Rat Rod vs Lamborghini Aventador! Roadkill Episode 5
Rat Rod vs Lamborghini Aventador! Roadkill Episode 5

if you had twenty-four hours with these
two cars what would you do as it turns out our company is sort of
annoyed with all that dirt ball stuff that we’ve been doing on road kill so
they threw money at us they give a six thousand dollars so we went and rented this Lamborghini
Aventador that’s like that’s like four dollars a minute for
the next 24 hours that’s like if you’re from Alabama that’s your
mortgage for about seven or eight months that car cost
as much as my house the tax on it is as much as we pay you in a year that hurts this is a 2012 Lamborghini Aventador it’s supposed to be the king of the hill
the California model has 691 horsepower it’s a seven-speed paddle shifted single
clutch transmission its all-wheel-drive and it looks like a
giant piece a Tupperware we got 24 hours to do whatever we want
with it but we didn’t really want to be seen it
so we also brought this car with this rat rod at the 1930 Model a
two-door sedan and it was bought as sort of a hacked up
rat rod and Hot Rod Magazine in conjunction with
mackie’s hot rod shop reworked it for Sailor Jerry rum it’s a
marketing piece it’s designed basically to just be looked at which is kind of a
good thing is it a little hard to drive with how heavily chopped and channel that is it’s
powered by a small block Chevy and has a turbo 350 automatic transmission so we’re gonna hit the road here in
Southern California see what kinda damage we can do which one you gonna drive I know you’re
the boss so for you to pick you pick I’m taking the
rat rod how I was surprise I alright that was such surprise my
glasses are in yeah I’m not sure which one of these is
worse that I haven’t heard not sure how to even drive this thing
okay this car actually has like bathroom door locks that’s what sex sounds like
you’re right there do you see my steering wheel anywhere don’t worry
that a buff out I found it don’t hurt yourself boy okay are you ready to go on that gold chain mobile I know this cool place down by the beach
we’re gonna go breakfast see what people think it is two cars together okay stuck he got stuck its stuck I a thought thats awesome thats why I chose the lamborghini he can’t go backwards either as big a douche bags I feel for
driving a rented Lamborghini the fact that he’s stuck in the death
trap on a driveway that’s too steep that somehow worse to me you man it’s
hard to get out of this thing gonna be a long day for him hey fennigan I think I’ll justlisten to the radio I
can’t even get out I need a hand I literally can’t get out what a piece a crap not happening I think rocking it was
helping yeah ready not happening the rocker stuck in
the ground yeah I know you beached it hot rods are
perfectly practical vehicles for daily use dude it bashed the door you need to get out too we need the weight off it okay let’s
see if we can shove it backwards girl of okay one two 3 okay yeah jump in it back up hug this wall and
then come across this okay hard yeah there you go by doing this thing runs start it yeah don’t stop just go are you sure that’s not going to just
rip the corner panels off it this is the only driveway but does that
mean you want to rip the corner panels corner panels off do this cut the wheel this way back up
more and make more of an angle go for it Sailor Jerry I’ll probably never loan us their car again whoops you know when I leave the doors
not gonna fly open love the Lambo good thing that it was this car not the Lamborghini
I’m so glad that was you and not me the rat rod as a whole lot of fun in theory until somebody forces you
to actually drive it the car so heavily chopped that there’s barely
any windshield in it and it’s so heavily channel that there’s
not a lot of headroom and not a lot of space between the steering wheel and the floor so to drive this thing I had lean way back put my foot up on the dash and sort of drive
full on monkey style is actually pretty miserable the most
excitement I’m having right now is hitting the button to raise and lower
the front and for railroad tracks potholes in driveways so pretty much I’m relegated to just posing right now saying hey a girl how you doing meanwhile Freiburger is in
the talk like a pirate car yeah baby with no air conditioning no radio lease it’s quite no safety impossible to see out this thing no shame oh yeah this is hot roding yeah I could drive this every day you’re
right on that I could be fantastic if there wasn’t no
other cars on the road nobody’s really looking at me this car like I’m invisible they’re all checking out the pirate car in front of me model A is popular right now I think as people are worried about
running into it and needing a tetanus shot afterwards oh yes it is better to look good and
feel good and I look good turn signal lever is kind of in a weird
spot here because of the paddle shifters notice the hand signal yeah there’s no turn signal i know if i remember what those are
Corvette guy digs me the old broads like Sailor Jerry check it
out see old people dig it no one gives a shit about the lamborghini David is driving so slow because he
drove any faster kill himself there is no speedometer the
brakes only sorta work you can’t see anything yeah just get used to this it’s going to
be like whole trip out of gas David just ran outta gas are you sure it just didn’t load up 0 fuel pressure that’s out of gas so I need to go get gas
in a Lamborghini yeah I go throw a five gallon jug in
there nobody will know yeah nobody will care fight spill any on the leather not bothering me right now
alright what good is a six thousand dollar rental but you can’t go get gas in it’s a good point be somebody I’ll be
back i win the chick attention thing so far
out dude told you it’s a senior citizen blue hairs back there that we’re
literally ready to rip they’re jogging suits of for you now where do you find gas in Hermosa Beach what you didn’t want to spill it on the lambo California gas can get stuck in the driveway run outta gas
I see how this day is going dude the restaurants is right around the
corner and it’s like right on the beach chicks playing volleyball in the whole
deal we’re gonna prove once again the chicks dig the rat rod not the Lambo beautiful downtown Hermosa
Beach California where people have no idea what they’re
looking at with this car a big part of what we’re doing here
is really figuring out which one of these cars is a better attention hore and we went down to the beach first
thing and I gotta say chicks check out the rat rod and dudes
check out the Lamborghini inverted of what you would think so so
far I completely win the chick contest I’m
serious let me tell you something the only people that checked
me in that car are dudes I stopped open the door next thing I know a little point and shoot camera
came in the window I was like what the and it was some guy I
got a picture the aventador logo for my roommate I
couldn’t get out of the car that car is a death trap I have to lay
down in its just to be able to steer I can hear you’re saying because there’s chicks playing volleyball wow this is the right place to come I figure from here were almost obligated to cruise pch a little bit and
then mulholland right we need to get out the city the Lambo is useless yeah the rat rod is fairly useless in traffic I didn’t get out of third gear it sucked so from here out in the city
mulholland then after we can go out to the desert go really fast and not go to jail we have 24 hours to kill who’s driving what I’m driving the rat rod cruise the beach we’re gonna go to mulholland so
I’m not gonna argue with your ready are gonna suck in that thing not for me I’ve never had the countach
poster when I was a kid I not a Lamborghini fanboy I’d just don’t care it’s not automatic things are hard to get into as the hot
rod all these guys were worshiping that car
on the motor Trend YouTube channel everything the week I’m gonna give it to
you straight the Lamborghini really that cool if you paid four
hundred thousand dollars for a car wouldn’t want electric seat adjuster the rat rod is a total freak show
difficult to drive but badass none the less the thing is a naturally aspirated V12
6.5 liters 691 horsepower and i truly appreciate
that 8500 rpm redline you hear that pumping and thing does not drive that much
differently then the hot rod I wonder if it’ll downshift yes it will okay it’s peppy I feel like Carlos Lago right now poor Finnegan in front of me in the hot
rod not good so I was driving the Sailor Jerry car
and our goal is to get both cars at the mulholland drive and drive around the curves we get stuck in typical LA traffic about
five miles into literally crawling i watch the temp
gauge just go 220 230 240 a it’s getting
hot you wanna pull over not my car I never even look at the gage I’m going to film this there’s cops everywhere yeah it’s our maiden voyage in traffic
so apparently found out the limit on the
cooling system it’s alright if we sit here for a few minutes let it cool off and get it out of the way okay I know we shouldn’t be I hate to hurt the motor we rented it strange and I think I’m getting better so I
guess drive leaking coolant everywhere it’s not going to cool off with the engine on I’ll see if it’ll start so my first experience driving the rat
rod was it overheating in LA traffic five
miles after I get behind the wheel this thing is boiling over I got to get off the road before I can even get off the
highway it goes 260 on the gauge and geysers
comes out and we really shot straight up in the
air over the cabinet staying it’s got a cam is top on it that wasn’t
on there and I was literally leaning over thinking I’m getting burned right here it’s going
through the roof it will use so on road kill were on a loose schedule
yeah I remember that thing we said we are gonna do about going to mulholland and hauling butt around curves that’s not happening cuz this thing
overheated california has this bitch in program with guys and truck to just
drive around to help stranded motorists and so that guy pulled over game is so much water
cooled off and we hit the road again maybe half an hour later and after that is fine as long as I cars
moving your good to go you get stuck in traffic your getting
scaled probably overheating blew our plans to go blast around Mulholland and
the thing we’ve got to do now give get out to the desert because what
we’re really doing with these two cars is shooting really important a cover for a all new issue Hot Rod magazine
and we’ve got to meet the photographer out there and with any luck we’ll get there early
enough we can beat the hell out these things on the open road hop in see the beauty this is it’s not my
Lamborghini so we can do it it doesn’t sound good to you there you
go all seven grand when we stopped out with the middle of the desert we meet this young couple and once again the guy love the Lambo the
chick really liked the hot rod what do you think of the model A almost every woman we ran into wants to go for a ride and model A what
you think like I want to keep it yes for what the cars and ready soI pick pick what let me guess the one that doesn’t doesn’t hurt your ass bingo alright bout to go drag racing in a car that you
really can see more than 10 feet in front of I wanna my brightest
moves but aleast I’ll look cool lets go drag race how do you stall a automatic Lamborghini the Lamborghini has what they call thrust mode launch control drag race to launch
control and I tried to activate it but seems if you hold the thing up on the
rev limiter long enough while your trying to launch that it eventually backed down or I
lifted the gauge automatic clutch I don’t know I beat Freiberger
driving the rat rod the first race second he kick the crap outta me once
you figure out how to drive the car the thrust modes actually kind of cool you turn off the stability control and
it lets you stand on the break floor the gas becomes up to like 5400 rpm and then you just swap
feet and mat it and hooks up and launches it doesn’t launch that hard to me its not four hundred
thousand dollars fast at all if that the best at work ever this is
probably the best one I so after we were done messin around
out in the desert we had to wait till dusk and we went straight into our Hot Rod
Magazine cover shoot we found an abandoned desert road in the first thing
we did is we got a couple very slow car to car
shots to get from action for the magazine and then our photographer west allison set them both up on the road and we lit them to shoot the cover
at the September issue of Hot Rod magazine which is going to be this all-new complete makeover on the
magazine so this was a really important shoot it doesn’t seem like it but it’s really hard work falling around with really
great cars and so done with photo shoot time to go eat
some food here’s we can’t drink in the Lambo we signed a contract if can’t afford to fail that contract I will say this I’m not a Lambo guy but I’m
definitely a v12 guy now about 8500 rpm nothing sounds like that badass it’s
like playing a video game here in seventh gear in tap tap tap year and second unit doesn’t
care doesn’t whine about thats totally the best part the cars the
seventy mile an hour quadruple downshift in it’s really it’s only redeeming
value because chick seemed like this better most
people say that they would take this home instead of that you have to admitt it yeah those people never gone
for a ride it doesn’t stop it doesn’t go this is literally a
compound fracture waiting to happen this is a death trap
just legs broken dangling off I so what now I’m you go somewhere we’ve got
nearly eight hours left paying five dollars a minute lamborghini and were hanging out in this pile and
I was 25 bucks for it there I’m getting out of here this was ostensibly a comparison to
these two cars although we really know that it was just a freak show for our
fun and enjoyment but I do have some thoughts to take away
from it the rat rod think it’s so popular right
now and I know why it’s because the cars are cartoony and fun and evil and they just look like we wish hot
rods really were the truth is it’s not fast it’s not a performance car
it’s not that fun to drive around unless all you
want to do is get looked at it’s a miracle I’m sitting here today
the rat rod there’s no good way to describe this
thing where you’re going to want to drive this car it’s an attention grabber it’s a lot of
fun it’s a cartoon great marketing tool for Sailor Jerry
but not something that you want to drive every single day even though you can drive it whatever
car show you want the Lamborghini I I just don’t see it Finnegan thinks
the car is brutally fast if you’re real hot rodder you’re probably not gonna say
you like a Lamborghini but if you ever got the chance to be toss
the keys to one you can’t buy it seems it does have some
value on the freeway when your cruise along into sixth or
seventh and you downshift like second stand on it the v12 screams like
a banshee and that is pretty cool to me that’s the best feature the car is being able to shriek at the 8500 rpm but you know what it’s just as hard to
get you now to the Lamborghini is it is the rat rod the scissor doors are just annoying and you need like know how to
run a Hewlett Packard computer to function the
center console way too many switches and gadget on it
it’s not that comfortable it’s not that fast the thing I will give
it is that we had no real track time at all no performance testing on a road course
I think the Lamborghini with really kick ass the all-wheel-drive unbeatable but
that’s just not our skills that we were looking at this more from the regular muscle car died their
one-dimensional car as you drive a ride cuz you want to be seen you by the Lambo cuz you want to be seen
you’re never gonna push it the way you should push it or the way we
pushed it now so pretty much their posers cars you
know you can afford either one you buy for
whatever reason you’re

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