QUINTA DO LAGO SOUTH COURSE – Signature Hole Series – Par 4 16th [406 Yards]
QUINTA DO LAGO SOUTH COURSE – Signature Hole Series – Par 4 16th [406 Yards]

Hi Guys, Rory here from Your Golf Travel, I’m at Quinta Do Lago I’m on the South Golf Course, this is one of the most amazing resorts in all of the Algarve, three championship golf courses,
endless facilities, amazing restaurants, loads of accommodation options as well
as you’re about to see when we reach the end of the 16th hole it’s in one of the
most stunning locations in the Algarve as well. So, I’m going to take on the
signature hole here on the South Course it’s pretty difficult to pick which one
is the signature we just played 15 gorgeous Par 3 over the water – that
would have a good shot for the signature as well but I’ve gone for 16. Par 4
slight dogleg left it’s not the longest of holes, I think if I was being sensible
I’d hit a 2 iron up the middle leave myself kind of a wedge on but I’m
feeling confident with the driver at the moment (just give myself the kiss of
death probably) so I’m going to be aggressive take it on and we’ll show you
guys how amazingly spectacular this hole is when we reach the crest that hill
and look down towards to the green Right guys unfortunately I over turned my
tee shot ever so slightly not quite as much with dogleg as I thought. I found
myself here in the pine needles could have been a lot worse. Now the green if
we spin the camera round up here (i’ll show you a little bit more of in a second) but the backdrop is absolutely sensational. I’ve got a bit of escaping to do and I’m gonna kind of chip a little low 9 I think I can hit the green get front edge front
right would be a good result from here by the way. Not too bad just short the
green on the front right as kind of expected though might be putting might
might be a chip let’s get up there and see. Alright guys there we have it
16th hole here at Quinta Do Lago South Course As you can see behind me what a
location for this green. We’ve got the Ria Formosa water, people paddle boarding
out here, gorgeous beach front I think I can hear some party music going on out
there as well and for me this is just a great example of quintessential Algarve
golf. The the Quinta Do Lago resort as I said is home to 3 golf courses, the South I
think is the premier course on the resort and this hole gives you a decent
idea of what it’s all about when you come for a golf holiday here at Quinta Do Lago.

7 thoughts on “QUINTA DO LAGO SOUTH COURSE – Signature Hole Series – Par 4 16th [406 Yards]”

  1. Ian Henderson says:

    Nice 1 Rory ๐Ÿ‘

  2. Jimmy 2 Times says:

    Nice ๐Ÿ‘

  3. Trevor Davey says:

    ๐Ÿ‘, well done, another great video.

  4. Rob Biles says:

    That hole would look a lot better if I was standing on it.

  5. Mark Sheehan says:

    Great hole ! The 17th is very good too but need a good drive on it!

  6. Mark Sheehan says:

    A Rory Par!

  7. Darren Knight says:

    Really like Lisbon/Cascais area. Only been to Algarve once and think we stayed in wrong location as it was closed! Can you suggest best place to stay for couple, both golfers – donโ€™t want nightclubs and strip joints but a few good quality bars and restaurants would be nice. Best courses to play whilst there? Cheers…

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