Quattroruote Settembre 1989: Volkswagen Golf GTI, Ferrari F40 [Quattroruote Nostalgia] (ENG SUBS)
Quattroruote Settembre 1989: Volkswagen Golf GTI, Ferrari F40 [Quattroruote Nostalgia] (ENG SUBS)

Hello dear We Drive friends, and welcome to a new video As you can see, we find ourselves in a place we’ve been before You join us in my studio Behind us you don’t find just a couple of Quattroruote magazines But a full collection of these magazines But these are not normal magazines And that’s the reason why we decided to start this new format We’ll take a look at the past Some kind of nostalgia Guys, the magazines behind us come from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s but also early ’00s So we’ll take a look at the new cars, events and surveys from that era All of the prices will be in Italian Liras We’ll see cars that were considered normal at that time, but now they grew in value and became youngtimers We’ll also take a look at cars that back then were just concepts and later they became reality or died The market right now is just focusing on technology, environment and other important matters But it’s equally important to take a look at the roots of our passion to understand what is the market now Before taking a look at the first magazine of this new series Subscribe to our channel, turn on future video notifications by clicking on the bell And take a look at our FB and IG accounts Let’s begin with style, with a Quattroruote magazine from September 1989 On the cover there’s a legend: Golf GTI from 1990 Little spoiler over here A test with the Ferrari F40 “EXCLUSIVE: F40, we tested the billionaire Ferrari”, of course we’re talking about billions of Liras The dream car at that time If you can read, up here there’s the price of this magazine, 5000 Liras We’ll use a inflation history currency converter between Lira and Euro In order to understand if the price back then was similar to the one we find today at the newsstand In September 1989 this magazine costed the equivalent of 5,16 Euros So about a similar price to the Quattroruote price right now Now it’s time to open it, look at this yellowed paper Quattroruote had and has right now many ads in the first pages, starting with this Audi 80 “Total galvanization of the body, 27 stages of work 10 years warranty against corrosion” Here’s a column with letters from the readers Honestly I don’t read this magazine today: is it still like this? Yes, the first part is divided into many advertisings and different columns like this one Another ad, for the Alfa Romeo accessories And now let’s stop here: here’s an ad for a whisky Today finding ads about alcohol and cigarettes it’s impossible, there are new rules about magazines An ad from Sava, now there’s FCA Bank, back then the Fiat financial services were made by Sava And here, on a blank page: “Faster than Lancia”, let’s give context, it’s 1989 Lancia was dominating in rally So “Faster than Lancia…there’s only Sava” Peppe and I love this kind of old style, ironic ads, I don’t know about you And I have to suggest you an Instagram page @makecaradsgreatagain Make sure you follow this page, it’s full of vintage and old car ads And they are amazing! Back then the ads were full of bold black writing on white background And guys, they were full of informations: not just images like this Croma But lots of infos, technical data, fuel consumptions and sometimes also the prices Now we come to one of the best ads in this magazine, the Fiat Croma The so called town car at the time “There’s always less time to do serious speeches, in return you get more space” I don’t know if this is a pun to the Italian politicians in 1989 But this picture is amazing, VHS style, with lots of chromatic aberration, pun unintended Amazing location with these arcades, I don’t know if it’s Rome by the license plate of Turin for Fiat factory “Line”, this advertised the Alfa 164 aerodynamic coefficient of 0,30 cx One of the best in the category This picture with the sky in the back makes the car look like an aircraft This ’90s style of ads is approaching Another ad, for a gin this time Again, today would be impossible to advertise such things An icon This is for you Peppe Yes, it starts with a “Unique formula. Ford Sierra. Seeing it makes you want it” A very mean looking car, the text below with infos, HP, 0 to 100 kph And also a picture of the interior, sporty but elegant at the same time It was the Executive version Yes, you got a more luxury version of the normal Sierra on the market This is a very Yuppy ad, with the cigar on top of this organizer A very yuppy accessory back then, the electronic organizer Is this Nino Frassica? (Italian comedian) A very young Nino Frassica advertising an insurance company Insane guys, this is Ivan Capelli With hair! (Capelli is also Italian for “hair”) Yeah, I didn’t want to say it but it’s true, we find him slightly bald in our F1 commentary today Next page would be the climax in an opera, because you turn page and find yourself looking at the Ferrari F40 “40° of fever” A very digital ad, with the F40 on a moon landscape with red Maranello smoke behind it Notice this: today there we are angry when a tester, while driving a Lamborghini Complains about, let’s say, the slow infotainment system And you think “This man is crazy, thinks about the infotainment while driving a Lambo” Back then, among the flaws of the F40, apart from the absurd “slow gearbox” But they thought about the bad back visibility, come on, it’s 1989, you’re testing the F40 And you succeed in finding such a stupid flaw Maybe I won’t be such an objective journalist but… Personally, I focused on its 375 million Liras price Not for everyone in Italy So as Carlo said, it was crazy to find such flaws in such a prestigious and iconic car How much would it cost today? 375 million Liras in 1989 is 386.703,56 Euros in 2019 Yes, similar price for a Ferrari nowadays This exact model is worth…I don’t want to think about it Down here there’s a super interesting window, not a photo, it’s a drawing It’s the drawing of the cabin of the F40 with many little numbers and a full index of the instruments 32 details: A/C rotor, odometer and so on If you didn’t be lucky enough to see one in the flesh, you could study the F40 with the Top Car column Here’s another drawing of the mechanics of this car More focuses here, transmission, gearbox, engine Today we all know about this engine, derived from the 288 GTO, but back then you could study it from this And here’s the test drive, with Ivan Capelli A nice drift on track with the F40 And I guess a race among the F40 and an Agusta helicopter: what could you desire more in 1989? Today we would use a little drone, back then they used a helicopter to get this amazing rolling shot photo Smoking tires right here Now the cover car, Golf GTI 1990 model year A car born in 1974, renewed with more than 10 millions units sold One of the most iconic cars from VW Here in the GTI sports version, with 160 HP Back then it gave the same emotions that now a 300-400 HP engine would give in the new Golf I guess there’s a price for this old GTI so we’ll make a comparison Of course in millions of Liras This right here is an amazing picture with the Golf on 3 wheels in a corner This was an exceptional photo back then, and here’s a price 40 million Liras, let’s see, the F40 was 375 millions How much would it cost today? Today a good Golf GTI costs about 35-40k Euros And the old Golf GTI today would cost exactly 41.513 Euros Oh look, a G Wagon, a Gelandewagen Keep in mind this car, more over in this magazine we’ll find something similar An electric car developed by Quattroruote With solar panels on roof and bonnet But also an electric engine in the back They tested this car around Milan in 1989 It’s fun to see this microcar with huge batteries inside and dozens of solar panels around it Super tiny wheels The policeman asking if the car is homologated, it was a head turner Here’s a nice comparison test with 6 cylinder saloon: Benz 300E, Jag XJ6 and Alfa 164 V6 Before I told you to keep in mind the G Wagon Here’s a rival to it, the Pajero V6 Did you notice a thing? There was not a single SUV on the market The only offroad cars were real offroad cars Here’s a “road test”, more likely an offroad test And it’s a pretty nostalgic test Today’s G Wagon can go offroad, too, but there are too many city SUVs… Ferrari in F1, with Cesare Fiorio, ex head of Lancia Rally and then head of Ferrari F1, when Nigel Mansell drove it We can see him in this picture For the 1989 Brazilian GP It’s nice to see how the automotive market has changed, but also the F1 cars did All the components, accessories, the cabin itself very tiny and unsafe Just one word about this magazine: spectacular In the next episodes we’ll show you even older magazines but we wanted to show you Golf and F40! The Mercedes, the Alfas, on this magazine from September 1989 30 years ago We started with an important piece, we hope you like this new format We hope we showed you this nice magazine in a good way Give us suggestions in the comments about magazines and also the kind of videos we’re doing right now Subscribe to our channel, turn on future video notifications by clicking on the bell And follow us on FB and IG See you in the next video, bye guys!

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  1. giuppy96bari says:

    Mi manca il bicchierino di plastica

  2. Francesco Paolo Didonna says:

    Ottima idea, bravi

  3. Giulio Pedrali says:

    Ma li avete tutti i Quattroruote?

  4. Giulio Pedrali says:

    Interessantissimo anche il semplice confronto tra Alfa33 e BMW serie 3 negli anni 80, mi sembra che l'Alfa 33 fosse più costosa e prestazionale, la BMW sicuramente più robusta. Però fa specie.

  5. Giulio Pedrali says:

    Già una Golf GTD o cosa sembrava una supercar quasi per le finiture. Le pubblicità Audi (all'epoca ancora poco conosciute) erano verbose in maniera irreparabile.

  6. Giulio Pedrali says:

    Le più belle pubblicità della storia erano quelle USA anni 60, con disegni pazzeschi, raramente foto, facevano sognare quei transatlantici di auto e le pubblicità contribuivano.

  7. Giulio Pedrali says:

    La F40 c'è l'aveva il mio meccanico in periferia per le gare in salita, non ci facevi neanche caso…

  8. Giulio Pedrali says:

    L'auto elettrica di Quattroruote sembra forse derivata dalla Zagato Zele.

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    Splendid, I enjoyed it a lot!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ?sub_confirmation=1 , doo check 🙂

  10. Giulio Pedrali says:

    Il SUV e i fuoristrada per me sono due cose completamente diverse. i SUV sono praticamente delle MPV più sportiveggianti.

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