. Thanks, guys. You’re welcome. Thank you. Have a good day. Go Rebels! Alright, well this has been so much fun talking about Rebels Give with you today Liz and just hanging out on campus driving around. Mark your calendars for
November 7th and 8th. Rebels Give. For more information and to donate visit
Rebels Give dot UNLV dot edu. See you at the kickoff!

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