QUICK LOOK: Ping Sigma 2 Putters
QUICK LOOK: Ping Sigma 2 Putters

(Jon Levy) Here with Marty Jertson in a very special
place at Ping Headquarters, the Vault. Marty this is an amazing place. (Marty Jertson) Yeah,
it’s pretty inspiring to be in here. A lot of tournament wins, a lot of major
championship wins and a lot of history and heritage and it’s still growing. We
keep adding putters every year. (Levy) A lot of putters in here and today we’re talking
about the Sigma 2 putters, so Marty what are we looking at? (Jertson) We’re
looking at three of the models and in total we have ten different model options in
this family that come in a couple different finishes but we’re looking at
the the winningest putter of all time, the Anser. In the Sigma 2 family the
Anser putter is a little bigger, a little bit bolder because this family is a
little more forgiving in terms of its size and feel so because we have this
dual durometer insert in the face which enhances the feel can make the putter a
little bit bigger. We also have the Tyne 4. So the Tyne’s been a very
popular kind of fork style designed for us and the Tyne 4 has a little bit of
toe hang to it so it’s gonna play into what we refers our strong arc stroke
type category. It’s gonna be good for golfers that are looking for a mallet
design but have plenty of rotation and their putting stroke, it’s gonna help
them put consistently. Probably the funnest model for us is a brand new model
called the Fetch. It’s a small model so it’s gonna help focus your brain and
your mind on the target because it’s pretty compact but it’s a very high
moment of inertia because it has a ball size cavity right in the middle that
gets all the weight to the perimeter so even though it’s small it’s the second
highest MOI putter in the family which is a lot of fun. (Levy) You wouldn’t guess that,
would you? (Jertson) No, no and that’s what makes it fun and we get the ancillary benefit
here Jon that you can pick up the ball with it and this putter actually fits
inside of a cup. (Levy) So there’s just a cool factor to it. (Jertson) There’s a cool factor, a lot of golfers playing
the game struggle getting the ball out of the hole literally. (Levy) There’s a
functional element. (Jertson) It can help you with it. Now, the other piece is in our studies what we’ve seen is that only 20% of golfers
out there are playing the correct length of putter and at Ping it’s one of our
foundation principles here to help golfers get custom fit better. So we have
a technology built in underneath the grip that allows you to adjust the
length from 32 inches to 36 inches. It’s kind of an invisible technology so
you just put a wrench or a tool in the butt of the grip here turn it to the
right and it’ll go shorter. So one turn will shorten it about a quarter of an
inch to the right and allow you to telescope the shaft to get the perfect
length for you. So this is a lot of fun and allows golfers to get a fit for
length which is one of the main fitting elements in a putter design. (Levy) Right on the
spot. (Jertson) Right on the spot. (Levy) Okay new Sigma 2 putters from Ping.

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  1. John Monteagudo says:

    I have a Sigma 2 Fetch and I love it.

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