RBC Makers drive achievement and change

Adam: They’ve encouraged me to fail fast
and learn fast and experiment and try new things. Adam: Intrapreneurship at RBC helps create
the conditions for employees to innovate. Brooke: I think innovation is incredibly important
even how we deliver information to clients and advisors now, it’s in a really consumable
format, it’s interactive, we’re using devices to really get them engaged in what
we’re doing. Adam: I think that the constant encouragement
to try and be bold and daring and do different things is what helps us be number one. Brooke: I have leaders that allow me to speak
up and take on roles and take on projects even if they’re above my existing capacity. Adam: It’s important to me when my employer
believes in me and my whole self. You can really experiment and try new things
and make things and see them come to life. Brooke: We put together an entire video series
within a matter of months that clients could consume and feel better about what they’re
holding. Adam: Part of driving client impact is maybe
not listening to where the rest of the industry is going but paving the way for everyone else
to follow. I see the future as unlimited.

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