Reaktionsschnelligkeit im Tischtennis mit Christian Suss
Reaktionsschnelligkeit im Tischtennis mit Christian Suss

Today our topic is ‘reaction’. We are now in Dusseldorf at Europe’s
number 1 table tennis team. One of our german world class players
is practicing here: Christian Suss. His reaction skills are really well-trained. Boah, that’s enough. My hands are red
and I have absolutely no chance. Do you practice your reaction skills
intensively in your daily training? Yes, it’s part of our training. We play
lots of fast exercises, so we are also improving our reaction skills. The ball’s top speed in table tennis
can be up to 180 km/h. Because of the small table the player’s
reaction to the coming ball has to be 0.2 seconds after the
opponent hit the ball. What happens exactly at
Christian Suss’ reaction? The ball is perceived from the eye as an impulse, gets processed in the brain and transported
via the spinal cord to the muscles, where the strike is carried out. Often this is missunderstood as a reflex. But I’ll explain it to
you using this hammer. Reflexes are not perceived
willingly using the brain. The impulse proceeds instantly to
the muscles via the spinal cord causing an immediate
contraction of the muscles. OK, enough. Apparently I’m too
old for the game and the reaction. Is there an ideal age for
playing table tennis? Well I think 30 is probably the proper
age to play the best table tennis. But there are also older players
nearly 40 years old, who are still playing great table tennis. They can compensate their lack
of reaction with experience. The guys behind me are not only fast at the
table but also fast in their minds. We had a look at the relation from 1200 students
between their marks in school and their sport. We came to the result, that table tennis players
and gymnasts have the best marks in school. Soccer and tennis players are
at the end of the ranking.

25 thoughts on “Reaktionsschnelligkeit im Tischtennis mit Christian Suss”

  1. BollForte94 says:

    die Reportage is mal gut fürs Tischtennis
    den rest kann man ja in die tonne kloppen
    obwohl das mit dem alter finde ich persönlich nicht richtig würde sagen zwischen 20-30 jahren is das beste alter
    man kann zwar mit hohem alter weit oben mitmischen aber für die absolute weltspitze reicht es nicht …
    Tischtennis spieler sind halt die schlausten!
    geiles teil ttprovider
    weiter so!

  2. Bristol Table Tennis Coach says:

    haha table tennis wins :DD

    Primorac makes so much noise!!!

  3. alphonso79 says:

    all top players(ma lin,liquin,hao,boll)have dominated for years and they just reached their thirties…so,why is 30 the proper age for playing the best table tennis?the opposite happens some times

  4. rsongyl says:

    English subtitles by any chance???

  5. DKPOWA says:

    @rsongyl Turn captions and comments on, its translated

  6. DKPOWA says:

    @billalphonso79 30 is an age where you have acquired some nice experience, and maybe, you are in really good shape (no the best because a body´s prime should be around 24), I dont think reflexes get diminished so fast, but maybe, reaching 40´s its harder for the body to react as well…

  7. Ivo Petrov says:

    @DKPOWA Big thanks. 🙂

  8. donvitcor says:

    Die Uhrzeit is ja spitze! haben sich sicher viele angeschaut…

  9. TheRobot99 says:

    A video in a non-English language with translation. I'M SO HAPPY!!!!

    😀 😀 😀

    Thanks ttprovider!

  10. ttprovider says:

    you're welcome 😉

  11. ttprovider says:

    already added them. you just have to turn them on. 🙂

  12. Mariano de Sousa Serro says:

    Great, thanks!

  13. NexxtGen says:

    damn i would be sooo irritated if I would train with Primorac… even during training he screams

  14. rsongyl says:

    THanks TTprovider.

  15. rsongyl says:

    @ttprovider Thanks!

  16. DiaboloJuggler says:

    ich hab immer gesagt dass fußballspieler scheiße sind !

  17. perniciousnc says:

    thx for sharing !!! 😀

  18. TTFreak100 says:

    are you german?

  19. Pippo Win says:

    haha wenn das mit den Noten mal so stimmen würde ;)!

  20. Tommowish says:


  21. Tommowish says:


  22. Fames Games says:

    ja tischtennis ist einfach kunst

  23. mago Charlie says:

    Ich spiele selber Tischtennis, aber so etwas habe ich noch nie gehört.
    Dennoch klingt es logisch.

  24. Kevin Braatz says:

    Sehr interessant. Danke für das Video !

  25. Stefan Fankhauser says:

    wie gut ist Squash für die augen und wie schnell sind die Bälle

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